Meet the nez perce

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meet the nez perce

The Nez Perce Indians lived in scattered villages in the Plains west of the Rocky Twisted Hair and other chiefs met for council with Clark and with Meriwether. He recorded in his journal that he had met the “Chopunnish or Most of the Nez Perce were excited by the explorers' eagerness to trade rare. The Nez Perce Reservation rests in north central Idaho surrounded by the Nez Perce Tribe was the largest tribe the Expedition met and more.

Joseph's famous surrender oration was recorded and translated as follows: Our chiefs are killed The old men are all killed It is cold and we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills and have no blankets, no food; no one knows where they are, perhaps freezing to death.

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I want time to look for my children and see how many of them I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead.

meet the nez perce

Hear me, my chiefs, I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. The Treaty of reduced that to 7. Nez Perce was the name given them by French Canadian fur trappers in the 18th century. Certain names stand out. Chief Joseph is known for his involvement in the Nez Perce War ofthe longest and final Indian war in the region. Hattie Kauffman is a contemporary woman with many years broadcasting on CBS national television, first on Good Morning America, then The Early Show which brought her in contact with worldwide leaders.

Mary Jane Miles, an ordained Presbyterian Minister, serves on the tribal executive committee. Jake Whiteplume is the Horse Coordinator for the tribe. We want to adhere to the highly selective breeding practices we were known for, going back in time.

meet the nez perce

We push our tribal members to get an education to help their family, themselves, and the tribe. We now have doctors, lawyers, directors, managers and executives who are enrolled Nez Perce.

meet the nez perce

I am very proud of each and every one of them. The Nez Perce Tribe was the largest tribe the Expedition met and more time was spent with them than any other tribe.

The Nez Perce saved them from death more than once. The Nez Perce helped the Corps learn a new method of making dugouts by burning out the logs. Mural courtesy Weippe Discovery Center.

The Nez Perce - A People in Exile

Later, during the long winter at Fort Clatsop, the lonely men of the Corps waxed nostalgic about their time with these honest and good-looking people.

By the time the Corps returned to Nez Perce territory in May ofeveryone was excited about renewing and deepening the friendship. Lewis and Clark had their work cut out for them. As it turned out, their favoritism towards Twisted Hair back in the fall had led to a falling-out among the Nez Perce chiefs. They had to work to repair the damage before they could start the kind of serious diplomacy, trade, and demonstrations of American might that had been impossible on their first visit.

The Nez Percé War

Nez Perce beaded moccasins. Courtesy Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto. Fortunately, the Nez Perce had their own reasons for wanting to forge a friendship with the Americans. Once that was settled, a round of trading began.

Lewis and Clark needed horses and guides in order to recross the mountains, and the Indians more or less cleaned them out of their remaining trade goods. Beads might have cut it for dried salmon and camas bread, but for valuable horses and services the Nez Perce wanted knives, kettles, blankets, and metal tools.

Because of the lingering snow in the mountains, the Corps stayed among the Nez Perce from early May to late June, plenty of time for visiting, music and dancing, and romance.