Meet the press transcript october 25

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meet the press transcript october 25

Trump appears to blame media for bombs targeting his critics. 12 days until TRANSCRIPT: 10/25/, All In w. Date: October 25, FULL EPISODES · TRANSCRIPTS · MTP DAILY. Meet the Press: Latest News. News and analysis from Meet the Press and the NBC News Political Unit. News. The White House Press Secretary would not offer details on what the president might be willing to agree to Full transcript: December 23 October 7: Sen.

Certainly, issues Democrats have been have foregrounding. He said something really striking and I want to play it for you and get your reaction to it. And what about if they subpoena his tax returns? It might be because he knew that Judge Kavanaugh was his best shot to get around subpoena power from Congress or ultimately the arm of the law through the Mueller investigation.

And you know, we might now be seeing a window into what the actual rationale was for the Kavanaugh selection and ability for Donald Trump to try to avoid the law. There is no question that Congress has the ability to subpoena those records if we choose. All right, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, thank you for your time. Corsi is an interesting character.

And both of them seem to be taking credit for the WikiLeaks release of the e-mails. He said he had never met with Russians. He said that a month after he had actually met with a Russian who was offering to sell incriminating information to the Trump campaign and he had to undo his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

So I think there are any number of criminal offenses that might apply. What do you mean — what do you mean — what do you mean by that? What I mean by that, Chris, is that, first of all, as Jill mentioned, he already was caught in lies about whether he did or did not meet with Russian operatives in the run-up to the election, so that is one offense right there.

meet the press transcript october 25

But when we see Roger Stone go on TV and say, well, you know what, I expect to be indicted, Chris, I was a federal prosecutor for 30 years I have never once had an innocent person say I expect to be indicted.

I thought I would be wrongfully indicted. Once you say I expect to be indicted, that has the fringe benefit of being evidence that is admissible against you in a court of law. He will be charged. One, obviously, Assange a key player in the evolution of the leaked emails and them being published by Wikileaks, the site he runs. So all of the information that Manafort is downloading about Stone and about the time that he was campaign chairman for those four or so months for Donald Trump, the candidate — you know, this is really going to be a treasure-trove of incriminating information.

It will implicate Stone, and it may very well implicate the president and those around him. Jill, am I wrong in my recollection that Nixon at one point in his sort of emissaries were shopping around pardons, attempting to get pardons for those involved? It was part of the cover-up where the burglars who they were trying to keep from testifying about who had hired them, which would have been proving the connection to the committee to reelect the president and to the White House who were offering pardons and talking about executive clemency.

Trump makes something up, Pence goes out to make it true. The same thing is happening with the new pretend tax cut the president has pulled out of nowhere. When Trump told reporters over the weekend that middle income Americans would receive a 10 percent tax cut before the midterms, which is, of course, not even possible because congress is in recess until after the election.

So then the White House sent Larry Kudlow out to the driveway to make sure nobody thinks the president is a pathological liar who just makes things up.

President Trump promises made, promises kept. Promises made, promises kept. Now, there was one Trump lie this week that could not be explained away, but it meant the FBI had to go looking for pictures of two men hugging. Last month in an interview with a right wing website called Daily Caller, Donald Trump made an extraordinary claim, a claim that if true could shake the very foundations of the Russia probe. And I quote him here. OK, that sure sounds scandalous, strange.

But lucky for us, a reporter at Buzzfeed named Jason Leopold practice some actual journalism. His request, please, please, send the pictures of Comey and Mueller hugging and kissing, thank you. A month went by. Now the FBI has responded, brace yourselves, quote, we were unable to locate records responsive to your request, therefore, your request is being administratively closed.

All In correspondent Trymaine Lee went to Tennessee to talk with some local farmers. China had others, remember this, have targeted our farmers. Not good, not nice. And you know what our farmers are saying? We can take it. These are incredible people. So, these beans, these little beans, are big money? Or used to be in. They used to be, now we call them poverty peas. In fact, the markets have gone up and the farmers are going to do great.

