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Minister Louis Farrakhan - In His Own Words

meet the press farrakhan

Part 1 of Interview: Minister Louis Farrakhan on Meet The Press. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has long expressed anti-Semitic and anti-white rhetoric. He is a frequent Meet The Press interview, 10/18/ Last year, for example, Minister Louis Farrakhan was named by Time At last, however, on the April 13 "Meet the Press," he met a journalist.

We should not be under that kind of control You are wicked deceivers of the American people. You have sucked their blood. You are not real Jews, those of you that are not real Jews. You are the synagogue of Satan, and you have wrapped your tentacles around the U. But I warn you in the name of Allah, you would be wise to leave me alone.

But if you choose to crucify me, know that Allah will crucify you. Who depicted Black people? Who writes the books? Who writes the plays, the songs that make us look less than human? Do you mean to tell me that Jews have never done any evil to Black people? Were they not involved in the slave trade? And I believe that has fallen on me. And sometimes, we have to raise the question, 'Are you more loyal to the state of Israel than you are to the best interests of the United States of America.

meet the press farrakhan

I think we need to look deeper into this than just what appears on the surface. Don't be afraid of their power, Mr. No one asks why they would do such a thing. Why would they do such a thing? What has driven them to this point? That's what the UN, the U. You say Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Yes, they did, but what were the forces that created in Japan the desire or the need to force them to attack America? You don't know that. But when America went to war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, she had to borrow money.

There were the international bankers again. They financed all sides. The following text is excerpted from the interview.


But who will open the door and sit down and talk to him? Jack Kemp, last night, said it's impossible to sit down with you because of things you've said.

Louis Farrakhan Calls President Trump Anomaly Criticizes Foreign Policy

Are you trying to reach out and play a role in the Republican Party? First, let me say that when men of high political standing say that it is impossible to sit down with Farrakhan because of the things he has said, should I then say, "It is impossible to sit down with white people for the things that they have done?

meet the press farrakhan

So, if there's going to be some meeting of the minds, intelligent people should sit down and not give me pre-conditions, but sit down and talk about the future of this nation and the future of suffering people in America. In preparing for this interview I read the literature that your organization puts out and publishes This is your newspaper The Final Callwhich comes out once a month, and on the back page The first is in terms of territory, and you'll see, "Since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality, we believe our contributions to this land and the suffering forced upon us by white America justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own.

meet the press farrakhan

First, the program starts with number one. That is number four. The first part of that program is that we want freedom, a full and complete freedom. The second is, we want justice. We want equal justice under the law, and we want justice applied equally to all, regardless of race or class or color. And the third is that we want equality. We want equal membership in society with the best in civilized society.

If we can get that within the political, economic, social system of America, there's no need for point number four.

Why did Barack Obama meet with Louis Farrakhan in 2005?

But if we cannot get along in peace after giving America years of our service and sweat and labor, then, of course, separation would be the solution to our race problem. You told The Washington Times a few years ago, "We have no hope that we can effect true reconciliation between blacks and whites in this country. The answer, ultimately, is going to be separation. It appears that way. America, right now, is faced with the same problem that it faced in the s with Abraham Lincoln.

You have a country, a great nation, but it is divided. So, at that time it was North and South, and in the middle of that divide was the question, "What are we going to do with slavery? Last year you gave an interview to Henry Louis Gates, a professor from Harvard, in New Yorker magazine where he asked you whether you still subscribe to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad on Yakub, a Black scientist who 6, years ago created the white man, and that by the end of the 20th century, a spaceship will come and rain down upon white people and people who don't embrace Islam.

Do you subscribe to the teachings of Yakub, that Yakub, the black scientist, created the white man? I subscribe to every word that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us. You know, it's not unreal to believe that white people-who genetically cannot produce yellow, brown or black-had a Black origin.

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The scholars and scientists of this world agree that the origin of man and mankind started in Africa and that the first parent of the world was black. For example, if a member of the CBC other than the chair of the caucus at the time asked for the photo to be suppressed, that is a request that should be attributed to that member, not the caucus at-large.

However, sometimes there are unexpected guests. For example, if a member of the caucus has a meeting with someone on the day of the lunch that he or she wants the caucus to meet e.

He declined to comment. So that leaves two questions: Was Farrakhan formally invited to the CBC, and what does it say about black politicians and the Jewish community? The likelihood is that he was invited: He was with a substantial retinue and the logistics of schlepping all those folks around Capitol Hill just to say hello for the informal first minutes of a weekly CBC get-together seems unlikely.

It also seems likely, given the timing of the meeting and the presence of Wilson, that Farrakhan was invited to discuss marking the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Was it the CBC as a group? Was it Rangel, McKinney, Obama or another unidentified member acting on his or her own? Farrakhan may have gravitated to the emerging political star to say hello, Muhammad was in the right place and time, a snapshot ensues.

Rangel, during his long service as a House member from Harlem, was a go-to congressman for Jews from his city.