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On an empty stomach, the onset of effects is typically thirty to sixty minutes and the THC psychoactivity lasts four to eight hours. Medicinal effects such as appetite stimulation can persist for 24 hours or more after a dose of THC. Seven grams of twelve percent THC high-quality indoor cannabis infused into fifty grams of butter in slow cooker at degrees for three hours will extract around milligrams of THC.

For geeks, there is some loss in converting raw acidic THC to bioactive THC when heated by cooking, vaporizing or smoking. Additionally, the butter extraction method is not perfectly efficient. Here are some basic anecdotal rules of thumb concerning THC dose for occasional cannabis users.

Again, these are anecdotal and should not be considered professional or medical advice. Remember that there are genetic differences among individuals, so doses and onset times vary.

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Very little to no impairment. Doses in this range are popular for social anxiety, encouraging the munchies, and focus. Mild psychoactivity, akin to two to three glasses of wine. Strong psychoactivity for most occasional users. Significant distraction from pain.

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This dose is often recommended by physicians to stem nausea from chemotherapy. Most occasional users report uncomfortable levels of psychoactivity at this dose. Regular users of cannabis do not. This is ten times the maximum THC content of the edibles permitted by law to be sold in Colorado adult-use cannabis shops. Why are there thousand-milligram cannabis edibles?

That seems impossibly strong. Because individuals that consume a lot of cannabis, and consume it often, develop receptor down-regulation, building up a tolerance to effects of cannabis.

In just twelve days, those enormous doses were no longer getting the participants uncomfortably high, because the density of their cannabinoid receptors was reduced in response to this chronic exposure. The good news about cannabis tolerance is that it appears completely reversible. Twenty-eight days of abstinence from THC has been shown in another study to up-regulate cannabinoid receptors to their normal density. What about cannabidiol, or CBD, in edibles? People are talking about that the therapeutic effect of CBD these days.

However, patients report that when combined, CBD and THC, at low doses, appear slightly synergistic and produce more psychoactivity together. In a British study, hair samples from regular cannabis users that contained both THC and CBD were associated with far fewer self-reported episodes resembling psychosis than hair samples that contained only THC.

Edibles and tinctures containing only CBD are popular with patients suffering from anxiety, some mental illnesses and seizure disorders. It is currently undergoing the approval process in the US. Far too few individuals have access to lab-tested and properly labeled herbal cannabis, extractions and infusions, which are only available in Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona and Canada.

Cannabis testing facilities will continue to open as more states reform their cannabis laws to enable medical and adult access.

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How can users best ensure they have a pleasant experience when using a cannabis edible? Most unpleasant edible experiences begin with taking an edible of unknown potency, made by someone with a high tolerance to THC, then shared with a person with little tolerance for THC. Taking an edible of unknown potency is psychoactive Russian roulette.

Always begin with a tiny fraction of any unlabeled edible, then wait a full three hours to gauge the intensity of its effects. The setting in which the edible is being consumed is also important. A relaxed, unpressured environment is certainly more conducive to the more intense psychoactivity of a higher THC dose than when the same dose is consumed in a demanding environment surrounded by strangers.

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What about kids and pets? The palatability of cannabis edibles containing THC means they need to be kept away from any unsuspecting adult, child or animal. What should someone do if they realize they have taken too much cannabis? A little caffeine seems to help reduce the effects, but never when someone is too anxious.

It is easier to avoid the problem than fix it. And avoid alcohol and nicotine, both of which are mildly synergistic with THC. Children and pets may need medical attention, which is why cannabis edibles should always be kept far away from kids and companion animals. What do you do, and what is your background?

I design and formulate edibles. I come from a design and engineering background and also have a strong interest in gastronomy and ethnobotanicals.

What makes your approach to edibles different? I design edibles for patients seeking the minimum effective dose of cannabis for the condition for which their physician has recommended the use of medical cannabis.

They want to minimize impairment. The Full Upright Position line of cannabis infused products that I designed are intended to provide no more impairment than a glass of wine.

I wanted to design a product that a patient on a treatment course from their physician could use immediately, reducing the risk of a Maureen Dowd-style dose nightmare.

What about pain, and cancer patients who need higher doses to help with issues like post-chemotherapy nausea and vomiting? I designed a product called Kaya that has been licensed by a few dispensaries in Los Angeles. Kaya is extremely potent and contains eight 10 milligram doses. Do you have any products that contain CBD? Your quilt is so neat. My mom is a big quilter and has really gotten more active into it lately, but I've never seen her do anything like your Bird on a Wire quilt.

I'll have to send her to your blog to check it out.

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