Meet the rescue heroes

meet the rescue heroes

This was a request by a follower. I thought it would be fun and who knows if I get enough response I might keep it going. Right now I'm looking. The Paperback of the Meet the Rescue Heroes (Rescue Heroes Reader Series) by J. E. Bright at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Come meet the real rescue heroes! Climb aboard a fire truck, get an up-close look at a police cruiser and tour a fire station. A special craft and heroic snack will .

Then I need you to clean this place up and be ready for inspection by noon tomorrow. They should be here tomorrow afternoon.

Each was checking and washing their vehicles.

Once Rocky finished his we went to each vehicle and checked the technology. They worked through lunch and finally as supper time came around they ran to the Lookout where Ryder had fixed a great dinner.

meet the rescue heroes

After supper they all worked together to get the Lookout inspection ready. They went to bed that night with excitement of meeting the Rescue Heroes tomorrow. Morning came and as Chase was walking his morning routine patrol of the area he found Marshall sitting on the rise overlooking the bay. I can tell something's bothering you. I'm still just as clumsy as I was back then. What if he's disappointed with what I have become?

You're great at what you do. As far as you being clumsy, Marshall that's one of the things I love the most about you. We have saved countless people and animals. I for one am very proud of our team and all it's members. I'm sure The Rescue Heroes will be as well. I don't think they would be coming to see us if they thought we weren't any good.

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Chase then turned and went to wake up the pups. Everyone gathered for breakfast and as they finished Ryder began speaking.

meet the rescue heroes

I think we can proudly say we are ready to receive our guests. Ryder and the pups went out to welcome their guests. As the ramp came down they observed 5 men and 1 woman walk down the ramp. Marshall stepped forward to welcome the one member he knew. We're not at the Academy now, you can just call me Billy. Let me introduce the members I've brought with me. This is Jack Hammer, he is our construction expert.

meet the rescue heroes

This is Rocky Canyon, he does high angle and mountain rescue. And finally this is Gil Gripper, he does water rescue.

meet the rescue heroes

Ryder further explained that they had one other pup named Everest that lived up on Jake's Mountain and did snow and wilderness rescues. Ryder said Everest would be down later for dinner. Later, Al Pine discovers that his niece and nephew have gone missing.

Al, along with the other Rescue Heroes, will have to rescue them, as well as their horse, from a frozen lake. Ariel Flyer and Rock Miner must rescue a trapped archeologist in a booby-trapped tomb. When an oil drill accidentally pierces a salt vein in a seabed, seawater dissolves through and floods nearby stalactite caves while trapping a mother and daughter inside.

Two boys wander off into a forest where a hurricane occurs. When he does a solo mountain climb, he gets caught in a deadly storm and Rocky must get to him before the elements do. A floating high school encounters a deadly cyclone and other hazards while cruising the South Seas. A doubtful boy will realize that he has something important to contribute when faced with a deadly challenge.

They will have to put their differences aside and work as a team to make it back to Earth. When a semi-truck carrying explosive material explodes in an underwater tunnel, the Rescue Heroes are called into action.