Nbc meet the press ratings fall


nbc meet the press ratings fall

NBC's Meet the Press has a new moderator: Chuck Todd. recently, coinciding with a decline in ratings for the Sunday political talk show, the. Industry insiders are asking: Who is responsible for NBC's decline? David Gregory, the former moderator of 'Meet The Press', was hung out to MSNBC's daytime ratings for January were down 20 percent in total and TV Reviews Live Feed Fall TV Premiere Dates Scorecard Emmys The NBC/MSNBC host is gearing up for the second edition of the On top of hosting his daily show on MSNBC and getting ready for Meet the Press on Sundays, said Trump thinks are good for both his ratings and Todd's ratings.

Born on radio in and reborn for television in"Meet the Press" is the longest-running show on TV. Within NBC, it is a cherished brand, but it's also one that has fallen on hard times. With Todd in the anchor chair, NBC hopes to reinvigorate the program and its weekly ratings. Future of media Turness said, "we have some exciting plans to evolve and update the broadcast under Chuck's leadership that we will be sharing with you shortly.

nbc meet the press ratings fall

When the New York Post's Page Six column said in July that Gregory could be replaced "soon after the November midterm elections," a network representative was quoted as saying, "We heard the same false rumors and suggest you take them with a grain of salt, as we did. Mike Allen of Politico reported earlier this week that Todd was the "likely successor" to Gregory and that the change was "expected to be announced in coming weeks.

NBC's Meet The Press Falls To Year Ratings Low

Turness, meanwhile, was in New York, having canceled a long-planned trip to London to oversee the "Meet the Press" transition. Questions about Gregory's future on "Meet the Press" surfaced shortly after Turness took over the news division in the summer of She has discussed any number of changes to the program, including, at one point, the possibility of a studio audience.

nbc meet the press ratings fall

Her memo on Thursday reflected enthusiasm for change. The best-known "Meet the Press" moderator is Tim Russert, who was appointed to the job in and died suddenly in June while preparing for an edition of the program. And David joins us from our studio in New York City.

nbc meet the press ratings fall

The Sunday morning program started as an effort by the networks to prove to federal regulators that they could be trusted to take the public goods seriously. What is the role of these shows now? Well, I think that's a really good question right now. You've had a proliferation of shows devoted to nothing else but chewing over not only the political developments and policy developments of the week, but of the day and of the hour and the minute.

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And these things stand out a lot less than they used to, even if they provide, perhaps, a slightly more civil space for these things to be talked about. Well, David Gregory, you know, was seen as a real star there.

nbc meet the press ratings fall

He was pegged for greater things. But it always seemed as though he was looking beyond this assignment.

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Inyou may recall we talked at the time of the death of Tim Russert, who talked about politics and policy with great gusto and brio - kind of a guy's guy in many ways and really conveyed a love of the game.

And David Gregory had reported on politics, the Bush campaign in and the White House, and had done so with some appreciation from both sides.

nbc meet the press ratings fall

But he sat in that host's chair, and you weren't quite sure why he was doing it or what his concept of the show was at times. That was a common critique, I think one widely shared.

Meet the Press tops ratings again

Chuck Todd really loves the minutia of politics. He's the chief White House correspondent, he'll give that up. But he'll retain his role as political director.

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