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By Bozon When it comes to licensed games based on popular movies, television shows, or toys, we - along with the rest of the sane gaming community - know pretty much what to expect.

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The game will borrow from its license, either following the main story directly or taking an "other world" approach to it, and offer the licensed characters in a tried and true gameplay design. So it should go without saying that while Meet the Robinsons is a solid overall attempt at the "movie game" sub-genre, there isn't anything that's really going to blow players away.

At the same time, the game brings forth a decent blend of 3D platforming and adventure elements, is inspired well from the film, and borrows well from some of gaming's core designs. In Meet the Robinsons players embark on an alternate quest from the main movie. Playing as Wilbur Robinson - a headstrong future child from light-years beyond - the game takes players through an alternate story from the Disney film. In the movie, Wilbur acts as a supporting character, but designers opted to give him the star treatment in the game, as he makes for a more adventurous and action-based character.

The game's story is set as a parallel to the movie, so core elements are taken, but the story drives itself.

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In the game, Wilbur has possession of the Robinson time machine, and is using it to travel around the world through time.

Even though the story is essentially just a setup for labyrinth-based action - similar to a more kid-friendly Zelda adventure - the game's presentation has definitely taken notes from the franchise, as the game's menu interface, character performances, voices, events, and attitude is all within the Robinson theme. You'll travel around the Robinson mansion as a main hub to the game, you'll blast around in the protectosphere, and talk with supporting cast such as Carl, Cousin Laszlo, Grandpa Bud, Uncle Art, Aunt Billie, and Wilbur's mom Franny.

The game has the look and feel of the Robinson world; something that in a licensed game is nearly as important as the game itself especially considering the audience. Structurally speaking, Disney's Meet the Robinsons is an action adventure that borrows heavily from genre-defining games such as the aforementioned Zelda and Tomb Raider franchises.

Lista de todos os jogos de Wii

There are eight main environments, including the Robinson mansion in the yearthe science fair in the yearand various twisted renditions of places in an alternate Each environment has multiple floors and areas that you have to get through, and each area has its own set of puzzles and enemies. Puzzles involve a fair amount of jumping, climbing, and sidling your way around the environment, as well pushing and pulling heavy objects.

You'll also find yourself constantly using Wilbur's gadgets to manipulate objects in the environment. While you're doing all of that, you'll frequently encounter enemy robots that are programmed to attack Wilbur. Each enemy robot is vulnerable to a specific gadget. Some robots require that you use one gadget to reveal a weak spot, then another gadget to finish off the robot.

Boss battles involve the same sort of gadget swapping, but they're more time consuming and visually more elaborate. In all, you'll collect five different gadgets.

The two gadgets that come into play most frequently are the disassembler ray, which can break apart certain doors and manhole covers, and the charge glove, which hurls electrical balls that can obliterate certain enemies.

The disassembler ray and charge glove also have alternate uses. You can use the disassembler ray to reduce furniture and other decorative objects into spare parts that can be fed into a transmogrifier machine to build gadgets and upgrades. Meanwhile, the charge glove's electrical balls can activate distant switches that provide temporary power to machines and elevated walkways.

Rounding out the list of gadgets are a scanner backpack that lets you scan enemies and structures to find weak spots to uncover hidden areas; a pair of havoc gloves that let you launch sonic shockwaves and dive underground; and a levitation ray that lets you lift enemies and heavy slabs into the air for short periods.

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Minigames are thrown into the mix where you roll through obstacle courses in a protectosphere think Super Monkey Balldig through underground mazes using the havoc gloves think Dig Dugand play a futuristic game of Pong against family members using the charge glove.

These minigames are good diversions, but they're not forced on you so often that they wear out their welcome. You can replay them anytime you want. You're also free to hitch a ride on the monorail train and backtrack to areas you've already solved.

Even though the layout of each dungeonlike area is straightforward, there are secret doors and chests hidden all over the place. Some secret areas can't be accessed until you acquire the havoc gloves or the levitation ray. Chests contain concept artwork, viewable action figures, and blueprints for building permanent health or energy upgrades using the transmogrifier, which means that the rewards for returning to "earlier" areas are actually significant. You don't need to know anything about the movie to understand what's going on in the game.

You play the part of Wilbur Robinson, a precocious teenager living with his family in a high-tech mansion. Wilbur and the other major characters are introduced in short order, while various minor characters make brief appearances throughout the course of the game.

Incredibly, the game manages to present a story that's similar to the one from the movie without actually giving away the movie's major plot twists.

In both the movie and the game, the mysterious Bowler Hat Guy steals the Robinsons' time machine and goes back to to bring about an alternate future. In the movie, a boy named Lewis is brought to the future, meets the Robinsons, and subsequently uses the time machine to undo some of the changes that the Bowler Hat Guy caused. The game tells the other half of the story and reveals what Wilbur was doing when he wasn't with Lewis.

With the story put together in this fashion, the game stays true to the movie's story without recycling every single scene exactly as it was depicted in the movie. So, even if you have seen the movie, the game will still seem fresh to you. The game also does a great job of copying the movie's attitude and style, even though the graphics don't push the hardware capabilities of any of the systems for which the game is available.

On the one hand, the characters and environments often look just like they did in the film; the bosses are massive and the draw distance is such that you can see everything for miles in any direction.