Meet the mormons preview

Meet the Mormons Theatrical Trailer - Meet the Mormons

meet the mormons preview

Meet the Mormons movie reviews & Metacritic score: Meet the Mormons examines the very diverse lives of six devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of. The latest Tweets from Meet the Mormons (@MeetTheMormons). Six ordinary individuals. Six extraordinary stories. Meet the Mormons. likes · 27 talking about this. A movie about Mormons.

Their instructions with a film crew following them around for at least two weeks at a time? Just act natural and be yourselves. No lines to learn, no clever or humorous moments to set up. They were just followed around by a camera crew to live their normal lives. We asked all six and the host of the documentary, stand-up comedian Jenna Kim Jones to take us behind the scenes. We all want the same things. We want to have a good family. We want to be happy.

meet the mormons preview

It gives you some foundation of happiness in your life whether life is good or bad. Be in your casual clothes. Eat popcorn and then settle back and watch the big screen.

As the film opens Jenna is on the streets of Manhattan asking everybody she meets what they know about Mormons or what does Mormon mean?

Meet the Mormons

We saw varied opinions and reactions. Another person volunteered what he knew of Mormons. They had chosen several families and filmed several mission call opens in their search for the best story.

One of those families was Dawn and Craig Armstrong and their missionary son, Anthony. Jeff had left a message a couple of times on their home phone, and in her busy life, Dawn had not picked them up. Then, as if in perfect orchestration, she finally talked to the producer on Saturday and the crew was there in time to see Anthony open his mission call to South Africa Tuesday night. In between time the Armstrongs were interviewed.

Visitors’ Centers Adding Three New “Meet the Mormons” Stories

As if in full circle, the missionaries who taught her the gospel were in attendance the night Anthony opened his mission call to many tears and cheers. We worked on and off with them for 9 months, and at first our part was 45 minutes long until it was cut back to make a finished film. I also had some friends at the airport who said they would get me a pass to go to the gate so I could be with him until the moment he left.

This has to be real. What surprised Dawn was how moved she was by her own story. It was very emotional. My little five-year-old daughter was weeping, too. This wife and mother of two from Costa Rica is the three times winner of the Central American Championship in kickboxing and has won second place in the International Kickboxing Federation. For them, kickboxing is a kind of metaphor for life and living the gospel. In the same way, in our lives, we have the best corner we could have.

The Spirit is in the corner, and if we obey that voice we are going to be OK.

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In marriage, in raising children, when you get cancer or you are alone, never throw in the towel. Just wait for another round. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.

But I am proud of him as a father, and the way he treats my Mom. He really puts us first. He actually puts his role as father and husband ahead of that other title. During its first year, the show was consistently one of the top five best-selling shows on Broadway and set 22 new weekly sales records for the Eugene O'Neill Theater.

The same day, Samantha Marie Ware played Nabulungi on Broadway as the start of a 6-week engagement James was shooting a film in preparation for her tour performance. Henson had previously played the role on the First National Tour. Rouleau and Platt left Broadway in January On February 17,Nic Rouleau announced via Twitter that he would be taking over the role of Elder Price starting on February 23, This will be Rouleau's third time playing the role on Broadway; he previously played the role in Chicago, the Second National Tour, and most recently, the West End.

O'Neill and Rouleau's first performance together was on February 23, On November 7,Nikki Rene Daniels announced she was pregnant with her second child, and would be going on maternity leave.

Later that week, Kim Exum then took over the role of Nabalungi. Breaker was replaced by Billy Eugene Jones. On February 18,after six and a half years with the show, original cast member Nic Rouleau played his final performance as Elder Price. Original cast member Brian Sears also left the production that day. Rouleau was replaced by Dave Thomas Brown.

Originally planned to begin in Decemberproduction was pushed forward four months. Hippensteeltemporarily covered as Elder Price. Bondy continued on as Elder Price until Creel returned from London later in the summer of The two were only leads for six weeks as they waited for replacements to come from the West End Production.

Billy Harrigan Tighe and A. Holmes moved over from the West End production to reprise their roles as Elder's Price and Cunningham, respectively. As part of the tour, the musical was performed in Salt Lake City for the first time at the end of July and early August Chicago — [ edit ] The first replica sit-down production, separate from the tour, began previews on December 11,and officially opened on December 19 of that year, at the Bank of America Theatre in Chicago, Illinois as part of Broadway in Chicago.

The limited engagement closed October 6, and became the second U. Gertner was replaced by one of his stand-by's, A. Holmes, who had previously played Cunningham on both the National Tour and Broadway. Holmes as Elder Cunningham.

meet the mormons preview

On February 1,longtime Broadway stand-by K. Hippensteel officially took over the role as Elder Price in the West End cast. Sears left London to join the Broadway company on February 20th.

Strand's first performance was on January 30th, as he left the West End Company to rejoin the Broadway production. Michael Finley as Elder Cunningham. Finley is coming to the West End production having recently been the stand-by for Elder Cunningham for the Broadway production. Platt never went on tour with the production and Rouleau performed in only a few cities on the tour before they both moved to New York and started rehearsals in preparation of joining the Broadway production. Holmes succeeded Ben Platt as Elder Cunningham.

Cody Jamison Strand then succeeded A. Holmes in the role. He was replaced by former Broadway swing Daxton Bloomquist. On January 3,Larsen completed his final show as Elder Price. Larsen was replaced by his stand-by, Ryan Bondy. Strand left the show to join the West End Production.

Strand was replaced by Conner Pierson on January 3, Clay had been with the tour since Novemberand worked his way up from ensemble, to Elder Price Understudy, and Elder Price Standby, before finally assuming the role. He was replaced by Andy Huntington Jones.

Ryan Bondy and A. Holmes reprised their roles as Elder Price and Elder Cunningham respectively. Price believes if he prays enough, he will be sent to Orlando, Florida for his two-year mission, but he and Elder Arnold Cunningham, an insecure, compulsive liar, are instead sent to Uganda as a pair "Two by Two". Price is sure he is destined to do something incredible, while Cunningham is just happy to follow.

Upon arrival in northern Ugandathe two are robbed by soldiers of a local warlord, General Butt-Fucking Naked. They are welcomed to the village where a group of villagers share their daily reality of living in appalling conditions while being ruled by the General.