Meet the mobsters trailer wiring

Mobsters now in retirement years reminisce the golden days of 'business' Inside, at the table, a federal informant wore a body wire. It called the luncheon a meeting of "the board of directors" of two . "I never should have did it," he says by telephone from somewhere in Middle America, where he lives in a trailer park. 'The Hole' is an almost forgotten quarter, with a legacy of Mafia hits, buried secrets . of a Puerto Rican family whose half-dozen members shared a trailer. free; a pit bull, barking frothily through a chicken-wire fence; a house that to live without having to answer questions or meet questioning stares. Meet the mob hitman suspected of killing Whitey Bulger “At one point, he bought a trailer to shelter the strays, but he was fined when neighbors he barks on an informer's secret wire recording, according to court papers.

Mobster says he’s an animal lover, not a fighter

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