Meet the mormons trailer song

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meet the mormons trailer song

Meet the Mormons examines the diverse lives of six members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In theaters October 10th. Watch the trailer. Meet the Mormons. likes · 27 talking about this. A movie about Mormons. When you think Hollywood, you don't normally think of the Mormon Church, but that changed this weekend. The documentary film “Meet the Mormons” — produced by the Edward Snowden Documentary 'Citizenfour's' First Trailer Warns . Eminem Scores Grammy Nomination for Song Where He Sings 'I.

Brother Roberts said they pursued different channels to find the stories and people they featured in the film that would accurately represent the culturally, economically, racially, and geographically diverse population of the Church.

They sent a notice to local Church leaders asking for recommendations and engaged their own personal networks. As head football coach of the U. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Ken Niumatalolo balances the pressures of his high-stress job by putting his family and faith first. He tells his story in the new documentary Meet the Mormons. Jermaine Sullivan, who served as a bishop in the Church, conducts a Church sacrament meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

He now serves as president of the Atlanta Georgia Stake.

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After leaving his village to receive a degree in engineering, Brother Adhikari returned to his home in Nepal with a determination to help improve the living conditions of the area. Dawn Armstrong hugs her son Anthony goodbye as he leaves to serve a mission for the Church.

meet the mormons trailer song

In reality that is the way it happened. The film will also be translated into 10 languages.

meet the mormons trailer song

Net proceeds from the commercial release of the film will be donated to charity. Church leaders have a lot of confidence in their membership, he said. What better way to communicate that than with humor.

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Brother Treu said when people go to a movie they bring their life experiences with them and use them to interpret what they see. Gail Halvorsen, who will turn 94 on the day the film opens, said participating in the project was the experience of a lifetime. The meeting was over, but the missionaries were still there, and they taught him, leading to his acceptance of the gospel.

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After returning home, he married his sweetheart, Mangala, and she eventually joined the Church. They have three children. Today, Brother Adhikari travels to remote villages in the Himalayas to build roads, schools, and water systems.

meet the mormons trailer song

Just hearing his experience captured my attention. I was captivated by that and everything else they taught, and here we are. He was a bishop for six years untilwhen he was released and became president of the Atlanta Georgia Stake.

Working professionally as an academic counselor, he has carried over into his Church service his desire to help people improve their education. As a bishop, he established in the ward a program to help people earn their GED certificate. Although there may be differences, we have to be kind.

meet the mormons trailer song

He is the American pilot whose compassion for a rag-tag group of 30 German children gathered on the other side of barbed wire at a landing base during the Berlin Airlift just after World War II led to his dropping chocolate bars with parachutes from the sky. Because they were so grateful for flour.

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These they gratefully shared as best they could; those who did not get any of the gum were grateful for portions of the wrappers they could sniff and take home to show their parents.

Then, Brother Halvorsen hatched an idea on the spot. He told the children to be at the field and watch for him to wiggle the wings of his aircraft as he returned the next day from delivering food supplies.

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He would drop chocolate bars to them, enough for everyone to have some, if they promised to share. Brother Halvorsen and his buddies pooled their chocolate bar rations and for three straight weeks dropped the candy to the excited children. His fear was realized: But by then, the top brass had heard about his venture, and his early effort eventually expanded to involve other participants, with candy companies and other donors back home in the United States joining in.

Ken Niumatalolo In addition to the foregoing five Latter-day Saints, the movie also profiles Brother Niumatalolo, who was not in town the day the other five were interviewed.

As head football coach of the U.

meet the mormons trailer song