Meet the fockers ending song of tangled

Tangled Movie Review

meet the fockers ending song of tangled

Read Common Sense Media's Tangled review, age rating, and parents What a refreshing turn on the age-old damsel-in-distress meets dashing-prince story. Princess Anna runs out to meet Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. Flynn Rider and Rapunzel as they appear at the end of Tangled. You see, in Frozen, Anna and Elsa's parents board an ill-fated ship that sadly never returns. and Mountain Rain (Water) combining (as alluded to in the Frozen Heart song). Read Tangled reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Our Mission · Our Impact · Meet Our Team · How We Rate · Board of Directors · Press Room · Our . It was rated PG because at the end of the film you see a little bit of blood after a character dies. .. All the songs were very good (especially Mother Gothel's.

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How is Rapunzel similar to and different from other Disney princesses? Is she the typical damsel in distress? What made you want to see this movie -- the story or all the ads and product tie-ins? Do you want a product because the movie characters are pictured on it? Do you think Mother loved Rapunzel, or was she just using her? What about Rapunzel's feelings for Mother? Why did Rapunzel think Flynn wouldn't love her if she didn't have her magical blond hair anymore?

How do the characters in Tangled demonstrate gratitudeintegrityand self-control? Why are these important character strengths? All well and good, but there comes a point that "doing what makes you feel good" turns into plain selfishness. Why don't you show me a heroine that thinks about others more than herself? That's a role model I could show my kids. It's not that I think being "locked away in a tower" is a good thing. I believe in being truthful with my kids and talking to them.

We talk about good things, bad things, and why.

meet the fockers ending song of tangled

I don't believe in lying to my kids, ever. I do believe in letting them experience some things for themselves even when I know better, because it is true that sometimes you just have to see for yourself.

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I'd rather my kids see for themselves on small things, than on the big ones. That means ensuring that there is never any question about who will be next in line for the throne. Their feelings for the missing Rapunzel are valid, but shouldn't they have tried providing themselves and the kingdom with another heir? Did they even try?

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Granted, having a younger sibling would have opened up a whole new set of problems for them once Rapunzel returned from her life of isolation, but I still think that having another child would have been the more responsible thing to do rather than solemnly sending up lanterns for a child who might never return for years.

Yeesh, I sound like a callous and heartless person right now. None of those proved to be an issue during Rapunzel's journey. It's only when she and Eugene get to the town that her hair becomes something they have to take care of. Towns are usually busy places where a bunch of people are going this way and that, hurrying about their lives. We got a very short glimpse of all the people who began to tread on Rapunzel's hair before Eugene came up with a very good idea. He saw several little girls braiding each other's hair near the town's square, so he decided to ask them if they would be interested in braiding the lengthy Rapunzel's.

Because this is a Disney movie and everyone is always so accommodating, the girls were ecstatic to braid her hair, and they did it in no time flat. Holy moly, that is just not impossible. We've seen Rapunzel's hair extend to almost seventy feet long. I find it unlikely that even though there were four girls doing it, Rapunzel's hair got braided in such a short amount of time. I'm no expert in braiding hair, admittedly, but I'm pretty sure that Rapunzel's hair should have taken them hours.

meet the fockers ending song of tangled

Going to pause here for a moment and snicker with delight that a leading man's name is Eugene. It was all part of Mother Gothel's plan to convince Rapunzel that Eugene didn't love her though. After Rapunzel had returned the crown that she had been using as incentive for Eugene to help her get to town, Eugene had been on his way to return it when Gothel and her goons set on him and framed him, making it look like he was abandoning Rapunzel.

All of this comes at a very bad time for Rapunzel. Mother Gothel took her back home, and when Eugene found out about this, he knew that he had to break out of jail. Thankfully for him and Rapunzel, Maximus the horse was on the case. Maximus arranged things so that Eugene would be able to escape his cell and be catapulted beyond the castle walls and plop right onto Maximus' back.

I think Maximus' plan went off without a hitch, but no way in heck did Eugene land on Maximus that safely. He was sent high into the air when he was catapulted. The only landing he could have made on Maximus was a hard one.

I'm pretty sure something internally must have broken for Eugene. I'm certain his nether regions were a casualty of his escape from prison. She knew that it meant something special for her because the lights going up was a regular event that she could witness from her tower's window. This annual occurrence is what calls Rapunzel from her tower in the first place. So you would think with all of this information cemented in her head, Rapunzel would be able to connect the dots regarding the reason behind the light show.

Every year, the king and queen send these lanterns up on the birthday of their missing daughter. Hmm, strange how that's the same day as your birthday, isn't it, Rapunzel? Her skills of observation fail her even when she's staring herself in the face. While the celebration is going on in the town, Rapunzel comes across a wall painting depicting the king, queen, and their missing daughter.

The little girl has blonde hair and green eyes. The revelation that Rapunzel has when she's already back at her tower should have happened when she was at the town dancing and having fun. She should have guessed right then and there that she was the missing princess. I really don't think she's ready to rule a kingdom by the end of the movie.

Part of spending a lot of time inside is that you get used to walking around without any shoes. Why confine your feet inside a leathery cage when you can just bare it all, am I right? That's all well and good while Rapunzel is actually in her tower, but as soon as she stepped outside, shouldn't she have thought to at least put some slippers on?

At the very least, Flynn should have thought to give her a pair of sneakers to run around in. During their adventures, they aren't just strolling along grassy lanes. There's a whole sequence where Rapunzel and Flynn are escaping from Maximus and some guards and they're running over rocky terrain. If you're padding along barefoot on that kind of surface, I'm sorry to say, you're going to get some extreme blisters. The only way Rapunzel could have avoided hobbling around in pain for the rest of the day is if her feet earned themselves some callouses.

And I'm talking Hobbit-esque kind of callouses. I'd like to see Rapunzel try to fit her dainty feet into some glass slippers after that.

Because we've spent so much time learning about and understanding the main characters of our favorite stories, we're more willing to excuse them for their shortcomings and to see things wholly from their perspectives.

We learn that the pregnant queen of a kingdom has become very ill, and the only way to cure her is to give her some medicine from a magical flower, the only magical flower that we know of that exists in this world.

It ends up saving the queen's life, for which we're all very thankful. But it's only recently that I stopped to consider the implications of the queen consuming that flower. That was the only flower of its kind, and it clearly had amazing restorative powers. And yet, it was just given to a single person? Was no one upset that the queen took the flower for herself? Mother Gothel and her immortal schtick aside, I'm sure there were some average fellows who would have liked to save that flower for their own family members.

The king and queen definitely exercised their royal privileges when they took that flower for themselves. Her return to the tower is less jubilant than her intial departure from it.