Meet the yo kai 7 roughraff

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meet the yo kai 7 roughraff

Apr 10, "Guys meet Roughraff, number one trouble maker in the Yo-Kai world. He can turn . He'll probably appear in either Chapter 7 or 8. Next thing I. With the Yo-kai Watch on his wrist, Nate, an average 5th-grader, can Beach Story/Oh, it's Roughraff/The Infamous Beach Story Part 2/Yo-kai Swosh 7. Hailey Anne and Usapyon Build a Mini-Rocket: The Safeguard! / Yo-Kai segment of their Bitty RoKit, while Nate meets a Yo-kai who is positively overflowing with pride!. Yo-kai Watch is a children's anime series based on the video game of the same name . 3, 64, January 7, (Japan), March 30, (Japan) Nate and Whisper meet the man-faced dog Yo-kai Manjimutt, who is soon arrested. act like a rebel, Nate and Whisper discover he is being possessed by the Yo-kai Roughraff.

On its tails it had white snowflakes instead of fire. What was weird was that its voice sounded like both Frostina and Sailornyan's voice. The Yo-Kai looked at her with a confused expression, "Katie what are you talking about its-," It said before it saw its paw and had a wide eyed expression.

Now this I like," Roughraff said. But it didn't expect to shoot out a beam of ice that struck Roughraff in the chest sending him flying. Roughraff began to slowly get up and was looking as mad as ever, "That's it no more mister nice Yo-Kai," he said as he charged towards them. It then summoned a blizzard that Roughraff was caught in. And just to add insult to injury, he was being pelted with snowballs that were shaped like cat paws. When the blizzard died down, Roughraff was lodged in a wall unconscious.

His medal fell off of him and rolled to Katie's feet which she picked up, "Well that's one way to get a medal. Especially that soultimate of yours, it was awesome. It should be called the 'Frozen Fury Strike,' that's a perfect name. You did great Sailornyan…Frostina…um, what should we call you?

meet the yo kai 7 roughraff

Just didn't want to say that in front of him," the now name Hoodienyan said while pointing towards Roughraff. After they dealt with Roughraff, Katie went back to where Nate was and was relieved that he was back to normal. In the background Jibanyan and Whisper, who came back and was explained why Nate was acting strange, were trying to separate Hoodienyan by pulling her in opposite sides.

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I know you would never do anything like that," Katie said. Back with the Yo-Kai, Whisper and Jibanyan were successfully in pulling apart Hoodienyan, but they pulled to hard and fell to the ground. Sailornyan was on top of Jibanyan and both were blushing when they saw each other. Before he realized it, Jibanyan was being chased by Sailornyan while everyone else was watching with a sweat drop. So Katie, who did you meet today?

That scoundrel Roughraff is a no good trouble maker who turns anyone he inspirits bad.

meet the yo kai 7 roughraff

You forgot to mention good with the ladies. See you next time! Alright finally finished with this, wow these fight scenes take a lot out of these chapters.

Maybe you should tone down on them a bit. Probably a good idea, alright first thing to talk about is how we decided on Roughraff to be next. He was one of the popular choices to be put in here, along with Shadow Venoct. We decided to go with Roughraff because like we said numerous times, we have Shadow Venoct plan to appear but it's going to take some time, after all he's a strong Yo-Kai so Katie will need some more friends before dealing with him.

He'll probably appear in either Chapter 7 or 8. Next order of business, you all are probably curious who Hoodienyan is. He asked if I could add her in and boom, here we are. I do have other plans for Hoodienyan like her own one shot and her being involved in Yo-Kai Journey. Usapyon drags Hailey Anne on a quest for Yo-kai help keeping their rocket cool. Komasan's new cab service picks up one very lost dog.

Robanyan Hailey Anne and Usapyon put safety first in their quest for a Yo-kai who can help power the newest segment of their Bitty RoKit, while Nate meets a Yo-kai who is positively overflowing with pride! The ever-helpful Komasan does his best to help Robonyan adjust to the expectations of modern viewers. Poofessor Between the appearance of a strange Yo-kai family in the Adams's home and the return of an old nuisance, Nate just can't catch a break!

But if Nate thinks he has it tough, Komasan must contend with his most difficult passenger yet: The Main Control System! Some Yo-kai just want to be what they aren't! Nate meets two such Yo-kai and finds them looking for bravery and maturity in all the wrong places. Meanwhile, Hailey Anne and Usapyon are almost ready for blast-off, and start work on the final part of their rocket! The rocket is complete, and Hailey Anne has invited the guest of honor: Can Usapyon restore his friend's confidence with a demonstration of Yo-kai power?

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After the launch, Hailey Anne convinces Usapyon to open a Yo-kai detective agency to solve Springdale's Yo-kai mysteries. Who Licked My Ice Cream?! Nate and his family can't help but get spun 'round by a pesky new Yo-kai, and if that isn't enough, another new Yo-kai might just make all of Springdale fall asleep!

Dracunyan Nate finally has a day to spend with his parents, but something is up with his father!

Yo-Kai Watch

A rough day out is nothing compared to a new Yo-kai who forces Nate to relive his most embarrassing memories, though! Komasan's cab rides again, too, and this time he's out to teach Dracunyan how to be just a little less scary. Who Stole the Remote?!