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Forum posts related to the TV comedy Meet The Magoons. Meet The Magoons DVD? (8 posts). Most recent post: 26th July Meet the Magoons is a six-part comedy television series in the United . The entire region surrounding the conurbation covers about million people, at the . @BritComedyShop on Twitter - Feed concentrating on DVD release news and . Dissociated vertical deviation (DVD) is a well-recognized type of upward . ; Broniarczyk-Loba ; Magoon ; McCall ; Repka ; Assessment by prism and alternate cover may yield the same data as the .. and not for the unoperated eye, thus not meeting the criteria for the primary.

In the absence of rigorous test retest data for vertical deviations, we elected to use a value of 4 pd or less for success.

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The total deviation measured in this way was the sum of the DVD and any true hypertropia; it is not currently possible to separate these components Tarczy-Hornoch Assessment by prism and alternate cover may yield the same data as the prism under cover test, as long as care is taken to dissociate the participant; therefore we also considered prism and alternative cover test data when prism under cover test data were not available.

Wherever prism and alternate cover test data are used, they must be measured separately fixing right eye and fixing left eye. Secondary outcomes The secondary outcomes we specified for this review were: Total magnitude of hyperdeviation, measured with a prism under cover test or prism and alternative cover test, when prism under cover test data are not available of each eye separately, summed between both eyes.

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When prism and alternate cover test are to be used, they must explicitly be collected fixing right eye and then fixing left eye. Proportion of day duration of misalignment as data are available. Magnitude of simultaneous prism and cover test SPCT of the deviating eye or, if deviating eye not noted, the eye with greatest DVD-type deviation SPCT at either distance or near fixation Magnitude of prism under cover test or prism and alternate cover test of the deviating eye or, if deviating eye not noted, the eye with greatest DVD-type deviation at either distance or near fixation.

For all outcomes, we planned to analyze data at one year postintervention when possible, but in the absence of one-year data we reported any available data. We did not use any date or language restrictions in the electronic searches for trials. We last searched the electronic databases on 3 Augustwith the exception of mRCT which waslast searched 3 Feburary Searching other resources We searched the reference lists of relevant studies to identify any further reports of trials that might be eligible for inclusion in the review.

Two review authors independently assessed the eligibility of each study report based on the inclusion criteria of the review. In case of disagreement between review authors, we consulted a third review author in order to reach final agreement. For studies excluded during full-text screening, we recorded the reason for exclusion in the Characteristics of excluded studies table. We contacted or attempted to contact the study investigators of DuncanUncovskaand Vodickova for missing or unclear data, but we did not receive additional information.

Data extraction and management Two review authors independently extracted data for primary and secondary outcomes using a data collection form developed in collaboration with Cochrane Eyes and Vision. Two review authors recorded study characteristics about methods, participants, and interventions of each included study.

After reaching consensus regarding extracted data, one review author entered the data into RevMan 5. Assessment of risk of bias in included studies Two review authors independently assessed the risk of bias of each included study using the methods described in Chapter 8 of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Higginsas part of the data extraction process. We assessed the following domains: In case of disagreement in bias assessment, we consulted a third review author.

For missing or unclear information, we contacted investigators of DuncanUncovskaand Vodickovabut we did not receive additional information, so we assessed the available information.

We labeled each domain for each trial as high risk of bias, low risk of bias, or unclear risk of bias. Measures of treatment effect The primary outcome for this review, the proportion of participants with success, was a dichotomous outcome. We planned to report the dichotomous secondary outcome, proportions of adverse events, in the same manner. We also planned to calculate standardized mean differences when continuous outcomes were measured using different scales.

Unit of analysis issues The unit of analysis was the eye. Some participants from each trial contributed both eyes to the analyses; however, no consideration was made by the trial authors to account for the non-independence of eyes. For one trial Quinnsufficient data were available to reanalyze the data by participant. Glasgow increased in importance during the 10th and 11th centuries as the site of this bishopric, reorganised by King David I of Scotland and John, there had been an earlier religious site established by Saint Mungo in the 6th century.

The bishopric became one of the largest and wealthiest in the Kingdom of Scotland, bringing wealth, sometime between and this status was supplemented by an annual fair, which survives as the Glasgow Fair.

Glasgow grew over the following centuries, the first bridge over the River Clyde at Glasgow was recorded from aroundgiving its name to the Briggait area of the city, forming the main North-South route over the river via Glasgow Cross.

The founding of the University of Glasgow in and elevation of the bishopric to become the Archdiocese of Glasgow in increased the towns religious and educational status and landed wealth. Its early trade was in agriculture, brewing and fishing, with cured salmon and herring being exported to Europe, Glasgow was subsequently raised to the status of Royal Burgh in By the late 18th century more than half of the British tobacco trade was concentrated on Glasgows River Clyde, at the time, Glasgow held a commercial importance as the city participated in the trade of sugar, tobacco and later cotton 2.

Profits are reinvested in journalism rather than to the benefit of an owner or shareholders, the Guardian is edited by Katharine Viner, who succeeded Alan Rusbridger in InThe Guardians print edition had a daily circulation of roughlycopies in the country, behind The Daily Telegraph. The newspaper has an online UK edition as well as two international websites, Guardian Australia and Guardian US, the newspapers online edition was the fifth most widely read in the world in Octoberwith over Its combined print and online editions reach nearly 9 million British readers, notable scoops include the News International phone hacking scandal, in particular the hacking of murdered English teenager Milly Dowlers phone.

