Meet the wanted competition 2012 toyota

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meet the wanted competition 2012 toyota

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meet the wanted competition 2012 toyota

That said, I actually prefer this style of gate in the standard driveway or parking lot as you can avoid the tailgate hustle as you dance back to avoid the gate as it swings up and over your head.

The RAV is easy to maneuver in heavy traffic, tight parkades, and with the optional V6 is a real roadster you can actually make the tires, and your toddlers, squeal if you gun it. Not that I actually ever did that, of course. Really the only two things that bothered me about the RAV, in the version we had nicely tricked out with the V6, was gas consumption and price tag.

I think this car rates exceptionally well in the small SUV category, but if it has the fuel efficiency and price tag of a mid size SUV like the Pilot or CX9vehicles with more room, my enthusiasm wanes. I really loved the RAV It does come with an optional third row, but it is tiny and hard to find.

Toyota RAV4 Review and Test Drive

Fully unrelated to driving, I like the touch-screen GPS and entertainment system. This coming from someone who, just mere weeks ago, drove a vehicle with cassette deck. Right now we are test driving the Chevrolet Orlandowhich is a peppy little thing considering its great fuel economy. Later on in the year, the same focus groups were called back and the Avalon was exchanged for the L.

Overall, the groups ranked the Toyota as their first preference, and according to Beranger, "didn't see the car as a Camry".

Car Reviews: 2012 Toyota RAV-4 Test Drive

As such, Toyota Australia deduced that if the L was available for purchase there and then, they could sell it alongside the regular Camry as a six-cylinder car under a different name.

Because TSA were an unknown quantity, having never designed a production vehicle, it took the division some time to convince Japan that they could indeed design a car themselves. While his submission was not chosen, Hogios was summoned to work on what would become the Aurion, then exclusively referred to as the "Asian" or "prestige" Camry, and codenamed "L". In Australia however, the regular Camry was to be limited to the four-cylinder engineand the prestige Camry later to become the Aurion to the six.

Hogios worked in Japan for nine months during designing the prestige Camry, and his final design was a collaborative effort between Japanese and Taiwanese designers, but the car's front-end styling is largely Hogios's own work. Beranger proclaims that the entire engineering undertaking, "is probably one of the most significant jobs that any subsidiary of Toyota Japan has done anywhere in the world.

Despite both cars being essentially identical, Australia was given a different code due to the car occupying a broader range in that market—from a fleet vehicle to a sports-oriented model. In Asia, the car's role is much narrower, being a high-end luxury car. The name was chosen after consumer research on more than 30 potential names.

  • 2012 Toyota Camry LE
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Design[ edit ] Aurion takes its doors, windows, roof panels, body sides except front quarters from the Camry XV However, the other panels are unique from the regular Camry. Interior design also largely parallels the Camry.

meet the wanted competition 2012 toyota

Notable differences include the redesigned upper dashboard portion and restyled centre consoleplus the substitution of the Australian Camry's hand-operated parking brake with a foot-operated equivalent as shared with the Camry for Japan and North America.