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meet the press transcript january 31

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So we will work together to explore all options to deliver a high level of ambition for that future trading relationship. And as Premier Li has referred to, later today there will be the inaugural meeting of the new UK China CEO Council which will bring together business leaders and ministers to strengthen trade and economic cooperation. And this includes an agreement to make progress on the lifting of the BSE ban on British beef exports within the next six months, and an agreement to allow exports of a broader range of dairy products from the UK to China.

People-to-people But our societies share broad and deep cultural ties as well and there are already strong links between the people of UK and China, not just between or governments. Today, we have agreed to go even further on our education partnership, including by extending the pioneering Shanghai maths teacher exchange primary school programme for a further two years toand expanding the programme to secondary schools.

Conclusion So the UK and China are global partners for the long term. We are committed to building on our deep and mature ties, to promote global peace and prosperity in the 21st Century. And I look forward, Premier Li, to continuing those discussions. Thank you very much, Premier and Prime Minister. You are here to build on the existing important relationship between the two countries. But Prime Minister, on the journey here, you acknowledge that you and your government have to do more to be convincing.

But as we landed there was more confusion and accusations about Brexit at home. What is it that you plan to do differently, and will you stand up to your critics? And if I may, a question to you both.

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You discussed international threats. Last night, President Trump proclaimed that China was a challenge to America. Prime Minister, do you agree with him?

And Premier Li, how do you respond to that? And we also of course want to ensure, through the work we do to continue to cut the deficit, and to develop a balanced approach to our economy, that we are seeing good jobs being created.

Unemployment is at its lowest level since the s. And if you talk about the role of China, what we have been discussing here is the excellent relations that we have with our golden era of UK-China relations, but how we can be working together, not just to improving those links between us, which will be of benefit to people in the UK and in China, but also on delivering and working together on some of those global issues, such as North Korea and other issues like modern slavery which have an impact around the world.

China has been committed to upholding global peace and developing normal state-to-state relations with the rest of the international community. And to promoting enduring peace and stability in the world. And that is the principle China has followed in developing international relations. As for the United States, I want to say that we always have eyes on the common interests between China and the United States. Steady growth of the China-US relationship is in the interests of the two countries, which are the largest developing and developed countries in the world.

It is also in the interests of the world. China hopes that the United States will work with us and continue to view this relationship in a positive overall perspective, expand common interests and properly manage the possible differences between the two countries, so that even if there are differences and disagreements, the overall positive side of the relationship will always prevail, and serve the steady growth of this bilateral relationship. I believe that is also the interest of China-UK relations, and the overall international relationship as well as global peace.

The first one is for Premier Li. I understand a series of cooperation agreements have been signed during the visit, showing the bright prospects of our business ties. At the same time, we are also witnessing rising protectionism and isolationism, so I want to ask what measures will China and the UK take to boost globalisation and free trade?

And what roles do you think the two countries can play? A question for Prime Minister May. Brexit, to be honest, is not just an issue of interest for the British public but also for the Chinese people.

We both believe that we need to see adjustments to the rules concerned in the course of globalisation. We also need to work to expand trade between our two countries as well as mutual investment. China is a major agricultural country. We have sufficient supply in the domestic market from our own sources, but we would like to give the Chinese consumers more options in accessing higher quality agricultural products, hence we are prepared to buy more from the UK in terms of agricultural produce.

Eventually, I believe it is of mutual benefit. When we look at the trade ties from a historical perspective and from a broader perspective, any business behaviour or acts on the market, as long as it follows the market principles, we believe overall it brings more benefits and delivers benefits to future generations too.

Prime Minister's press conference with Premier Li: 31 January 2018

For the BBC journalist who asked about China-US relations, likewise, I hope as I said before, we hope there will be objective perspective taken on China US ties, and when we take such a perspective in viewing different issues, in viewing market developments, issues that may have arisen between our two countries, and if we take positive steps to address them it will be a process of delivering benefits to both.

It is in such a spirit that we have been expanding our trade, working together with the British side, and we will continue to encourage competitive Chinese companies to invest in the UK too. In our discussions, I said to Prime Minister May that there has been such a view, saying that the Chinese government was imposing controls on the outflow of capital when there were fluctuations in RMB exchange rates, and I said to the Prime Minister that this is not true, and nor should we take such measures to block the normal flow of money or capital.

What I could — we could talk about our enhancements at the border itself.

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We could talk about virtual walls. We could talk about — TODD: I think it is an incredible — TODD: Chuck Schumer is not for the wall either, but he offered it. I think he did talk about solar panels. Maybe he will put solar panels. Joe Crowley, I will leave it there. I was trying to leave, you know, got to leave laughing a little bit. Joe Crowley, Democrat from New York, thanks for coming on, sir.

meet the press transcript january 31

I appreciate your sharing of views. Up ahead, the latest on the train wreck in Virginia. He will not have to battle for his freedom a second time and for a Senate seat at the same time.

