Meet the president dubstep song

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meet the president dubstep song

Скачивайте на телефон все песни «DUBSTEP GUN SONG» бесплатно в MP3 . Dubstep Gun - Saints Row IV OST - Meet the President - Dubstep Gun Song. "Home Bass" brings underground dubstep to Rose Music Hall many as last year says Andrew James who has been the president of MEMO since last spring. surge in popularity as pop songs are beginning to incorporate elements of opportunities to have conversations and meet one another he says. Top Scout Mcmillan Songs, according to lastfm api stats. Polyhymnia (Saints Row IV) (DubStep Gun Song · Love in Overtime Meet the President ·

You do have those wobbles, every now and then. You had just turned 21 when your debut album came out. You're a bit older now. Does that give you a different perspective on things? With my first record, I was still a student going out clubbing for the first time, falling in love for the first time, being let off the leash, really.

Now, I am in a place where I have to take responsibility for myself — for my relationships. I've had lots of ups and downs. I certainly have a few things I want to talk about on the new album. Also, I wanted to experiment — try new ideas. There was a lot to delve into. Several songs were co-written with Guy Chambers, aka Robbie Williams' wingman.

Coming from an underground dance background was it a concern that hooking up with the guy partly responsible for Let Me Entertain You might damage your cred? Nobody goes to Guy Chambers looking to enhance their cool factor.

Well, he's responsible for some amazing songs — some genuine classics. I knew I could learn a lot. The way I work with Guy was the way I worked with producers on my first album. Someone will give me an instrumental and I will write over it — it's always been the same, really. The process doesn't change for me. Collaborating is quite an intimate experience, I'm told.

Did you fret you and Guy might not gel? I definitely made an effort to impress. I combed my hair, shined my shoes, before going down to his studio at Primrose Hill.

The first time you meet someone is going to be strange obviously.

Top "Scout Mcmillan" Songs

I ended up writing one of the most personal songs on the record with him. What I've discovered is that the more emotion you show, the better the results tend to be. You became famous relatively quickly.

Did you enjoy the rapid transition? It was extremely weird. I was signed to an underground label. Starting out, I performed with dubstep DJs and earned a little from that. To go from there into the charts, was more than I ever expected.

It's a completely different environment. I was extremely self conscious and found it difficult.

meet the president dubstep song

Now I'm totally chilled about the whole thing. I used to dread interviews. Strangely, these pairings really work.

The album's end result is a set of eleven tracks that don't pander to either genre's affectations and instead meld into one loud, aggressive, angry rager. Heavy, scratchy bass grounds the band's token drum-kit and undercuts Davis' signiature vocals. The shrill computer-made melodies mirror the onslaught of guitars too. There's a weird understated balance to the whole thing that stems from a combination of production know-how and solidarity in the underground.

The mutual sense of rage may have something to do with it too. Hive talked with Davis about his introduction to dubstep, working with Skrillex, why new rock sucks, and the Illuminati conspiracy controlling the government.

Same song, two names? (Dubstep gun track) :: Saints Row IV General Discussions

You're currently on tour for your upcoming album -- how is that going? It's going really, really well. We're doing something different with this tour. We're doing three different sets. We start out with rarities that we never really play live for the old-school Korn fans.

They lose their shit when they hear that. And then we go into our dub set for five songs off the new album. Then we do a set of our hits. The crowd seems to like it. You can tell they were nervous because they think they're not supposed to like it because it's electronic. But then, during the show, they like it. They don't really understand dubstep but then they relate to it because it's heavy and dark but not techno.

They're like, "This isn't gay techno music. This is something different. So, we're bringing something new to them with this. What made you want to work with dubstep producers and how did you get involved with the ones featured on The Path of Totality?

They want you to be you. I've been DJing at bars, clubs, and my own shows for years. I've been a fan of dubstep since I started listening to it in It was right before Sonny Skrillex 's album dropped that I called him and heard a track off of it. I was like, "Oh my god. This would totally work with what we do. Would you be into doing something?

