Meet the spartans pit of death full scene hair

Enough is Enough Movie Review: Bottom Meet the Spartans

meet the spartans pit of death full scene hair

A spoof of the hit movie "," which was about the ancient Battle of A man caresses another man's shoulder and plays with his hair, and the Two male dead bodies lie on top of each other, one with its face in the other's crotch and vice versa. A man kicks three people into the "Pit of Death," then a woman holding an. Movie Review: Bottom Meet the Spartans . a Southern Accent; I don't even know who that guy with the hair was! This pit of death joke should go into the pit of death! Is this a movie scene or did they stumble upon Carmen off camera? Yes I do because I assumed it couldn't be this bad the entire. the REGENCY and MEET THE SPARTANS title. . You dead, Leonidas. . A sign points toward the Giant Pit of Death saying "PIT OF . hair out of his mouth.

meet the spartans pit of death full scene hair

Can you believe this flick was filmed in a week? I can't because it couldn't have taken that long! I'd rather be watching one of those stupid dance battle flicks I think Yeah this flick is getting a 1, only because I can't give it a negative number Another reality show reference?

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But aren't all Spartans gay in this flick? Yet another gay joke I wish I couldn't see or hear You honestly couldn't pay me enough to be in this movie Is this a movie scene or did they stumble upon Carmen off camera?

There we go, it'd been a while since we had a balls joke And there we have yet another gay joke, excellent I wonder if anyone laughed at this movie Thank god they explained that "joke" Once again if you have to explain the jokes that much it is a bad joke If he is dead why another 20 minutes?

Again aren't they all gay? So many crotch blurs This stupid dance scene probably took up two or three days of filming which probably should've been spent working on the script!

Why would they want to eat at Hooters?

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So they didn't put these scenes in the movie but it is so bad and short they had to extend the credits? Thank god an Episode of Psych is next in my queue! I honestly don't know why I didn't shut it off. Yes I do because I assumed it couldn't be this bad the entire time It was maybe the most unfunny thing I've seen in my entire life.

Well that and all of their other movies. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are perhaps the most unfunny people in Hollywood.

Seriously do not watch this shit, I am ashamed it was made an that anyone watched it. It actually made 8 million dollars which is even worse.

meet the spartans pit of death full scene hair

A man looks at another man carrying a box, he says, "he has a huge package" and asks yet another man for an introduction. A husband tells his wife that she should move on if he dies, he says he'd "play the field" if she died and that he has always wanted to have sex with a heavy set woman he uses crude terms.

A man says of another man: A man pulls on a chain attached to a nipple ring, the ring pulls off along with his nipple, and he then staples the nipple back with a staple gun. An elderly woman strikes a boy, the boy falls down, the boy punches the woman in the face and we see her dentures fly out of her mouth. A man punches a boy in the face he falls to the ground.

A woman punches a man in the face we hear a crunch. A woman is given a very rough massage, we hear crunching and we see the masseuse jumping on top of her. A man is stabbed in the forehead with a hypodermic needle labeled Botox and falls back onto the ground.

Many people are forced to jump off a high cliff and into water below.

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Two armies charge toward each other, crash together and fall to the ground. A woman is struck in the head with a large shield she falls to the ground. A man holds a sword to a man's throat. A woman is struck in the head by a laptop thrown by a man she falls to the ground unconscious.

A blind man punches a man standing near him and then walks into a rock wall. A man with a fire extinguisher puts out a flaming skeleton.

A man has open wounds on his face that spurt blood. We see three people with badly deformed facial features and skin, and with discolored eyes and teeth. A woman has a malformed hand and a large hump on her back.

A man with a dagger pierces a large hump on a woman's back and is blown through the air by the torrent of pus that explodes out of it. A man drinks from a cup and a woman tells him, "that's my urine sample" he then spits.

meet the spartans pit of death full scene hair

An infant ogre vomits green slime on a man's face. A woman sneezes and mucus blows on another person's face. A woman pulls off her skirt to reveal large, pimple-covered, nude buttocks. A man has large pimples on his face.

meet the spartans pit of death full scene hair