Meet the mc gees sextuplets

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meet the mc gees sextuplets

The McGhee Sextuplets. K likes. The McGhees Sextuplets. Mia Shelby and Rozonno McGhee broke the internet when they posted a photo of their sextuplets online. Six years have passed, and they have. Husband and wife Mia and Rozonno McGhee said initially, it was a struggle for them to get pregnant, so they turned to fertility drugs in the hopes of being able to .

This time, the couple were about to receive good news. However, it was way beyond their expectations. Not only was Mia pregnant with twins, she was pregnant with sextuplets! For Mia and Rozonno, having six children at once was certainly going to be an expensive experience.

Meet the McGhee Sextuplets: Stars of 'Six Little McGhees'

Despite the fact that Rozonno had an upholstery and carpet cleaning business, Mia knew that she would need to quit work to care for the sextuplets. All six babies turned out to be fit and healthy, but the real work had only just begun… Hard Work Although they considered all six kids to be an absolute blessing, Mia and Rozonno were overwhelmed by the work that they faced with their newborn sextuplets.

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One example of just how much they had to contend with was the staggering amount of diapers they had to use per day. Regardless of the amount of blood, sweat, and tears they put in, the McGhees were on cloud nine. Kodak Moment Mia and Rozonno wanted to celebrate the huge family they had built in such a short space of time. So they took their sextuplets and had a stunning photo shoot with them.

One of the highlights of the shoot saw Rozonno lying on his belly and all of his kids lying on and around him, with Mia sitting behind them. After sharing the snaps with their friends and family, they eventually shared them with the public, posting them online. Their photo shoot became an absolute viral sensation.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter were full of users posting their reactions and sharing the photos in what can only be described as a domino effect. People were in love with the sextuplets. One particular celebrity also shared their love… Biggest Fan One A-list celebrity that was in love with the sextuplets was Oprah Winfrey.

The TV superstar invited the family to come on her show and bring the story to an even wider audience. Celebrities and brands expressed their support for the family with financial gestures. Oprah even gave them a reality show called Six Little McGhees. However, a huge question loomed over them: Power In Numbers American society loves stories about large families.

For whatever reason, having a lot of kids is an idea that has fascinated people since the dawn of man. The couple is the first in Columbus, Ohio, to have had sextuplets and they were not afraid to share every little detail of their past and present life. On record, there have been about 20 cases of sextuplets being born. The first case can be traced back to October, Sheila and Barry Thomas from Birmingham, England are the first couple known to have had sextuplets.

However, tragedy turned its ugly head when one of their babies died shortly after being born. Another pair died just two weeks later. Still Happy Six years have passed and it turns out that life is still going great for the McGhees.

meet the mc gees sextuplets

The family has only had happiness since they blew up on the internet. They ended up getting a bigger house to cater to their ever-growing needs. The sextuplets also got the privilege of moving to another city, and attending a bigger school, so that they could all study separately.

The McGhee Sextuplets: A Family Built On Love | BlackDoctor

A recreation of the iconic photo was how they did it. This time, it was Rozonno who wore the black shirt, with the sextuplets wearing tank-tops to evoke their purity from the first photo. How exactly though did the parents get their kids to pose so calmly?

meet the mc gees sextuplets

Man Behind The Camera In short, the answer was a technique performed by one man: Friends, family and strangers alike came forward, donating diapers, paying for car seats and offering helping hands. Although the family appreciated the help, they eventually had to begin to turn people away.

meet the mc gees sextuplets

With the birth of the sextuplets, Mia quit her job with Chase to focus on the children, and Ro took a chance and launched his own carpet-cleaning business. Taking advantage of the publicity that the births attracted-which included a reality show, 6 Little McGhees, that ran on the OWN Network from to the business, McGhee Carpet Cleaning, grew as quickly as the family. What began with Ro and a portable cleaning machine has expanded to a handful of employees, two vans and an added venture into janitorial services.

The growth allowed the family to move into a three-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Licking County, where the children can attend a public school with enough kindergarten classrooms to allow each child to be in a separate class, something that was important for their parents. Beginning this year, a camera crew from Figure 8 Films, the production company behind Jon and Kate Plus 8 and several other well-known reality programs, began following the McGhees around about eight hours a day.

They are used to the attention. Ro and Mia have become confident parents over the past five years. On this February afternoon, they're firm but gentle. Mia wrangles the children to the kitchen, where she feeds them a snack.

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All the kids are dressed in matching clothes-the boys in button-down plaid shirts and the girls in pink jumpsuits with white headbands-as a security precaution; if one slips away from the group in a public place, it's easy for adults to figure out where they belong. And Mia stuffs small poof balls into a jar to reinforce good behavior.