The Justice Department will not retry Menendez on corruption charges that end in a hung jury last fall. Prosecutors filed a motion today to throw out the case after a judge threw out some of the counts last week. There was a time DOJ was going to retry him. Menendez was originally charged with trading political influence for gifts and campaign donations from a Florida eye doctor. Menendez tweeted this afternoon after decision, I never wavered in my innocence and my belief justice would prevail.

The move may keep perspective primary challengers from jumping into this race because that is really what Menendez probably had to fear the most. House and Senate Republicans were on their way to a retreat in West Virginia today when the chartered train they were on collided with a garbage truck just outside of Charlottesville.

One person who is in the truck died. No major injuries were sustained by lawmakers aboard the train. Many of whom assisted with the injured at the crash site. Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis was briefly hospitalized with a concussion, but his official Twitter account posted this hour that he has been released and has joined the retreat. Joining me now is our own Tom Costello, of course, covers transportation for us.

All right, Tom, give us the basics here. Human error, technical error, what do we think happened? What have we been able to recreate here? Well, listen, first of all, federal investigators are on the scene from the federal railroad administration and the NTSB and Amtrak has their own investigators on the scene. Witnesses said that the crossing guards, those arms that come down, and the lights were functioning.

Because the train always has the right- of-way. There is some initial reporting from the scene from witnesses who were suggesting that this trash truck may have been trying to beat the train.

And as we know, boy, that is a deadly mistake. I mean, we have people dying every year in motor vehicle crashes with trains, and we have about people injured every year just in motor vehicle train accidents. The trouble is, according to federal investigators, almost always it is somebody in a hurry trying to get across the tracks and they misjudge how fast that train is going.

It is probably going at about 55 miles per hour and at that speed, it takes about half a mile to a mile to stop in the emergency mode.

What kind of — you know, obviously the technology and how we gather information at crash sites only gets better all the time. Are there cameras on the front of the train? Are there cameras at the crossing guard — at the cross lights? Are we going to be able to have video evidence to put this together? Is it going to have to be sort of an old style recreation?

meet the press transcript january 31

We saw just most recently with the Amtrak crash up there outside of Seattle. Yes, Amtrak does have cameras on the cab, outward facing as well as inward facing so if there were ever any question about whether an engineer was distracted or what have you, that does not appear to be the case here, right? The train had the right-of-way and it appears this garbage truck was on the tracks, so we should or they should have a pretty good sense of what happened pretty quickly.

I will say that there has been this push nationwide to put in quad gates. In other words, instead of just one crossing arm that comes down, you want four. So they cover both lanes on both sides. And obviously doing it that way would stop them. Well, this should be good reminder.

meet the press transcript january 31

It is almost always fatal and is always stupid, yes. Tom Costello, thank you very much. Up ahead, we all heard of the state of the union last night, but how about the state of our states? Actually enjoyed doing this every year. It is always fascinating to note the themes that emerge from the speeches. One theme this year from Democrats at least was opposition to President Trump. Hawaii will not stand for the hateful and hurtful policies of the Trump White House.

When President Trump announced a plan to open our coastline to drill for oil, we, the people of Rhode Island, stood up and said not on our watch. Another theme from these governors, the need for civility in politics. Compromise is not capitulation. Rather it is a necessary process in representative government. But as always, one idea came through loud and strong.

meet the press transcript january 31

The state of our state is strong. Our state is strong.

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Our commonwealth is strong. The state of the state is strong. And that our future is as bright as the sun over the gulf. Well, bless your heart. Republicans made the decision not really to work with Obama. John Boehner still got punished. John Boehner did not work with Obama. But conservatives thought he did, too much.

Well, you know, it really boils down to one thing, Chuck, and that is — and I have heard some Democrats say this, that the DACA issue is such a principled issue for them, that they are willing to go up, charge up that hill to try to take that particular hill in that battle. And I say go ahead and do it. You know, there are some times I wish Republicans have done during the Obama years on health care, for example, where there were things that could have been done if they had just put a bill out there to sort of compete with.

They are trying to get a bill in such a way that they can go back to their base and say we made the case, we did the fight. And even the president slid off the wall a little bit, so that is giving them a little bit of wiggle room and redefinition of that. But if they principally believe in it, charge up that hill. Ruth, what do you think here? Now, maybe he is right and it is a cynical move, but that shows you where we are in this debate and how intractable it is.

And, I mean, but to your point, the democratic base that is now seized with the DACA issue is not going to accept some sort of half measure. And it was this. The short answer is this. He needed to be punished, change his behavior, and understand why his actions were wrong.

The young woman needed to be able to thrive and feel safe. I though both could happen without him losing his job.

Ruth, what do you think?