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meet the walking dead cast 2015

The worlds of The Walking Dead and spinoff Fear The Walking Dead asked since prequel of sorts FearTWD debuted in the summer of Back at the Theater at MSG for the second year in a row, Saturday's TWD shindig included cast members Andrew Lincoln, . The group's will meet in the future. Here all of the new characters you'll meet on 'The Walking Dead' spin-off In anticipation of the series premiere on August 23, , let's get. New to the The Walking Dead convention circuit in are Tyler James Williams, Those looking to meet Norman Reedus will have plenty of.

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Portera scientist rescued by Abraham, who insists on traveling to Washington, D. Alanna Masterson as Tara Chamblera former police academy student and ally of The Governor's, the only surviving member of her family, who often tries to boost the group's morale. Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokesa cowardly priestwho lives alone in his church, whose encounter with Rick's group leads him to challenge his beliefs.

meet the walking dead cast 2015

West as Gareththe pragmatic leader of Terminus a group of canibals, who captures and coerces Rick's group into submission, and the primary antagonist of the first half of the season. Tate Ellington as Alex, a Terminus resident; Mary's son, and Gareth's brother, killed by friendly fire aimed at Rick, in season 4; he appears alive in a flashback and as a corpse in the present.

Later appears in Tyreese's hallucinations. Benjamin Papac as Albert, one of the Hunters, who tries to retaliate against Rick's group.

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Chris Burns as Mike, one of the Hunters, following leader Gareth to take revenge on Rick's group for the destruction of their home. April Billingsley as Theresa, a Terminus woman, one of the Hunters. Travis Young as Greg, a Terminus man, one of the Hunters. Grady Memorial Hospital[ edit ] Tyler James Williams as Noah, a survivor Beth encounters, who originates from a walled community in Richmond, Virginia but was abducted and forced to stay in Grady.

He is shown to be very resourceful but has minimal experience in the outside world. He initially feels distant from the group despite their having accepted him as part of the family, but he eventually becomes more settled in with them.

Ricky Wayne as O'Donnell, a violent and cynical police officer fed up with Dawn's leadership style, despite their having been friends since they were rookies, and who seeks to eliminate her. O'Donnell and Dawn also disagree about how they should conserve their resources, which O'Donnell mainly schemes to use for his selfish uses. Christine Woods as Dawn Lerner, a sadistic police officer, who holds Beth captive and the leader of the officers stationed at Grady Memorial Hospital.

She has a vision of "trying to keep society intact," believing that help will eventually come. However, despite her intentions, her manipulative, violent, and obsessive nature antagonizes most of her fellow officers, both good and bad, as well as her captives — most of whom want her dead.

Erik Jensen as Dr. Steven Edwards, a scheming doctor secretly working for Lt. Lerner, who takes a liking to Beth.

Ironically, he preserves his importance, as the only doctor at Grady, by killing captives "patients".

meet the walking dead cast 2015

Teri Wyble as Amanda Shepherd, a police officer and subordinate of Dawn's, who greatly distrusts her and is aware of the paranoid monster Dawn has become. Amanda is far more reasonable than Dawn and will do whatever it takes to avoid bloodshed.

Despite his resentment of Dawn's leadership, Bob is distrusting of strangers. Christopher Matthew Cook as Licari, a police officer and subordinate of Dawn's, who like Shepherd is aware of what she really is and knows how to work around her. Keisha Castle-Hughes as Joan, a survivor Beth encounters who'd been raped by the other cops at Grady and attempted to escape, only to have her arm bitten and forcibly amputated, despite her preference to die.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Cast

Cullen Moss as Gorman, an abusive and manipulative police officer, who "rescued" Beth in the previous season; he rapes the women at Grady and quickly comes to antagonize Beth. After becoming aware of the apocalypse, Rick sets out to find his wife, Lori, and son, Carl.

Jon Bernthal as Shane WalshRick's best friend since high school and former colleague, who helped Rick's family escape the apocalypse and is the leader of the Atlanta camp. Believing Rick to be dead, he also started a relationship with Lori, leading to complications when Rick unexpectedly returns alive and well. Andrea has a slight temper, but has a compassionate side and is very protective of her sister; both of them share a close bond with Dale. Dale is a wise man of morals, who isn't afraid to voice his opinion and is very protective of everyone's well-being, physically and emotionally.

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He serves as an adviser to Shane, then to Rick. Dale also has a close bond with Andrea and Amy. Steven Yeun as Glenn Rheea former pizza delivery boy, who knows his way around Atlanta and often embarks on dangerous supply runs for the group. Glenn is a highly intelligent and resourceful, though slightly cocky yet hopeful individual, who cares for everyone yet he is easily taken advantage of by the other group members; Rick trusts him on supply runs.

meet the walking dead cast 2015

He and his mother are taken to Atlanta by Shane after the initial outbreak. A well-intentioned military man with a soulful disposition, who is out of his element. A confident and skilled doctor.

meet the walking dead cast 2015

A member of the pirates who develops an attraction to Alicia. Connor's brother and a hostile member of the pirates. A pregnant woman and one of Connor's pirates. An ally and right-hand man of Victor Strand and Thomas Abigail.

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Strand's boyfriend and the namesake of the boat Abigail. A pharmacist and leader of La Colonia, a community in Tijuana, Mexico, he claims to have been bitten, but did not die. The leader of the gang who live near La Colonia. The Rosario Beach hotel manager who helps Alicia. Elena's nephew who used to manage the hotel with her. The leader of a group of survivors living at a hotel.

A member of the wedding party and mother-in-law of Oscar. The leader of a group of young men that befriend Chris. A member of Brandon's group. A Native American in a war with Jeremiah Otto, who occupies his lands.