Meet the parents operation

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meet the parents operation

to marry Pam, or at least did want to until he met her parents. Pam Byrnes Short for “covert operation,” which is a term that describes secret missions. You may remember “Operation Koh Samui” from that scene at the end of Meet the Parents when Ben Stiller gets kicked out of the house, right. Meet the Parents () Goofs on IMDb: Mistakes, Errors in geography, Jack presumably has some experience in pulling together complex operations.

At night the temperature would drop down to the low teens, and the lack of heat, electricity, and hot water made the bitter cold inside my mud made house painfully uncomfortable, even under several layers of locally made alpaca sweaters.

Waking up to an open window, a freezing room, and a mild case of hypothermia, I headed down to the local hospital, a one room tiled hut adjacent to the church at one end of town. The doctor laid me down and proceeded to use the ancient Incan language Quechua to chant healing prayers while rolling an egg back and forth on my forehead.

My world tour of remote location hospitals continued yesterday. Un Fortunately, no ancient prayer or medieval medicine was practiced this time. Simply a quick flip on my stomach and the Thai-nurse-version of Brian McNamee greeted my backside with a steroid injection.

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The young Thai nurse administering the shot giggled the entire time as I gave a little yelp at the pain of the unexpected pinch. Perhaps it was just the fact that no rear end as white as the full moon which they celebrate monthly has ever been exposed in that hospital. Either way, it was amusingly unprofessional. I slept in for the next 18 hours while Jeff and Steve spent the day at the beach.

After awakening from hibernation and feeling a hundred times better, I found Jeff and Steve and we headed to the local stadium to watch a Muay Thai boxing match.

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Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is basically their version of mixed martial arts. Blood is often spilled before each fight is over, usually by knockout.

We sat ringside among the rowdy island people who bet on every match. In one, Jeff bet on the clear blue corner favorite against a mustached local and, as the local betting population got rowdier, we were all, Jeff included, relieved when Jeff's fighter didn't win.

Every night there are also "Special Fights" which may include such matches as young children, Little People and a blindfolded free-for-all with many contestants.

meet the parents operation

On our night they had a match between two girls and a match between a local champion and a British guy named Tim. While the bathroom attendants in Cambodia gave a very awkward yet relaxing shoulder massage while we stood at the urinals, the bathroom attendants at Chaweng Beach Stadium on Koh Samui, Thailand took it to the extreme. But here's the catch.

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Alas, the fur flies as Jack Byrnes, Pam's cat-crazy, ex-CIA father takes an immediate dislike to her less-than-truthful beau. Greg's quest for approval gets seriously sidetracked as Murphy's Law takes over and a string of mishaps turns him into a master of disaster and total pariah in the eyes of the entire family.

meet the parents operation

However, he discovers that Pam's father, Jack prefers to be asked for his daughter's hand in marriage before the proposal. Greg and Pam take a visit to the Burns home, so that Greg can secretly ask Pam's father for his daughters hand in marriage, before proposing. Jack was a former agent of the CIA, and through his own experience dislikes Greg very much.

Greg, must now try to win back Jack's trust and liking, through a visit that just cant be any worse.

meet the parents operation

Through all his efforts of trying to befriend Jack, Greg ends up losing Jack's rare cat, giving Pam's sister a black eye, and lightings the Burns's garden on fire - just to name a few! Synopsis It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. Be the first to contribute!