We need you!

We decided to experiment for the fun of it and to see what would happen. When Skrillex first came out we did a few songs with him.

meet the president dubstep song

We did "Get Up" which we finished in like three and a half hours. Then we did two more with him. There was no real effort with him because he had been in a band before called From First to Last and had been playing guitars since he was super young. He understood the concept of making a song in a traditional song-structured way. Then I worked with the other guys, like Excision. Excision is one of the biggest dubstep guys in North America and is heavily metal-sounding too.

The bass is really distorted and heavy. We worked with them next and they were deer caught in headlights 'cause this was totally new. We jammed stuff out with them until we came up with an idea and then we worked on it until we got it right. The only goal was to keep the integrity of the dubstep and drum-n-bass producers and also keep the integrity of what we do.

To find a balance that was still true to both of us and actually worked. It was the hardest album I ever did. We were working eighteen-hours a day on these things.

meet the president dubstep song

It was our trailblazing again. Like Follow the Leader all over again. What are your thoughts on dubstep taking on this metal role via these kind of artists?

It's like some dubstep is the new nu-metal. Bands are starting to work with dubstep producers to help them out with their songs now but I'm not sure how good the end product will be. We're the first to make a record out of it in this way but we've also been working with the best. The fact that we got Noisia was huge for us.

They're top of their game and considered gods as far as producing. Even the fact that they even considered working with us blew up the cred of this record ten times.

Working with Feed Me and Kill the Noise too -- back in the drum-n-bass days they had this super-group of guys doing it. Basically we got all these amazing guys that are the best at what they do. Do you think that Korn fans will actually crossover into being dubstep fans though? I think we did that with Follow the Leader too.

Hip-hop was blowing up at that time. Now it's all commercialized so this is kind of the new hip-hop in that sense. It was about being street and being underground and having skills. These guys, all the shows they do, the underground shows.

You know, Skrillex for example, he does so much for the scene. People say he killed the genre, others say he made it huge. He has a lot of haters but he's got a lot of people who love him too. There are always purists. It's like all the purist metal-heads that said we were really rock when we came out. Trailblazers of any kind of music are going to get that flack. People are going to want to hold on the past.

This is the future; it's the new hip-hop, it's the new metal, it's the new everything. Have you ever been to a dubstep show?

So you know how the crowds are. Metal shows are all hate, like, "I'm going to fuck you up in the mosh pit. They rage harder than metal fans.

Saints Row IV OST - Meet the President / Dubstep Gun Song

That crowd went ten times harder than any metal crowd I've seen in my life. And Nero are soft dubstep, they're pop dubstep. I actually got to meet them after the show back stage and said I was a huge fan. They said they were huge Korn fans. I don't understand why. I was like, "You've gotta be fucking kidding me. I watched the show from the stage and it was like watching an old Gary Numan show. The way the whole production was set up. It was just so cool. Kids are picking up on it now because they've never seen anything like that before.

I'm forty years old, I saw Gary Numan do the '80s and all the other acts from back then. How cool music was back then. This felt fresh and cool like the '80s.

There are so many different sub-genres and shit going on. You recently told Rolling Stone that newer rock sucks because it all follows a certain cookie-cutter format. Can you expand on that? Every single year everything is just so played out. Every single radio station playing the same songs with the same front-men trying to sing the same shit. It's their labels that push them to be that way to sell records. They force them to do that. With dance music labels, things are different.

They're not pushing you. They love you for your music and aren't trying to conform for radio or anything else. It's on some punk-rock shit. At a rock show, I'm bored to death. I've done it for nineteen years and now it just bores me. I just like different stuff to keep me interested in the music.

I know that life is different for you now -- you're sober and you have kids -- so how do you maintain this intensely aggro sound? It's just different and I just grew up.

meet the president dubstep song

I've gotten over all those people who called me a faggot in high school.