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Over the years, Valve has added a lot of new content to keep Team Fortress 2 going. As a result, each class has received a lot of guns, food, and even jars of. For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "How do I What is the console command to use the HD Meet the Team character and. This page is not for general discussion of TF2 or the wiki. TF2 wiki on steam as friends; 50 Serverplugin Page; 51 Weapon Modeling Tutorial section the second entry is a listing about the venus symbol being in the Meet the Pyro video. (PDT): This is not TF2 Outpost, this is the Offical Team Fortress 2 Wiki, and i love it!.

Frying Pan to a Golden Frying Pan? I got the basics down the video recipe if you will but I encountered some issues that maybe you can resolve since you seem to be very experienced with it. Right now I'm trying to do a Pyroland Item Demonstration for the Spycrab since it hasn't been done already. Anyway here is my little list of questions: Is there another command I should use?

meet the models tf2 outpost

Another problem concerns the Pyroland Goggles. I just can't seem to get that Pyroland frame. I did everything I could do in the Advanced options but I just can't get it.

What am I doing wrong? I know how to get the split-screen but how do I apply it in-game, how does it work? In the end, what program should I use to put every recording together and thus creating the final version of the demo?

meet the models tf2 outpost

I know these questions might have painfully obvious answers for you but I'm not very familiar with that sort of thing but I'm willing to get the hang of it since video making is something I'm trying to enjoy. Well not "trying" as in I'm forcing myself to enjoy, of course not I thank you in advance for your answer. Yeah, it's literally impossible to get a good shot of the character just for using the thirdperson cam. All I wish to know is how much damage they do, thank you for your time. After a two year hiatus, the staff have decided it's time to bring back the annual Team Fortress Wiki April Fools, and we'd love it if you could help out.

If interested, join the discussions in IRC and in our improptu organization page.

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I was wondering if you had some tips on how to make good demonstration videos. I'm currently a translator, but thought I may be able to help out as a demonstrator. Now I do have the required stuff to make a demonstration, but it would really help if you had some tips that could maybe make things easier.

Thank you -- Wiki Pan I would recommend the "high quality" videos first. Do you have any video-making experience though? Just throw me a friend request on Steam. The Scout, with the Force-a-Nature, can fire down while double-jumping to triple-jump or just get a bigger second jump. A four-barreled pistol that holds shotgun shells. Happens to the Scout much more easily.

meet the models tf2 outpost

The Shortstop allows the Scout to push enemies away from him, sort of like the Pyro's Compression blast. Using it allows for some great Improv Fuincluding shoving enemies into environmental hazards or simply pushing them out of cover and into where your teammates can find them. Or right in the path of the sentry they were trying to take out. It also causes players to drop the ball in PASS Time without killing them and can separate Medics from their heal patients, making it also a Mundane Solution weapon.

Four barrels for four shots, each shot producing four bullets.

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While obviously not as much as the Spy's Ambassador formerly the subject of the featured quote on that trope's pageit's a pistol with four barrels that unloads them all at once. The Shortstop's shots were intended to slow enemies down on hit, similar to the Heavy's Natascha, but it never worked and was removed entirely.

While this could be said of any gun, the Shortstop shared its ammo with any of the Scout's pistols until the Gun Mettle Update.

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You could just kill your opponent, or you can push them into a much more dangerous situation. It has the damage and pellet count of the Scattergun, the two-shell clip and firing speed of the Force-A-Nature, and instead of extra knock-back, has a faster reload.

It also has a "hype" meter that is built up by dealing damage that is activated with alt-fire and temporarily lets you airjump four times without touching the ground instead of once. The Crit-A-Cola in the grip made more sense when hype gave you mini-crits instead of jumps. He replaced part of a gun with a damn soda can. This page has already been created, Halloween At the corner,there is a scout's leg There are egyptian like hieroglyphs Please consign comments like this to the steam forums.


The page tells about the new MvM map and a boss robot, Mecha-Engineer. It also contains 3 new weapons "Rescue ranger" for engi, "The loose cannon" for demo and "The vaccinator" for medic and a postcard with "Season greetings" written on the upper left corner.

On the postcard there are all nine classes with a reindeer antlers, except pyro, scout and sniper. The Spy and the Demoman have a christmas ornament badge forgot the name of the ornamentthe Spy is also wearing shoulderpads much like the Fancy dress uniform, The hat that scout is wearing, is a lot like "Ye olde baker boy", but with earmuffs.

Both the sniper's and pyro's hats look like ski masks. Balloonicorn has a new reindeer-like skin. The classes are all holding the new festive weapons, from left to right: Furthermore, this page is only for discussion about the content of the main page.

meet the models tf2 outpost

In the trivia section it said that, a Pyro flamethrower named Wrath of Wan Hu would have been part of the Triad Pack, but was replaced by the Huo Long Heater It has been stated by the author of this weapon that it was not a replacement and simply that square enix was monitoring there weapons to which they added, and decided not to add the weapon.

If you didn't read the title, I'm new to this wiki.

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