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Spawn of Satan - the meaning and origin of this phrase. I can't answer the question, but it seems to me that the phrase meets one of the needs The earliest somewhat-related listing is "The Devil's Spawn" (AKA "The hired. A term used to describe an unruly child who gets in everyone's way. They cause tons of chaos and destroy everything in their path. Their parents seem to think. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (Japanese: 異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷魔術, Hepburn: .. Diablo meets a slave owner looking for a way to remove the collars from Rem and Shera but to no avail, and later, they are visited by Shera's brother .

Is there a particular person's use of it that precipitated the vogue that it now enjoys? I can't answer the question, but it seems to me that the phrase meets one of the needs of horror movies, both realistically and humorously. I say humorously because an element of facetious humor underlies many horror films. But I can't guarantee that the phrase is actually found in any horror films, as I don't watch that genre.

The principle use of "spawn of Satan" nowadays seems to be as an exaggerated and facetious characterization of someone, or some group, that can be described as "evil," also usually used facetiously. My Internet search program tells me that Ann Coulter described the attendees at the Democratic National Convention as "spawn of Satan.

One person so describes his cat. There is a series of flash cartoons with this title. In short, I can't answer the question. His skills include mastery in swordsmanship. Jason is also adept at magic, and is often called upon to act as an advisor or investigator in occultic matters such as in the series Arkham Asylum: He also has limited precognition and telepathy.

Jason is technically immortal as he is connected to the demon Etrigan. He also has the combined experiences of all the time since he was bonded to the demon. Jason Blood shares all of Etrigan's weaknesses. O form of man! Free the prince forever damned! Free the might from fleshy mire!

Boil the blood in the heart for fire! O form of man And rise the demon Etrigan!! To return to human form, this poem must be recited: Gone now, O Etrigan And rise again or rise once more the form of man!

meet the demon spawn meaning

However, the animated film Justice League Dark uses a different poem to return Etrigan to human form: The battle now is fought and won. Jason Blood with me is done. The poem does not have to be spoken for it to work. For instance, in one adventure, Blood is magically transformed into a fly.

Unable to speak, Blood wrote out the poem in the dust in a desperate hope of it triggering the change; it proves successful and Etrigan emerged in his true form with full power. Additionally, when Green Arrow once shot a "fire extinguisher arrow" into his mouth, Batman told Etrigan that the only way to stop the pain was to change back to Jason Blood.

meet the demon spawn meaning

His command of magic is strong, but considered to be less than his father, Belialand half-brother, Merlin the Magician. He is also helpless against those with powers strong enough to control Etrigan, such as Morgaine le Fey.

Etrigan the Demon

He becomes a favorite of King Arthur, partly due to the futuristic capabilities of his armor. Filled with jealousy, Merlin summons Etrigan, who slays Dimitri with hellfire. This alternate-past is neutralized by the efforts of Waverider.

Etrigan appeared in the Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves storyline, aiding Batman and Superman. Superman's Reign 3, the Etrigan of Earth-9 is revealed to be a human necromancer, part of the Dark Circle group. A sketch of an alternate version of Etrigan called "Superdemon" was featured in Final Crisis: Described as a denizen of Earth, Etrigan was sent to Earth by Merlin from the doomed Kamelot, where he entered the body of Jason Blood, son of a Kansas preacher.

Over time, Jason learned to control the demon's powers, and now uses them to protect the world. In the Flashpoint universe, Etrigan and the heroes are running from the Amazonsuntil Etrigan is rescued by Canterbury Cricket. The heroes then hide in the bushes and learn Canterbury Cricket's origins, until the Amazons breach their hideout.

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Etrigan was shot with the magic arrows. Etrigan debuts in the fourth chapter of the Year Three Injustice: Paimon can make people your slaves.

Zepar Zepar is another one of these very specific demons. Andromalius You ever had something stolen? You wanted it back, right? Yeah, I know you did. And he can find treasure too! Forneus The demon Marquis Forneus is all about chit-chat.

Spawn (comics)

Forneus can make you totally rad at rhetoric, which is basically just the art of talking to people and getting them to think and do what you want. But the best part of Forneus? When you summon him, you get to take Spanish lessons from a giant sea-monster. Foras Foras is a big strong dude and a president.

Just in the interest of full disclosure, some sources say Foras can make you invincible instead of invisible, but either way: