Meet the tech support guy 9gag

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meet the tech support guy 9gag

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For me, a website or mobile app is user friendly when it requires less effort and minimal thinking to complete a desirable task.

Meet the weird cat Michael Rapaport was yelling at (22 photos)

Aside from great content, do not forget that context is very important, especially for the users. Also, bear in mind that a design that looks simple does not necessarily mean that it will be easy to use.

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The Whoscall team is well known in Taiwan for their emphasis on listening to their users. The team regularly conduct user interviews to understand user behaviours and how users interact with their app.

From their Facebook page, their Facebook admin responded almost every single comment from users. For startups seeking global expansion, it is also crucial to understand that user acceptance level varies across regions and countries, mainly because of language barriers, cultural differences and the adoption stage.

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User testing and user interview is the way to understand the reason of why users abandon your product. While designing their app, they spent hours trying to understand the local user requirements and proceeded to make amendments. If one observed closely, the app icon that appears in the Middle Eastern regions look different from other countries in order to make it easier to be recognized and understood by the locals. Through partnership with LINE Corporation, they are now ready to roll out their apps for free, so that everyone can enjoy their services.

In addition to that, they did not forget their loyal users who paid to use their services. Hence, they officially announced that refunds will be made to their initial paid users.

Meet the weird cat Michael Rapaport was yelling at : theCHIVE

They invested in companies such as Apple, Google, Netflix and Yahoo. However, in the first year, the UX Fund already raised by Odiseo fell in love with Blockchain technology as soon as he discovered it!

meet the tech support guy 9gag

Andres is one of the greatest developers everybody on the team has ever met. Angel is a person who cares about the common welfare, sometimes he can be a geek, sometimes a Chef, sometimes a Teacher, and sometimes a Student. He loves taking part in interesting projects; we know at dopameme that the blockchain and crypto currencies are among the most revolutionary concepts of today.

This is the reason why he wishes to collaborate and take a part in it. In his spare time, you may find Angel running in a park, playing Destiny, or coding something interesting. Raul Ruiz Front End Developer This is Raul our newest member and part of the team, he's a front end developer, entrepreneur and a tech guy passionate.

meet the tech support guy 9gag

He is a master of JavaScript and React evangelist but also he's willing to learn any other framework. A guy who loves to play soccer and shares the love for videogames. Raul is a fan of Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy since he was a little boy. He is currently working directly with the Mexican teams of Microsoft and Google to develop digital marketing and Go-to-Market strategies. Additionally, he is an active member of Mexican Blockchain communities, and does Blockchain Marketing as a personal project in his free time.