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York City aim to bounce back after consecutive defeats to Boston and Harrogate Town with a home game against a Brackley team, who have failed to. Meet the Press is the audio from the popular NBC Sunday morning show with host Chuck Todd. NBC's Meet the Press is the longest running show on television . Meet the Press generates more Monday morning headlines than any other public affairs program. Since President Kennedy, every man who has occupied the.

But the presence of U. If Moon were to agree to any sign pointing toward a U.

meet the press live blog

North Korea meanwhile may have gotten two of of most important things on a decades-long wish list: Regime security and putting an end to U. Trump shake hands during a meeting at the White House in Washington in this May 22, file photo. He also committed to fully working to implement the agreement "in its entirety. Trump suggests he will halt joint military exercises with South Korea In the interview with Stephanopoulos, Trump suggested that he will stop the joint military exercises, or so-called war games.

President Trump tells GStephanopoulos "I wanted to stop the war games, I thought they were very provocative, but I also think they're very expensive," when asked if he discussed pulling U.

A look back at the big moments The summit itself may have come to a close but the images of the landmark meeting of the minds will undoubtedly make their way into the history books. Here's a roundup of some of the most iconic moments from the summit.

Trump goes face to face with Kim in historic summit with North Korea 5: Trump talks human rights concerns During his news conference after the summit, Trump was asked by ABC News chief White House correspondent Jon Karl whether he still believes what he said during the State of the Union address, when Trump said North Korea has more brutally oppressed its people than any other regime on earth.

I mean knowing what the main purpose of what we were doing is -- de-nuking -- but discussed it in pretty good length. We'll be doing something on it. Outside of the nuclear situation, one of the primary topics," Trump said. Play 'It's rough over there: I do trust him," Trump said.

Play Read the full article on the interview here. Trump's highlight reel Trump's first tweet since the start of the summit featured a compilation video showing highlights of the summit. Trump realDonaldTrump June 12, Trump posted the video without comment, but he's also slated to speak shortly in a news conference. More to come ABC pic. Sneaking a peek at the document Even though Trump and Kim have yet to disclose what exactly was in the document that they signed or how they reached any agreements, Trump did hold the document up after signing it and a careful examination of the photo allows eagle-eyed viewers to read the full text.

The leaders also committed "to establish new U. Just before the signatures, the document concludes by saying that Trump and Kim "have committed to cooperate for the development of new U. Behind the scenes shots of the departure White House press secretary Sarah Sanders shared pictures of the final moments that Trump and Kim spent together, showing the two leaders walking down the stairs together.

What to look for in the communique Tom Bossert, an ABC News contributor and former Homeland Security adviser for the Trump administration, laid out some of the biggest goals of the communique that the president and Kim were expected to sign at the end of today's summit.

meet the press live blog

They were shown signing a document, but neither immediately revealed the details of what the document contained. Bossert said on ABC News' live stream that there are some key words that he hopes are included in the communique. I think that'll be the first key. And from there, the questions about how they may or may not define that term and whether they include other regional partner concerns.

Those are my three big questions as I look at that communique today," Bossert said. Bossert said another factor that he will be looking for is "whether biological and chemical weapons end up in that communique in any regard, that's something the United States went in hoping to get. Trump's take on Kim In their final moments standing side by side, Trump gave some final comments about his new acquaintance.

I also learned he loves his country very much," Trump said in English as Kim stood beside him. Play Trump calls Kim Jong Un 'a worthy negotiator' Trump called the North Korean dictator "a very worthy, smart negotiator, absolutely.

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We learned a lot about each other and our countries. We'll meet many times. A joint signing of an undisclosed "important" document President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reappeared together to sign what Trump called "a very important document" though did not disclose what it was exactly. He called it "a pretty comprehensive document. Kim then spoke through a translator, saying, "Today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind.

Trump also suggested that the changes will not be limited to the U. He went on to say that he and Kim have "developed a very special bond" and that they spent "a lot of time together today, very intensive time.

