Meet the spartans wookie joke

Blessed are the Geeks: Meet the Spartans

meet the spartans wookie joke

Yo Mama jokes are a style of fighting used by Grand Theft Auto characters, Spartans, and penguins. Yo Mama jokes have been around since the Yo mama so hairy, the only language she speaks is Wookie! GRRRRRRGGGGG. Yo mamma so stupid ever makes the best yo mama joke wins. Meet the spartins - Yo mama. The best quotes from Meet the Spartans (). Add more and vote on Leonidas: Yo mama's so hairy, the only language she speaks is wookie! Share. Edit. "Meet The Spartans" is just one more of a long line of spoof flicks that Rather than being subtle or witty, it hits you over the head with its jokes until they get.

But What About Sparta? Some of it doesn't even make sense like Spiderman meeting Trump. Total running time is like seventy minutes with another ten or twenty minutes of credits and outtakes. Not as graphic as "Scary Movie," but enough to make it very low-brow. Some people may like it, some won't.

Meet the Spartans

This film makes fun of "" and a jillion other films and pop-culture references. It may be good for one or two laughs, but there is very little originality to any of it, and there's certainly no good story in it either. I found it very dumb overall, and would only reccomend it if you really like senseless comedy, or if you really wanted to see a "" parody.

I rather wish the Monty Python gang made this, instead of the "Scary Movie" guys The disc has good video and audio quality, and contains a good number of special features. The worst movie ever, if you can even call it a "movie" There's no plot or so to speakit's too unfunny to be a comedy, too spoofy to be a spoof, and overall, too unsubtle to be a comedy in the first place. Read more Not only does this movie suck completely, it doesn't abide by the rules of how to make a good spoof at all.

Epic Movie was very poorly made, yet it had a few laugh-out-loud moments. Did I enjoy Date Movie at all?

Neither did I enjoy this. These are the rules of making a good spoof: A joke about Ellen in Mr. If trying to be offensive, be funny too.

An accident-prone protagonist in Superhero Movie was funny, assaulting a Spartan kid with many heavyweight objects is not. Widen your humor sources when cracking the odd joke. Go everywhere, don't stay on the same topic just with different words. Be subtle when making a spoof. Not everything has to be uncalled for.

Don't go outside the genre you're spoofing. If you have to explain everything Scary Movie 4 was brilliant because it only did this oncechances are it's not funny. MTS doesn't do any of this, it just does the exact opposite. What is this piece of garbage or tell me what you really think It is supposed to be a comedy but it sure isn't funny.

Yo mama jokes

It's not intelligent humor, or bathroom humor or slapstick humor or satire or It's not even silly. This was one bad movie. It's even difficult to put into words how bad this film was. It's just some kind of rambling exercise in how not to make a movie. Even a take off on another movie or movies has to have some level of coherence.

Look at Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That was totally silly, but it at least had some kind of plot to carry along it's nonsensical way. It just assumes the watcher has no intelligence.

300 Meet the Spartans - Funny War Scene :)

And, oh my god, Kevin Sorbo. Somebody must have something on him to get him to be in this mess. No way would he do it for the role or the money. Anyway, skip this piece of junk.

This may be the worst movie ever made. This movie is atrocious.

meet the spartans wookie joke

Yes, I knew what to expect from comedies based on other "serious" movies. Yes, I'm prepared for cheap and old jokes, for body fluid jokes, whateveer. What is was NOT prepared for was the obvious contempt Read more Here I am, still naive What is was NOT prepared for was the obvious contempt the producers of this thing had for their audience.

This movie is beyond bad and mean. It's almost a tragedy. Yes, I lost the whole 60 minutes plus 10 of the closing credits of my life watching it at least I did not watch de extras! Even being only 60 minutes, I could not stand it, I could not laugh ok, I admit, one or two times I laughed - mainly in the "auto-theft" video-game scene.

I only watche it till the end because that's what I do in movies. Shame on everyone involved in this piece of junk. I killed brain cells watching this There were enough fun little scenes that kept me laughing that I kept on watching -- like the scene where the Spartans go up against a bunch of street kids in a Yo mama contest, or where the Spartans take a break from fighting by getting some drinks at a Starbucks type shop in the Pass of Thermopylae.

Most of the jokes didn't work, of course. There were way too many references and "parodies" that were little more than copying or merely mentioning characters and scenes from popular culture with no real context or point of view other than just repetition. Like the scene where Venom and Sandman fought. How was that a parody of Spider-Man 3? All that happened was Venom and Sandman fought. There was nothing funny about it, although I'm not going to complain about seeing Carmen Electra in a skin-tight Venom suit.

Shannon said that Electra looked old and bad, but I told her she was crazy. Then there were dozens upon dozens of characters showing up just to do bad impressions of popular figures, almost all of which were so bad the other characters actually had to say things like, "Shut up, Dane Cook," so you'd know who was being impersonated.

There was one scene where king Xerxes played by that gross fat guy from Borat -- kinda funny brought out a monster to fight the Spartans, and it was actually a guy dressed up like Rocky.

Meet the Spartans - Wikiquote

They panned the camera down to his trunks, where the name "Rocky" was printed on them in big letters, as though we didn't know that it was supposed to be Rocky. Thanks, guys who made Meet the Spartans.

meet the spartans wookie joke

You really think your jokes are going to go over most people's heads? And now I'll talk about the cast quickly, who didn't do anything all that spectacular or funny like I said about, Carmen Electra was one of the main starsbut they still managed to walk away from this movie with most of their pride intact. The star of the film who later starred on that awful Comedy Central show Krod Mandoon, or whatever it was called.

See, even I have standards! I don't know his name and I certainly don't think he was a great leading man or notable comic talent, but he made me laugh. Just check out his delivery of this wookie joke and try to tell me you didn't laugh. And then we had Kevin Sorbo, who is always funny and charming, but I'm mostly mentioning him to say that, at age 52, my boy still looks amazing and has a rockin' body.

Don't seek it out, pay money for it, or even sit down to watch it if you have anything the least bit pressing or engaging that you could do instead.

But if you find yourself bored on a Wednesday night and it happens to be on FX, you could do worse than check it out.