Meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

Meet The Spartans (Comparison: PG Theatrical Version - Unrated Version) -

meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

RT on DVD: Transformers, Starship Troopers To Invade; Avoid Jessica Alba's Eye The result in Meet the Spartans is less classic Mel Brooks than middling Best It's a MADtv or Saturday Night Live sketch dressed up in feature-length clothing. has twenty minutes of outtakes after the credits to reach theatrical length?. Difference Between Theatrical and Unrated Versions the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is voluntary; with or without ratings. Is there a website or resource out there that breaks down the differences between Director's Cut, Extended Cuts, Theatrical, Unrated?.

The Quality The film looks quite clean in this anamorphic widescreen transfer, with a high level of detail that reveals obvious backdrops and bad special effects, while the colors are rich and deep.

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There's no noticeable dirt or damage, and no obvious issues with digital artifacts. The Dolby Digital 5. Otherwise, it's a very vanilla comedy dialogue track, without much in terms of a dynamic mix.

meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

This time, any pretense of not being a cash grab is gone. Instead of three audio commentaries, including one with critics who trashed the film, we get one cast and creators commentary, with Friedberg, Seltzer, Maguire, Sorbo, Nicole Parker Paris Hilton and Ike Barinholtz Prophet.

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The participants obviously had a good time recording the track, but they are a tad too proud about their work. Goof around, have fun, and joke about each other Amazingly, it's all downhill from there. The "Know Your Spartans" pop culture trivia game has almost nothing to do with the film, and is hardly the most challenging game ever, with each correct answer rewarded with a clip of a kick into the Pit of Death. It's a touch better than "Meet the Spartans: The Music," which is simply a scene selection menu with only the eight musical scenes included.

The short four minutes gag reel is certainly funnier than anything in the film, but that's not saying a lot.

meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

The extras conclude with a pair of behind-the-scene featurettes. First is "Prepare for Thrusting," which is a simple making-of piece, with 5: He's quite funny, but there's only so much set to explore.

Unrated VS Theatrical? How to make an informed choice?

Three trailers, including one for the new Futurama movie, puts a cap on it all. The Bottom Line As the saying goes, You'll never lose money underestimating the American public, and the Blank Movie franchise is proof of it, as they keep churning out poorly-produced garbage and people keep watching it. But really, that's like being disappointed in a paraplegic for not being good a double-dutch.

You can't have expectations of greatness for movies that wallow in mediocrity.

meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

The DVD seems to put as much effort into home entertainment as the filmmakers put into the movie, making it a heaping helping of fail, even in comparison to their previous movies. Avoid this one unless you really want to suffer some unfunny parody comedy. Basically the plan the plan is heard, but in the Unrated, we see that Leonidas drew a butt and a penis looking like it.

meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

In the scene where Leonidas first sees the warriors, the son of Leonidas's buddy Kevin Sorbo has a package. In the rated, Leonidas says, "He has a huge package". Then directly cuts to Sunny-O putting the package down.

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In the Unrated, Leonidas says, "He has a huge package", and Sunny-O continues with some unrated lines, "Mom said to give you this fudge", and then Sorbo's character says, "Your mother is a great woman. In the Paris Hilton scene where she gives Leonidas a tip, there are a few parts added in the Unrated. The phone call is the extra footage: Nothing, just some guys with swords—Not their actual swords—agh, you're gross.

Yeah, I'm hungry, did you eat?

Difference Between Theatrical and Unrated Versions

Oh you ate an almond, yeah you are done eating for the day. Okay - Then let's go to Pinkberry.

meet the spartans unrated version vs theatrical

After Leonidas says, "I'm sorry but we cannot use you", Paris Hilton starts crying and saying: Your're making a terrible mistake! In the scene with Queen Margo and Traitoro, when Queen Margo hints to him and says, "I'll do anything for my husband", she drops her dress and Traitoro says, "Yes! I am totally getting laid.

In the rated version, Xerxes starts talking but we don't see him, and Paris is looking at a couple kissing, and says, "That's Hot!