When asked by a member of the gathered press whether he would invite Kim to the White House, Trump said, "absolutely, I will.

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A moment "most Koreans would never have imagined" While the political fallout of the Trump-Kim meeting will unfold in the coming days and weeks, the moment when the leaders shook hands had an immediate impact on many. Nightline co-anchor Juju Chang spoke during ABC News' live coverage of the summit, detailing her own family history and giving some perspective on the historic nature of today's events.

My parents were war refugees. But my family story is not unusual. Every Korean family I know has suffered some huge loss or upheaval because of the Korean War so these historic images are images that most Koreans would never have imagined would have transpired so quickly," she said.

Watch the clip here. Trump touts "top-of-the-line" meeting The two leaders emerged from their working lunch and walked to a different part of the resort, with Trump speaking briefly to gathered reporters. I think better than anybody could have expected, top of the line, really good," Trump said of their meetings.

He went on to say "we are going right now for a signing," though did not disclose what kind of document he was referencing. They were walking by themselves, at first, before being joined by translators and aides after speaking to the reporters.

The one woman at the table The pictures of the bilateral meeting between Trump and Kim showed that of the 10 people at the conference table, only one was a woman. Other women were reportedly in attendance at the later working luncheon, including White House press secretary Sarah Sanders from the U.

Sanders shared some behind-the-scenes footage earlier in the morning of advisers waiting for the one-on-one meeting to wrap up, and while Sanders isn't pictured, two other women who are believed to be members of the North Korean delegation are shown. According to Moon's office, the president watched the handshake live before starting a Cabinet meeting.

meet the press live blog

Kim's message to Trump, and the world A clear translation of what Kim said at the opening of the expanded bilateral talks shows that the North Korean leader is ready to concede that there have been "mistakes" in his country's past relationship with the U. The gathered media were only in the room for a few moments before leaving, so no further details about what the leaders said have yet to be released.

How it's playing at home U. Peter King of New York who called it a "truly historic moment" on Twitter. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue.

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Give petty partisanship a rest at least for awhile," he wrote. Give petty partisanship a rest at least for awhile. Johnny Isakson of Georgia wished Trump well in the now-ongoing negotiations. I wish President Trump well as discussions with North Korea's leaders begin shortly," he tweeted.

Today could mark a crucial moment in the global push to resolve the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

meet the press live blog

I wish President Trump well as discussions with North Korea's leaders begin shortly. Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, wrote that she is "not a fan of our flags side by side, as any sort of equals.

See how the deal is playing in the updates below: But what about the House? A similar bill would likely pass there, but Speaker Paul Ryan has shown no enthusiasm in putting one up for a vote. If the Senate does advance a bill, he will be under an enormous amount of pressure from Democrats and perhaps the public, which in poll after poll has shown it does not want to see Dreamers deported. But relying on Ryan to cave is not necessarily where Democrats wanted to be at this stage.

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Did Democrats Get Hosed or Not? But there are more optimistic takes out there: Case for the D deal: Their GOP doesn't do it. If it passes, that's good for Ds too. I understand the concerns of immigration activists, but this doesn't sound like a surrender, unless I'm missing something — Paul Krugman paulkrugman January 22, Schumer Makes It Official We will vote today to reopen the government, to continue negotiating a global agreement, with the commitment that, if an agreement is not reached by Feb 8th, the Senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with DACA.

And now there is a real pathway to get a bill on the floor and through the Senate. It is a good solution and I will vote for it.

meet the press live blog

Let the Democratic Recriminations Begin! Another aide to a Senate Dem tells me taking this deal would mean they "miscalculated beyond belief.

Intra-Party Tensions on Both Sides As the Senate prepares for another vote to end or continue the government shutdown, the prevailing mood of partisanship disguises some significant intra-party tensions. Mitch McConnell would need at least six more to get the 60 votes needed to end a Democratic filibuster and reopen the government.