Meet the thundermans cast actual names

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Meet the Evilmans is the twelfth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans. Phoebe refuses to tell her parent's Link's real last name, claiming that he's Link Link. . and Mike Evilman both of whom become recurring characters of the show. The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that aired . Dr. Colosso was temporarily turned back to his human form so he could go get an award which was actually a plot by fellow villains King Crab. The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that aired A former supervillain named Dr. Colosso has been transmogrified into a Shooting began in mid-February and extras were cast at that time and .. Los Casagrandes (TBA); Man of the House (TBA); Meet the Voxels (TBA).

His superpowers are super-strength and flight. Hank has now half-unwillingly retired as a superhero in order to give his kids a stable and normal home.

meet the thundermans cast actual names

He still uses his powers to fly to places around the world. Her superhero alias is Electress. Barb's superpower is controlling electricity and lightning. Unlike her husband, she is completely okay with leaving her superheroine life behind. Barb does, however, agree with Hank that Max is going through a supervillain "phase" that needs to end quickly.

Barb gave birth to her in " A Hero Is Born ". Chloe's babyhood superpower was making bubbles, and her permanent superpower is teleportation. While Chloe was a recurring character in season three, she was promoted to the main cast in season 4. Cherry[ edit ] Cherry Seinfeld [2] Audrey Whitby is Phoebe's best friend who is bubbly, tech-savvy and dimwitted.

meet the thundermans cast actual names

She was originally unaware of the family's superpowers, learning about them in "A Hero Is Born". Colosso[ edit ] Dr. Colosso voiced by Dana Snyder is one of the world's greatest villains of the Villain League and Hank's former nemesis until Hank transformed him into a rabbit while still Thunder Man.

He is kept in Max's bedroom. It is shown that Dr. Colosso likes Max very much. Colosso was temporarily turned back to his human form so he could go get an award which was actually a plot by fellow villains King Crab, Lady Web, and Scalestro to get him kicked out due to being inactive in villainy.

Though the three Villain League members were unaware about him having been trapped in rabbit form all this time. Other times when Dr. Colosso was turned human was when Phoebe had him pose as her uncle on family game night and when he stole the animalizer in a plot to disrupt Hank and Barb's wedding vow renewal similar to when he disrupted their first wedding. In his will, Wilfred left his enormous fortune and mansion for Blobbin.

Blobbin is very sensitive, but at the same time is extremely devoted to family and usually helps the Thundermans in whatever way he can. Wong[ edit ] Mrs. Wong Helen Hong is the aunt of Darcy and the owner of a pizza restaurant who is never nice to anyone, especially to the Thundermans. In her debut, Phoebe and Max take up jobs in her restaurant, but end up getting fired after they inadvertently destroy her kitchen, thus igniting her contempt for the twins and their family.

Secret Revealed", she exposes the Thundermans to the people in Hiddenville upon figuring out. It is revealed in this episode that her first name is 'Olympia'. Banished", her pizza restaurant is accidentally destroyed by Phoebe and Max's attempts to stop an explosion causing Super President Kickbutt to relocate the Thundermans to Antarctica and reassign their post to Falcon Man's family.

She later rebuilt it only for Candi Falconman to crash through her roof. Of course they are. Phoebe opens the door, finds Link, closes the door and freaks out. She asks Max why he invited Link. But Max just wants Evilman's Ice Base. Max opens for Link and convinces Phoebe to let Link in.

Link tells them that his dad is Evilman but he is nothing like him. Phoebe believes him but worries that their parents won't let them date.

Meet the Evilmans

Link accidentally presses the penguin, revealing the Thundermans superhero portrait. He recognizes that they're the Thundermans. He emphasizes how much the parents hate each other. But Phoebe says that the parents never have to find out. On their way out, Phoebe and Link are confronted by Barb. Barb then calls Hank down to check out Link's car to make sure it's safe. Phoebe refuses to tell her parent's Link's real last name, claiming that he's Link Link.

"The Thundermans" Meet the Evilmans (TV Episode ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Link acts scared in front of Hank, which impresses Hak. After putting on some pants, Hank inspects Link's car during which Link mentions that his dad has an emergency GPS button which alerts him where he is. Max uses this information to draw Evilman's attention. He presses the button and tries to stall by asking Hank to take Link back to the house for more tests. Max impatiently and nervous waits for Mr. He practices how he's going to introduce himself to his favorite supervillain. But when Evilman arrives, Max panics and just says "I wanna fan your father!

Phoebe figures out that Max did it. Evilman introduces himself as "Mike Evilmann. Evilman tells them that he runs a mattress store.

Hank and Evilman start singing together the commercial song.

meet the thundermans cast actual names

They share a good moment but then Evilman laughs. Hank recognizes the laugh. He rises to face him. Evilman gets Link to leave as Hank wants to take credit for kicking him out. Hank then forbids Phoebe from ever seeing Link again.

Phoebe makes a sandwich and takes it to Max in his lair. She then knocks it down just when Max is about to eat it. She angrily blames him for ruining her chances with Link, simply because he had to invite Evilman into the house. After they calm down, Phoebe asks Max to help her sneak out with Link one more time.

Max promises Colosso that he will rat them out. Hank contacts the Hero League about Evilman but President Kickbutt confirms that Evilman is retired and poses no threat. Hank's complain is that Evilman's son asked her daughter out. Kickbutt mocks him and hangs up. Max then comes over and rats Phoebe out to Hank.

Hank flies through the ceiling to grab Evilman. He brings Evilman back. Max tries introducing himself again. Neither of them wants their kids dating each other.

The Thundermans

Link is an evil spawn and Phoebe is a goody-two-shoes. They both want to put an end to this. Evilman uses his app to track Link. Both Hank and Evilman fly through the ceiling to Splatburger to stop their kids from dating. Max runs to catch the bus. Phoebe and Link are having fun at Splatburger using their powers. They both realize that their dads are pretty much alike.

Hank Thunderman sits or sleeps on the couch all day while Mike Evilman sleeps all day selling mattresses. Phoebe is confident about them not being caught because Max is so good at lying to their parents. But apparently Max is good at lying to her too! Hank and Evilman arrive and start fighting each other to stop Link and Phoebe from dating.

The pull down Splatburger's tubes for food fight.