Meet you the other side lyrics

Ozzy Osbourne - See You On The Other Side Lyrics Meaning

meet you the other side lyrics

Apr 4, See You On The Other Side Song Lyrics | Morgan Cryar Lyrics | Christian Music Song Lyrics | NewReleaseToday. Ooh, I let you love me right back. Ooh, it's easy how we lose track. We talk all night, we talk all day. Wish I could meet you on the other side. See You on the Other Side Songtext von Brian Fallon mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf

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meet you the other side lyrics

Any payment transactions will be encrypted. Please allow up to ten 10 business days for changes to your email preferences to take effect. And then — they were gone, for a moment, I had run them down. I closed and opened my eyes. They were running up the hill on the other side. And you asked me if I was alright — like an afterthought, an oversight. And I stood, so surprised, trying to hold on to my pride. So close, I could hear your low sigh.

I said I was fine. You said you were fine. Like a high distant satellite, one side in shadow, one in light. That I wanted somehow to believe — drift of sentiment and memory. Still it held me, loyalty, to a feeling, to some glimpse, of a love that was only ever a kind of distance. That we could not cross. Every river swollen with rain, every stream a torrent.

Over the highway bridges that run high across the plains, flooded. I trust you to know your own mind. As I know mine. Could it really be so effortless, all in my sight, many hillsides — green and black and distant and rivers serpentine, glinting. Still caught up in heartache and grief. Yet to come, yet to cease. Every time, as though it were mine, the bitterness that you hide so well. I say nothing at all, thinking of your pride.

And I tell you that you look well, and you roll your eyes and laugh, and we sit down together by the window, talking about the weather. I should have told you — you looked so alight, elegant in the low sunlight. Shoulders wide, as though in readiness to fight — something — you never even touch, never ask for too much, no, you can get by on almost nothing.

You and I — forever bluffing. And ever so kind, shy women, shy. Ice on the trees since New Years Eve, coming down in white sheets. All white power lines, swaying high and heavy. You were staring out, your eyes real straight — like nothing touches you these days. It seemed to me that luxury would be to be not so ashamed. Not to look away — even this, even this heaviness deserved no less than to always confess, every false smile.

I stopped on hills like slumping shoulders, car cooling, I took off my shoes. I drove out west with my sister, she talks more than I do. I remember the smoky cups of coffee at the continental divide, mesas strange and red and snowy. I walked on the streets of California in the wail of car alarms. Men would shout out to me passing; a stranger with crossed arms.

Ozzy~See you on the other side w/ lyrics

I remember the subtlety of canyons black by the roadside; a cut in the rocks as I was passing, just a glimpse as you go by. I always took it as a comfort — what all the distance was for.

Try what you saw, and try what you knew, it was never always true. Try as you might, try as you will you were never truly still.

The Other Side Lyrics

And you try what you saw, and you try what you love, it would never be enough. As though to try to make amends for all the distances there have always been between you and I — me and the sky — I MINED It started small — a simple thought.

That there was something wrong. All through the night and down in your eyes I mined and mined and mined. And every word I overturned like a stone rolling easy.

The Other Side

Winter passed and summer storms came and flashed white in the evening. You came in wet, you were laughing and grinning, shook my shoulders, tried to get me smiling. The wind had changed and the rain was relentless, washing everything down the street again. My slow heart wanted only what was endless — to be helpless. In your high strange voice, your feet scuffing along the pavement.

Trying to sing what you meant, late at night — it was too important. Not the bitterness you always can divine and pull from your heart like so much twine, ravelling unravelling, ravelling fine.

You got pretty lost there in your own mind, pathways to hallways to doorways blind. All through the winter I could only stand by, watching you wake to the hardest kind of trouble with no guiding line, no guiding line. I stood beside you; thin as a kite, wincing in the winds cool bite. Laughing as you said it, in the low sunlight — so brief in November, and impossibly bright.

Like air so cold it hurts to breathe it. And the colour comes to my face. Woke up thirsty, beset by memory, coming in swells. And dreams stay with me, long into morning, strange wells. It was a glimpse but I did see him; at full height.