So, these beans before the tariffs were worth over ten bucks a bushel. I support Governor Bredesen who is running for U. Senate, because he is against the tariffs. Are you concerned about the future? Do you get the sense that things might get better before they get worse or worse before they get better? Were you surprised, going into the Trump administration, were you hopeful? Did you always have the worst case scenario in mind? The tariff issue was the main reason I did not support Trump.

Did you vote for a Democrat? Did you for a Hillary? Yes, but I supported a different Republican in the primary. How do you think the trade and tariff issue will play out in the mid- term, especially here in Tennessee? We have people wanting to come to work here.

And All In correspondent Trymaine Lee joins me now. But when you talk to these farmers on the ground, even the big guys like Mr. And this is something that Bredesen, as the former governor, has really, it seems to me, campaigned on. And the thing about Bredesen, unlike Blackburn — Blackburn is a hard core Trumper, right. She associates herself so closely with Donald Trump.

He speaks their language.

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Do the people that you talk to view it as essentially a proxy for Trump? It is, but their concern is purely on business. The concern is if China goes to Brazil for soybeans or pigs, you may never get that route back. Tosh ph mentioned, what do we do with the pig innards? China buys all the innards, right. The charts show — I mean, the decline in Chinese consumption of soybeans has been absolutely precipitous. A huge market for American farmers has been almost entirely inaudible.

And again the concern is, do we ever get that back? So you can unwind this in six months, what happens is the relationships get established The sort of supply chains get established.

New details on explosive devices. TRANSCRIPT: 10/25/2018, All In w. Chris Hayes.

All right, Trymaine Lee. Thank you so much. Still ahead, one of the vulnerable Republican seats up for re- election. The race for Nevada next. One of the post fascinating races to watch is the one for the U.

Senate seat in Nevada. It is a must-have seat. He is the only Republican senator up for reelection in a state that Hillary Clinton won in What is the race like in Nevada? What are the issues front and center there? Well, first of all, let me tell you there is so much energy here. There is energy on the ground.

Democrats are turning out numbers that I never seen before, particularly in a mid-term in Nevada. And the numbers and the energy and the issues all around health care, right?

More people have access to health care, pre-existing conditions, coverage. Let me ask you this, you are the junior senator of Nevada. You serve with Dean Heller. I imagine you work together on a bunch of issues. Are you campaigning against him? What do you think against them?

Trump and his administrations denial of relationships Transcript 10/25/17 The Rachel Maddow Show

No, listen, Nevada is still small enough. We all know one another, right, you literally can walk into a restaurant or grocery store and walk and talk to a governor or a Senator. Those are our number one issues. I mean, obviously, he has been supporting Dean Heller. I believe had a rally there in Nevada. Is he a central figure in this campaign? Do you view the campaign as a referendum on him? Again, remember, we also are in a state where almost a third of the population is Latino.

And there is a Latino vote. And people are coming out, because they are protecting one another, supporting their community and concerned about the anti-immigrant agenda that this administration has gone down.

But there is also health care. If you go into our Latino populations, their concern is performing for prescription drugs, making sure that, you know, when I go into some of — and talk to some of these Latinas, it is about being able to afford those prescription drugs and still put food on the table and have a roof over your head. In Nevada, hats the number one issue and people are coming out.

Let me say this, Chris, because this is a mid-term. We are in the middle of early voting right now. It started on Saturday. First five days of early voting, 90, Democrats came out. So that tells me the energy is there. People are paying attention to the issues they care about. You just mentioned mentioned the enthusiasm.

Is that still enduring now? This is an organized labor — strong organized labor state. It is about the working families. And they are strong. They are boots on the ground.

They are the front lines knocking on doors, registering people, and now getting them to the polls. There is Lee Oswald. Lee Oswald has been shot. We are in a basement of the Dallas police headquarters. Detectives have their guns drawn. Oswald has been shot. There is no question about it, Oswald has been shot.

