Meet the heroes of le mans

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meet the heroes of le mans

/10/16 Meet the heroes of Le Mans - Part 5 - Trailer ( min). Porsche . /10/22 Le Mans winner cars - from the first winner (front) until the No stranger to the historic racing circuit, Donald made his Le Mans of Le Mans, so to come here and drive in the tyre-tracks of my heroes is. "Le Mans fits very well with the philosophy of Porsche", says the engineer Norbert Singer. He should know, after all, he was involved in all of the company's

According to Vern Schuppan, one of the drivers and also the owner of this Ferrari GTB owned by Steve McQueenthe winning crossed the finish line in slow motion, releasing a billow of smoke from its driver side exhaust.

meet the heroes of le mans

Enough power to push the Silver Arrow to mph during the qualifying. When the Mazda B took the lead on Sunday morning, Japanese media shuffled their schedules round in order to transmit the last hours of the race live. Two of the cars retired, but the remaining three went on to finish first, fourth and sixteenth.

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Its ultimate successor was this, the XJR In its incarnation it finished first and second at Le Mans. But this soppy-looking wedge also brought Peugeot its first victory at the Le Mans inmaking it — and its French driver Yannick Dalmas — a national hero.

Meet the heroes of Le Mans

Peugeot B Evo 1B This is the Pegueot quite possibly the only car to ever be carved from a billet of 90s. To date, the firm has won all but three races in the new century. The R8 was powered by a 3,cc twin-turbo V8 petrol engine and made bhp. The next year the domination began.

meet the heroes of le mans

InAudi ended with a one-two-three victory, followed by a one-two the year after. A one-two-three victory after that.

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And a first, third and fourth places the year after that. However, the fuel of choice had changed by The was the second-ever diesel powered Le Mans racer. Audi had proved that diesel was a silent but deadly way to win modern Le Mans, its R10 TDI winning inand The bhpwith its 5. It soon found its singing voice as the driver blipped the throttle to keep it from stalling. Heroes one and all, these men had their moment of glory on the Le Mans podium after the most gruelling long-distance race on earth.

Porsche Heroes Of Le Mans

They were reunited at Hockenheim circuit to paint a picture of their great battles, and did so most eloquently. From left to right: He already has a formidable string of victories to his name, most significantly the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Audi inthe 12 Hours of Sebring inand winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona in A two-hour stint at Le Mans must have been both gruelling and deafening.

Porsche: Meet the heroes of Le Mans

It had a terrifying hp turbo engine and was demonstrated by Timo Bernhard, who was enjoying the challenge of its massive turbo lag. As the lurched down the Hockenheim pitlane, you could tell the period ignition and mechanical fuel injection were imprecise instruments.

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Its coughing and spluttering were an instant giveaway, but add a massive turbocharger, with its legendary lag, and you have a racecar that required both balls to drive and patience to tame. Although Timo wasn't using all the revs, you felt the big hit of torque as we exited pitlane, heading for the sharp right-hand turn into the Querspange section of the Club Circuit.

Smooth inputs and staying on top of the turbo was the secret, with Timo putting on a command performance. Despite being versed in modern racecars with mapped ignition and fuelling, Bernhard clearly had the measure of the recalcitrant beast.