Meet the tf2 characters in real life

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meet the tf2 characters in real life

I find the fascination with female TF2 characters well, fascinating. There's no real reason to have them, yet we want them. . I never in my 21 years of life thought I' d come across a fanart discussion where people find issue with. 2 Meet the Director; 3 Did the original BLU team even have names? While some of the characters are obvious (Lincoln, Tesla and Freud) did know how the real setting is, But since TF2 refers players as part of the story as. As a class-based shooter, every character in Team Fortress 2 has a fixed set of equipment and Each corporation administers its half of the world with a multi- disciplined army of paper pushers. Now's your chance to Meet the Team. .. Real Men Wear Pink: The Halloween event gave us The Magical Mercenary.

One who lost his entire livelihood to robots.

meet the tf2 characters in real life

So he joins a gang of misfits to get revenge, who said child soldiers were a bad thing? The first chapters are pretty small I only have 6ish pages despite the changes I've made but hopefully I can make the new ones longer.

Also note that the chapters I have edited are still not perfect, with only slight improvements. For the time being I'm more concerned in advancing the story. T - English - Drama - Chapters: The Spy liked nothing more than to insult the newest mercenary and there was no way that Spy was Scout's dad. Nope, no reason for Spy to be his dad, well at least Scout hoped so.

All he wants is for the pain to end and he seems to be going desperate measures just to fulfill it.

meet the tf2 characters in real life

That is till he's suddenly cared for by his mysterious secret admirer but it seems not everyone appreciates this sudden love. Suggestive content such as abuse, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc. But soon he realizes that it requires much more than surgery, syringes and patches.

meet the tf2 characters in real life

Soon the job begins to overwhelm him. He begins to doubt himself until one day happenstance happens which he develops a concept for a whole new kind of healing. A stroke of genius that makes him a legendary Medic. Fighting cybernetic battles for the players that controlled them was their life until the new update granted them what they fiercely wished for: But as they will quickly learn soon, freedom is never free.

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Reader by Jaelina-RouxSimm Every child looks up to their parents, wishing they could be like them one day. Well, you're no different; you're not like any other child, that you know of, but you too look up to the hulking figure that is Heavy, who has become a father-figure of sorts to you. What happens when you attempt to prove that you can be just like him?

The RED Sniper really isn't looking forward to having to try and murder someone like the last Spy every day. However, when the new man arrives, he's not what the Sniper's expecting. Things are about to get a lot more complicated. Sequel to Foe Yay Rated: He is the best runner on the cross country, and track team.

He is even good at baseball.

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The school year seems to be going normally until a girl with a purple dress and glasses arrives. Despite the abuse and isolation he tends to recieve; a harmonious violin, a kind friend, and lingering hope is something that keeps him moving with determination. A new Pyro is hired and joins RED. Those are examples of gameplay artifacts, which are not "real" inside the TF2 universe.

Same with maps that were added to the game later; the original maps are all situated in the Badlands. Other maps are made by fan mapmakers. The vast fortune of the Mann brothers cannot be based on that useless gravel alone. The mercs have distinct personalities, they have backgrounds, some of them have names we know, and they refer to repeatedly killing each other and being killed over and over again in both their voice lines and in the comics i.

Finding real life TF2 characters!

Spy in the Shadow Boxers comic. These are always the same nine men, literally fighting themselves when killing their counterparts. If there was no respawn, the Meet the Team videos and Meet the Director comic would be useless because the characters they show to us would have died gruesomely shortly after first setting foot on the battlefield and the game would only feaure replaceable nameless mooks.

In that case, what would be the point of establishing any character history and personality for the mercs? There are the same nine men, being reborn over and over, existing twice. Remember, that war over useless gravel and inherited real estate in the Badlands is a fake, a joke; only Blutarch and Redmond don't know they're being played.

The bases are stages to stage a fake war on. They all outfitted with surveillance cameras and loudspeakers operated and monitored by the Administrator alone, as we've seen in Meet the Director and other comics.

Meet the Pyro

Presumably the bases have to be repaired on a regular basisafter every time the fighting mercs have trashed the place. It has also been established that the mercs are being paid handsomely: In the Bombonomicon comic which accompanied the Halloween event, the flustered Heavy hands 7.

meet the tf2 characters in real life

If there were thousands of mercs, the Administrator would never be able to afford that. These aren't conscripted and badly paid soldiers.

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These are professionals who get days off from fighting to visit their elderly mother or go to Vegas and visit gun shows