The investigation led to the closure of the UKs biggest selling Sunday newspaper, and one of the highest circulation newspapers in the world, init led the investigation into the Panama Papers, exposing the then British Prime Minister David Camerons links to offshore bank accounts.

The Guardian has been named Newspaper of the Year four times at the annual British Press Awards, the paper is still occasionally referred to by its nickname of The Grauniad, given originally for the purported frequency of its typographical errors.

The Manchester Guardian was founded in Manchester in by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor with backing from the Little Circle and they launched their paper after the police closure of the more radical Manchester Observer, a paper that had championed the cause of the Peterloo Massacre protesters.

They do not toil, neither do they spin, but they better than those that do.

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When the government closed down the Manchester Observer, the champions had the upper hand. The influential journalist Jeremiah Garnett joined Taylor during the establishment of the paper, the prospectus announcing the new publication proclaimed that it would zealously enforce the principles of civil and religious Liberty. Warmly advocate the cause of Reform, endeavour to assist in the diffusion of just principles of Political Economy and.

Support, without reference to the party from which they emanate, in the paper merged with the British Volunteer and was known as The Manchester Guardian and British Volunteer until The working-class Manchester and Salford Advertiser called the Manchester Guardian the foul prostitute, the Manchester Guardian was generally hostile to labours claims.

The Manchester Guardian dismissed strikes as the work of outside agitators —, if an accommodation can be effected, the occupation of the agents of the Union is gone. CP Scott made the newspaper nationally recognised and he was editor for 57 years fromand became its owner when he bought the paper from the estate of Taylors son in Under Scott, the moderate editorial line became more radical, supporting William Gladstone when the Liberals split in 3.

The website also runs The Comedy. The website was founded in August as the British Sitcom Guide, the website was established by Mark Boosey, a freelance web developer, originally as a hobby. The website went through another relaunch inwhere it underwent a re-design of the layout, a new logo, and increased coverage of online comedy and people working in British comedy. The awards are notable for allowing the public to choose the winners via an online poll and this differs from the British Comedy Awards which relies on broadcasters to put their programmes forward for nomination, and only uses a small panel of judges to determine the results.

The only exception is shows which span across the new year, the vote for top favourite scores two points for the selected programme, and a vote for a second favourite scores one. The comedy programme with the most points is declared the winner in that category, the show which receives the highest number of worst votes is declared the worst comedy in that category.

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In the first week of voting all comedies from the year could be voted on, the first awards were presented in January and were known at the time as The British Sitcom Guide Awardsbut have since been renamed. The second awards were presented in Januaryoriginally under the title The British Sitcom Guide Awardsthe third awards were presented in January and were the first to include radio shows.

The awards were known as the British Comedy Guide Awardsthe fourth awards were presented in January The fifth awards were presented in Januarythe sixth awards were presented on 23 January The seventh awards were presented on 21 Januarythe eighth awards were presented on 20 January The ninth awards were presented on 26 Januarythe tenth awards were presented on 1 February Scotland — Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

It shares a border with England to the south, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the North Sea to the east.

In addition to the mainland, the country is made up of more than islands, including the Northern Isles, the Kingdom of Scotland emerged as an independent sovereign state in the Early Middle Ages and continued to exist until The union also created a new Parliament of Great Britain, which succeeded both the Parliament of Scotland and the Parliament of England.

Within Scotland, the monarchy of the United Kingdom has continued to use a variety of styles, titles, the legal system within Scotland has also remained separate from those of England and Wales and Northern Ireland, Scotland constitutes a distinct jurisdiction in both public and private law. Glasgow, Scotlands largest city, was one of the worlds leading industrial cities.

Other major urban areas are Aberdeen and Dundee, Scottish waters consist of a large sector of the North Atlantic and the North Sea, containing the largest oil reserves in the European Union. This has given Aberdeen, the third-largest city in Scotland, the title of Europes oil capital, following a referendum ina Scottish Parliament was re-established, in the form of a devolved unicameral legislature comprising members, having authority over many areas of domestic policy.

By the 11th century at the latest, Scotia was being used to refer to Scotland north of the River Forth, alongside Albania or Albany, the use of the words Scots and Scotland to encompass all of what is now Scotland became common in the Late Middle Ages. Repeated glaciations, which covered the land mass of modern Scotland. It is believed the first post-glacial groups of hunter-gatherers arrived in Scotland around 12, years ago, the groups of settlers began building the first known permanent houses on Scottish soil around 9, years ago, and the first villages around 6, years ago.

The well-preserved village of Skara Brae on the mainland of Orkney dates from this period and it contains the remains of an early Bronze Age ruler laid out on white quartz pebbles and birch bark.

It was also discovered for the first time that early Bronze Age people placed flowers in their graves, in the winter ofa severe storm hit Scotland, causing widespread damage and over deaths. In the Bay of Skaill, the storm stripped the earth from a large irregular knoll, when the storm cleared, local villagers found the outline of a village, consisting of a number of small houses without roofs. William Watt of Skaill, the laird, began an amateur excavation of the site, but after uncovering four houses 5.

The Sunday Times — The Sunday Times is the largest-selling British national newspaper in the quality press market category. The two papers were founded independently and have been under common ownership only since and they were bought by News International in The Sunday Times occupies a dominant position in the quality Sunday market, its circulation of just under one million equals that of its rivals, The Sunday Telegraph and The Observer.

While some other national newspapers moved to a format in the early s. It sells more than twice as many copies as its sister paper, The Times, the Sunday Times has acquired a reputation for the strength of its investigative reporting — much of it by its award-winning Insight team — and also for its wide-ranging foreign coverage.

It has a number of writers, columnists and commentators including Jeremy Clarkson.