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mulder and scully meet the were monster writer

“Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster” is the first episode of the show's Where Morgan's earlier writing questioned the point of Mulder's. THE X-FILES Episode 3: 'Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster' from the beloved Darin Morgan was probably the episode fans were most you are a fan of The X-Files he's probably one of your favorite X-Files writers. "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" was written and directed by Darin Morgan, the younger brother of producer and fellow writer.

The paint-huffers have definitely wasted their lives, and killed quite a few brain cells in the process. Will all of his supernatural theories be proven wrong by time, and if so what the heck was the point of it all?

Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster

They interview the animal control officer actual X-Files superfan Kumail Nanjiani who survived an attack, and they actually end up chasing the lizard around a rest stop area.

With the assistance of a peeping tom motel owner, Mulder identifies a prime suspect, the aforementioned Guy Mann, who works at a cell phone store. That essentially means that for two consecutive act breaks on this broadcast TV show the action was relegated to two guys in a cemetery and flashbacks, an impossibly complicated twist to pull off without seeming boring.

As it pertains to the murder mystery at hand, the story Guy lays out, implicating the animal control officer as the real killer, is silly and illogical, exactly the type of thing a younger Mulder would have jumped at. However, this Mulder is searching for some kind of internal logic to it all. He started worrying about saving up for a mortgage.

He got a pet to counter loneliness and watched porn to fulfill some biological need for procreation, even lying to Mulder about having sex with Scully out of some male need to brag about sex.

A few fleeting moments of happiness surrounded by crushing loss and grief.

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Of this episode, Darin Morgan told EW: Did they make the right choice in life? Going down this career path, or dedicating their life to whatever Mulder does, seeking for the truth or whatever. And then at a certain point you go: Of course, the [original] Night Stalker has so many similarities to the X-Files.

It was a huge inspiration. What was the process of writing this episode? Has your process changed since your original run on The X-Files? No, nothing really changed. That was one of the reasons why I agreed to come back, and was excited to.

When I worked on the show, which was season 2 and 3, I never got a note from a studio or network executive about making a change to one of my scripts. X-Files and Millennium were the only shows I ever worked on where I was allowed to do my scripts the way I wanted to. And so, I made the assumption that Fox was going to let us do the show as we did the show back then.

And it turned out to be true. We all went off on our own to work on our own stories. So, in that respect, it was just like the old days. At the beginning of the episode, in a very playful way, it feels to me like Mulder is having a mid-life crisis. On a personal level, how do you feel about Mulder and Scully in this revival?

mulder and scully meet the were monster writer

Do they feel like they are different people? Having aged myself, it changes you. You look at the world differently. Did they make the right choice in life? Going down this career path, or dedicating their life to whatever Mulder does, seeking for the truth or whatever.

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

And then at a certain point you go: Why did I ever become a writer? So I decided to give a little of that to Mulder and Scully. We talked about what we all wanted to address in our episodes, and then we, to our own amusement, go: But that is very different from a story room nowadays, where everyone sits down and breaks every plotline. We always used to talk about how X-Files had Monster-of-the-Week episodes and mythology episodes.

The mythology ones were pretty much, for the most part, all Chris and Frank. It was understood they were the ones who would do those episodes, and everyone else just focused on your own standalones.

mulder and scully meet the were monster writer

That sounds kind of crazy, I guess. You have to know exactly what everybody is doing. X-Files was completely different, because you could do complete standalones. Subscribe now to keep up with the latest in movies, television and music. As a writer and as a TV viewer, do you miss that era of television? Now, so much television, every series is a long-running storyline?