Meet the joneses baby hazel

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meet the joneses baby hazel

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I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, Jason, three year old daughter, Madeline, and our crazy bull terrier, Ziggy. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with a precious little girl.

I never thought infertility would be a part of my story but God had a different plan. My husband and I got married in January of A year later, to our surprise, we found out that we were expecting. She confirmed that two lines — no matter how dark or pale — meant that I was pregnant.

meet the joneses baby hazel

After the initial shock wore off, I was honored and excited to become a momma. Nine months later I delivered a healthy little girl who steals our hearts every day.

I had Madeline at a birthing center in Dallas and my labor and delivery went very smoothly. After six months of regular periods, I decided to become more serious about trying to conceive.

Mandy's Infertility Journey » We're The Joneses

I purchased an ovulation kit and began tracking. Again, months were passing and nothing was happening. Then finally, six months later, I saw the sight I had been longing for — two pink lines! My prayers had been answered and I was pregnant. I immediately called my midwife and set up my eight week prenatal appointment. I had never even considered that this pregnancy may not make it full term, but one week later I experienced light spotting.

This was the beginning of my first miscarriage. I recall being extremely sad but still hopeful that we would get pregnant again soon. After researching online, I was comforted to find that many women suffer one miscarriage and go on to have one or more healthy pregnancies. Statistically, the chance of another miscarriage was low and my midwife was not too concerned.

I immediately began progesterone and completed blood work to confirm the pregnancy.

meet the joneses baby hazel

All my levels looked great. I was so excited and thankful to be pregnant, but this pregnancy felt different from the previous two. This time I experienced some fear and anxiety alongside my joy.

Every time I went to the restroom I was scared I would see blood.

Mandy’s Infertility Journey

I was afraid I was miscarrying with every cramp or tummy rumble. At six and half weeks, my nightmare came true. The spotting started and did not stop. I miscarried my second sweet baby. This time, my heart was shattered and I sat in disbelief.

meet the joneses baby hazel

I was a healthy 26 year old woman with no family history of multiple miscarriages who already had a two year old daughter. I saw my midwife shortly after miscarrying and she still did not seem too concerned. She offered to run a few tests but since they were not covered by our insurance my husband and I decided to wait and just keep praying and trying.

Let me include here that my husband is the kind of guy who likes to wait things out. So wait we did. I waited another month for my body and hormone levels to reset.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

It felt like I was constantly reading online message boards until midnight, analyzing any little change in my body to see if it was a pregnancy symptom, counting down days, and waiting.

Waiting was really hard for me sometimes. It was emotionally draining. Thankfully, I had my husband and a great group of friends around me to love me, pray for me, and remind me to trust God even on my darkest days.

I had to surrender my plan for my family to God knowing that He will take care of me and that He was enough. Four more months went by, four more pregnancy tests were taken. On the fourth month, I got a positive test.

meet the joneses baby hazel

However, the recovery from a C is dreadful. I found it to be far more painful that I expected. Jordyn was called "No Name" for 3 days because we couldn't decide on a name. We had Savannah Grace picked out originally, but I started having second thoughts after someone said Savannah was a stripper name. Since we had a 2 year old at home Bryan didn't stay with me for the first 2 nights in the hospital.

We were trying to keep thing normal for Sydney. Bryan and I finally had an evening alone together with just our new baby girl on the 3rd night in the hospital. With no one around and no one giving their opinions we sat together on the hospital bed, looked at our baby girl and decided Jordyn Brooke was the name for her. Casey, one of my dearest friends, ended up going into labor with her first baby while we were in the hospital.

Her and her husband, Tim, welcomed a baby boy named Noah 2 days after Jordyn was born. We were in the hospital at the same time, our rooms were across the hall from each other and we have the same doctor.

I only got up to go see her once, but the dads did sneak Noah out of his room quickly to let the babies meet each other and for a photo opt. Needless to say it didn't take long for the nurse to tell us not to do that. My guess is allot of dress up, lots of Disney dolls, a few more temper tantrums and hopefully a whole slew of her famous monkey hugs. Love you so much baby girl!!