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It's and Alice Payne is the notorious highway robber, the Holy Ghost. When we meet her, Alice Payne is a notorious highwaywoman in England, Our other main character is Major Prudence Zuniga, a time traveling. Now we have Alice Payne Arrives, out of Publishing's time travel and worldbuilding aside, Alice Payne Arrives' characters are what. Meets. ice. or. The. Wizard. of. Wonderland. Comedy/Adventure. By Joseph Robinette. Based on the musical by Joseph Robinette and Karl Jurtnan. Cast 11 .

I did a shit ton of research back in the day for a paper on female criminals, including highway robbers. Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to track down solid information about highwaywomen. However, there is the notorious legend of The Wicked Lady that still remains.

Katherine Ferrers, originally an heiress, was alleged to have turned to highway robbery to supplement her income after her husband passed away. I find these stories incredibly fascinating, because they are in the forefront. Rather than being the typical decoys for their companions on the road.

Stepping outside of the domestic stereotype norms, especially back then. So needless to say, I was pretty fucking excited to read this when it arrived! I did struggle early on with bouncing back and forth between the multiple timelines and different POV's. I felt like I would just start to grasp what was happening in one century, then it would jump to another one. This is a short novella, so it wasn't always the easiest to follow. There is a timeline at the back of the book which I appreciate while writing this review, although I wish it was incorporated at the beginning without spoiling too much.

This was well-written and had some wonderfully bonkers moments.

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I'm hoping the sequel will expand upon the story and give the badass Prudence more time to develop. Alice Payne Arrives is definitely a book that will tick all the boxes for many people! Thank you to Tor. Her return appearance in the episode " A Surprise for the Paynes ".

Her first appearance in the episode " A Surprise for the Paynes ". She begins to live with Curtis and Ella after encountering her in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Kendrick.

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She has two young kids, Kenny and Lynn. Her first appearance in the episode " Revelations of Payne ". He works at the laundromat and was amused when his relatives bought the dump. He often butts heads with Curtis, but comes to see him as family and reaches common ground with him.

His first appearance in the episode " Revelations of Payne ".

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He is somewhat disrespectful to adults and butts heads with Curtis at times but begins to warm up to him. His first appearance in the episode " Cleaning Up the Payne ". Like Kenny, she also butts heads with Curtis but also warms up to him as well.

Her first appearance in the episode " Cleaning Up the Payne ". Dalton - The head contractor who Ella hires to repair the laundromat. In the episode " Keep the Payne Away ", he has an instant attraction to Nyla.