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meet the hollowheads soundtrack Meet the Hollowheads: Lee Arenberg, Layne Britton, Barney Burman, Shnutz Burman, Chaz Conner, John Glover, Bob Goldthwait, Adam Hill ( II). Meet the Hollowheads on Find trailers, reviews, and all info for Meet the Hollowheads by Thomas R. Burman. Meet The Hollowheads . All of this is accompanied by a soundtrack by The Animals' Alan Price, whose sardonic lyrics act as a greek chorus to.

He began directing Jimmy Kimmel Live. Goldthwait maintains contact with Kimmel and still directs for television and film and he returned to directing segments for Jimmy Kimmel Live. He currently has a role as the dwarf Grumpy in the television series Once Upon a Time. Lees first professional job was in at the Mark Taper Forum in Ghetto, within weeks he was cast in three films, including the role of Norton in the feature Tapeheads opposite the films co-stars Tim Robbins and John Cusack.

Coincidentally, in two of his appearances, he played a character named Gral, one a Ferengi and the other a Tellarite, in Lee appeared on the TV series Night Court. Arenberg also played the role of bookie Mike Moffitt in two episodes of Seinfeld. Lee also played Dr. Her mother was a descendant of the Pilgrims, and a sister of U. She attended Bennington College where she became interested in theatre and she performed in several Broadway productions in the s and married actor Logan Ramsey in They moved to Philadelphia where they formed the Theatre of the Living Arts, in the s, Anne Ramsey began a successful Hollywood career in character roles and appeared in such television programs as Little House on the Prairie, Wonder Woman, Threes Company and Ironside.

She appeared with her husband in seven films, including her first, The Sporting Club, the film also earned her a second Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress, she had received her first for The Goonies. In Februaryshe guest-starred on an episode of ALF that aired six months before her death and she also appeared in six films released in the two years after her death.

Ramseys somewhat slurred speech, a trademark of her performances, was caused in part from having had some of her tongue. AllMovie — AllMovie is an online guide service website with information about films, television programs, and screen actors.

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meet the hollowheads soundtrack

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meet the hollowheads soundtrack

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Although his films are obscure to most audiences outside of Canada, The Saddest Music In The World is both his most bizarre and accessible to a novice of his work. Strange and artful, bizarre yet sentimental, this film only received limited release in theaters outside of Canada before being released on the home market.

After The Saddest Music In The World, Maddin has continued to make his distinct brand of weird cinema by making smaller films, producing installation pieces for art galleries, and publishing a handful of books, but has yet to create another film as ambitious and complex as this one.

Although not well-known, it is readily available on DVD, waiting to be uncovered by any cinephile looking for a diamond in the Canadian rough. Lindsay Anderson is a highly regarded director even though he only made 9 feature films in his lifetime. While some are regarded as classics, such as This Sporting Life and If…much of his work has fallen into obscurity.

Perhaps his masterpiece, the 3-hour-long epic O Lucky Man!

Meet the Hollowheads Soundtrack (1989) OST

The film plays like a dream, with Travis traveling from one surreal episode to the next: While the length of the film may deter some from watching it, there has simply been no other film made like this that works as an allegory for life in capitalist society.

As mentioned, the soundtrack is unique and provides catchy, ironic pop songs on esoteric concepts such as justice, how to succeed in business, and why people are poor.

The film received middling reviews upon release and performed poorly at the box office its prohibitive running time being a factor in thisbut general consensus since now views the film favorably, regarding it as an odd, one-of-a-kind cult film. A two-disc DVD was released in and is available for rental and purchase on some streaming services, but O Lucky Man!