Meet the Press, Meet the Press, October 25, | Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company

Tom Pettit went on to become a very big deal political reporter. He interviewed every U. He won three Emmy Awards. He won a Peabody Award. He won a Polk Award over the — over his decades-long career. The idea being that it might tamp down some of the assassination conspiracy theories. The first batch of documents under that law were released the following year inand NBC sent Tom Pettit to the National Archives to report on the new details that were sure to turn up in those records.

The thousands of documents do show that the CIA was deeply involved in the assassination investigation. Nothing of any other CIA involvement so far. Lee, but we already knew that. From inside the Soviet Union had found blurred photos of Oswald and his wife Marina.

Oswald had defected to Russia in We knew that too. And some ordinary people have their curiosity aroused. I think that they kill Kennedy. About all the ultra secret stuff still held back by the CIA, it will be submitted to a presidential review board as soon as the White House appoints one.

In any event, all those conspiracy theories will go on and on. Conspiracy theories did go on and on and on. But eventually, that presidential review board you heard Tom Pettit talking about there, eventually, that board did come together to review what he called that super-secret material that was deemed too sensitive to national security to be made public.

That review board of course only fueled the conspiracy theories even further. The National Archives is legally obligated to release the last of those secret documents by a specific deadline and that deadline is tomorrow.

How much and what type of documents are these going to be? How hard is it going to be to go through these documents? And who knows what to look for if anyone? And honestly, given how insane we have been as a country on this subject for more than years now, how crazy are people who are crazy about this subject likely to go tomorrow?

Joining us now is Phillip Shenon. Shenon, thank you very much for being here. Really appreciate your time. I mean, I think it has the potential to be a mess. And that earlier release early this summer was something like documents, pages of material? So, again tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pages.

Did the National Archives have choice in terms of the way they release these things?

meet the press transcript october 25

Could they have released these things in a more staggered or organized or curated way, or does the law require them to just dump it all at once tomorrow? Well, we know that earlier this year, the Archives had talked about releasing all these documents in batches over the course of the year, which would have been a much better way of doing that — certainly for researchers, anybody trying to make sense of this material.

Well, I think a lot of information is going to emerge and again it may take months or years even for us to figure this out entirely. But I think a lot of documents are going to be released tomorrow that will reflect just how much the government knew. You know, immediately after the assassination, those agencies tried to pretend that Oswald was this pure lone wolf who never could have been stopped in his plot to kill the president.

meet the press transcript october 25

The truth seems to be based on documents that have been declassified over the last 50 years, that actually those two agencies knew a lot about Oswald, including the fact that he may have been talking openly about killing the president weeks before the assassination. And the question is, did they bungle that information? Thank you for helping us understand this tonight. But we are starting the sixth week since the storm hit and so people who are dying now in Puerto Rico are not dying because of the strength of the storm.

Of the 51 deaths listed on the official rolls, three of those deaths have been attributed to a treatable infection you get from not having access to running water, from having to rely on open air sources of water like rivers and streams. Leptospirosis has officially claimed three lives in Puerto Rico since the storm. The state epidemiologist for Puerto Rico now says there are at least 76 cases that are being investigated to see if they are Leptospirosis. That includes two deaths confirmed through lab testing and, quote, several other deaths that are pending test results.

We contacted the CDC tonight to try to find out if this disease really is becoming a significant source of mortality on the island because of the lack of running water. But other than that, they told us this, quote: Please contact the Puerto Rico department of health for information.

Well, we reached out to the Puerto Rico Department of Health that we are waiting to hear back. As you might imagine, communications are still tough at this point. One local Puerto Rican paper is reporting today in the more than 70 cases being investigated as possible Lepto, quote, the government still does not consider it an outbreak or an epidemic. But just stick a flag in this, if some or all of these 76 suspected cases of Lepto turn out to be Lepto and fatal cases of it, then the response to this storm will have entered a very serious and bad new phase.

That committee blowing up right now means a significant part of the Russia investigation is blowing up right now.