Meet the spartan trailer craigslist

An Unbelievable Spartan Imperial Mansion | Mobile Home Living

meet the spartan trailer craigslist

Learn where to find vintage travel trailers for sale online. They meet several times a year and their site is full of great articles and has listings. March 27, Spectacular Vintage Spartan Aircraft Royal Mansion Trailer For Sale! By Sara In AZ. we ever LOVE trailers around here at. This Spartan Imperial Mansion, on top of it being a Spartan, is immaculate. It's one of Spartan Meets Modern Day Living. It was listed on Craigslist and Russell scooped it up with no questions asked. I find it.

The marketplace has a great search tool. Facebook Groups There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Facebook groups dedicated to vintage travel trailers of all makes and models.

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Within these many groups are people buying and selling vintage trailers. Click on the US link on the top left or click on a purple dot that is close to your home. Personally, I like to click on the US link — it just seems easier for me to read the states than look on a map. If you click on a purple dot you will see the map zoom in to the dot you clicked and then see more purple dots like this: If you click on the US link, the page will change to a listing of states and their cities.

Find your state and then the city closest to you and click on it.

Spectacular Vintage Spartan Aircraft Royal Mansion Trailer For Sale! | Mid-Century Every Day

You will then be forwarded to a page that looks like this: You can also change how the listings appear. Another great feature is how the listings appear. Personally, I like the gallery view best because the images are larger and I can quickly find any listing that catches my eye. Just click on the list, thumb, gallery, or map to see which one you like best. That was my first project, which of course led to more fun improvements. :: Vintage Campers, Vintage Trailers, Vintage Parts, Vintage Restorations

My biggest indulgence so far has been my kitchen. Originally my home had a Formica type of product on the countertops as well as the backsplash walls. It was a deep oxblood color that had faded, and in some areas, the finish was just gone. I removed all of this, finding that I needed new countertops completely. So, I re-built these, using all new materials.

An Unbelievable 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

Then, with the help of my parents, took on my first tile job. It turned out great! The backsplashes were finished with commercial grade wallpaper providing a nice clean look, as well as being easy to keep clean. Also, instead of re-installing the HUGE white stove, I installed a drop-in two burner cooktop with a convection microwave below.

meet the spartan trailer craigslist

I took out the oversized double sink, replacing it with a smaller stainless steel single sink; the same size as the cooktop. On the opposite side of the kitchen, I removed the again HUGE refrigerator that stuck out into the room and installed a built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Amazing Beautiful 1959 Vintage Spartan with 2 Bedrooms for sale in Texas

Now no appliances stick into the room — giving it a much more spacious look and feel. My best advice to anyone purchasing an older mobile home — be flexible. Everything made today may not fit the older homes.

meet the spartan trailer craigslist

Just be patient, measure about half a dozen times, then measure again! With the exception of the paint, nails, and screws which I got at the local hardware store, the bulk of my materials came from the Home Resource.

The Home Resource is a Missoula based — nonprofit — home and materials recycling center. I was able to obtain my cooktop, tile, commercial wallpaper, sink pink bathroom one alsolight fixtures and much more. As your enter the threshold, you realize how this open floor plan feels spacious and easy to navigate. The Spartan all aluminum exterior Aircraft was the basis of inspiration for the Spartan Mansion line. The famous Spartan Model 7W aircraft was the apex of high performance airplanes at that time.

meet the spartan trailer craigslist

It was the most expensive, extremely fast and on of the most elegantly appointed aircraft produced from This same aeronautical genius was applied in the concept and building techniques of the lightweight Royal Mansion. Like its aeronautical predecessor, it was designed and built for durability and trouble-free performance. It obtains the highly rare road-side front bay window, two rear quarter rolling windows, forward slating nose, elegantly down curved tail-end and nearly perfect exterior and interior.

meet the spartan trailer craigslist

The great ones quickly disappear from the US. Most are purchased and shipped to collectors of rare American icons.

meet the spartan trailer craigslist

The renovation of the trailer was done only to update the systems and safety of the trailer. Even though this was the most modern trailer produced init needed to be brought up to more modern travel trailer codes.