Brian Fallon Sings A Sad Tale Of Love In "Sleepwalkers" — Immortal Reviews

And what is left unspoken, is free, in the coming and the going, my heart knew only motion. In old recycling bins I grew watermelon vine — and all of it was mine.

meet you the other side lyrics

And everything I saw seemed to get so small like from a speeding car, old familiar barns. I made hard wheat bread, and rhubarb berry fool, and I gave it all to you.

I crumpled all my clothes and to the floor I threw them and turned right back to you. My rotten softwood fence my sagging hydro line — all of it is mine. The mice come in at night in the muddy streetlight shine see the hulking brown skyline — all of it is mine. And all the while I shrunk I pulled my clothes around like my body I could drown. I dug up shattered glass and forgotten plastic trucks and coiled faded twine — and all of it is mine. My buckling plaster walls, cracks snake and wind, all of it is mine.

And everything I knew I seemed to see right through like cheap cotton skirts like the Madawaska view. All these things I knew. Muddy white petunias, lobelia trails blue-eyed, all of it is mine. Irises shot up high and white lilies tumbled shy, all of it is mine. I dug up all my carrots with their wild orange hue, and I gave them all to you. Came So Easy Just cause it came so easy like quiet evenings in my kitchen. Just cause it came so easy like little breezes of indecision.

Line of ants came crawling through the cracks there in my tiles. Sat there and I watched them as they pillaged in single file. Just cause it came so freely I was loath to admit it.

meet you the other side lyrics

Just cause it came so quickly — I was startled like I had tripped. And I reached out an accusing hand to the treachery of the street. Leaning as though in the wind you helped me to my feet. Your kind words came so easy and I half winced at the sugar sweetness. Made me feel so wealthy so I got tongue-tied, I got restless, and I opened my doors and windows to the many creatures of July.

Strange cats come in mewling, bugs that crawl and ones that fly, all my flour fell victim to slow and sullen moths, in the heat we both were gasping wrapped in dripping cloths.

Traveler I felt just like a traveler as I went walking up my street. I felt just like a stranger as I set my key in the door, and lingered. Standing there on the porch. Little flecks on the brick, where the paint did not stick, I never could paint in the lines. I felt just like a tourist, seeing it all for the first time.

Unsure of what I might find. I set down my boots where he would hang up his suits and I brushed the snow from my coat, to the skin I was soaked. I felt just like a traveller, my eyes open wide.

meet you the other side lyrics

Like a stranger, uncertain and shy. Called to see if I been eating, wondered when to come by. You should have called somebody before it ever came to this.

You should have called somebody. Trying I am trying… I am trying not to let words just shake me off. They would slip and be gone like minnows.

meet you the other side lyrics

Just a silvery flash in the shadows. I would be blank like an unlit street sign. On the bank just waiting on my line. Loving everything I see and no way to tell you what to look for. I am trying for some kind of grace. Chip on My Shoulder You can have anything you could ever be wanting, the country will give you your fill. I took their advice and I did what they told me, taking my turn as the shill.

Oh this chip on my shoulder I know it so well, sure as the backs of my hands. And I try to be gracious, as ever I can, as gentle and kind as I can stand. Oh all of them loved me, because I was empty. And they saw in me something they could feed. But for this chip on my shoulder I could have enjoyed their slippery honeyed embrace.

Oh I spoke to my sisters and the child of a friend but no promises could I keep. Know it to See It Take your bag, get in the car, get in the car. Where you can sit at the wheel for a real short minute, smoking a cigarette. I know it to see it, I see it all the time. Or what you might do.

Yarrow and Mint It was the summer of scent, yarrow and mint. How could I forget the slight still scent of blue vervain or common plantain? I learned to know the names they been called, years ago. In the heat, the air lay heavy on the street.

Sweating with smoke, lilac, and gasoline. What are you looking for?

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Something you never even seen. Better to know all those weeds that ever will grow beneath your feet. Running Around Asking I went running around asking everybody I know. I already asked my mother and the woman who lives next door. But it was good to sit together, on her couch of seafoam green. All her secrets safe without me. And I called up a friend who lives very far away. Whined from the receiver the muffled dial tone. You were outside smoking, standing out in the snow.

Nobody In the air, first scent of snow. All along the ground the last milkweed silk blows. It was hardwon, but I found my place.