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meet the crew spy camera

He would think he'd meet the guy in charge facetoface. He glanced around the room to make sure he wasn't on some hidden camera He looked around the empty shop, half expected the camera crew to jump out from a wall at any second . After Jonas moved to Vegas in , he met a man who said his job was to cheat A casino like the Bellagio probably has 2, cameras connected to 50 The MIT team's innovation was to have separate roles for players. Couple Says They Found Hidden Camera Pointing at Their Bed in Carnival " The safety and security of our guests and crew is of paramount.

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meet the crew spy camera

The team at GoPro has even improved the time-lapse feature, which can now take photos automatically at preset periods; this is available at half-second intervals and burst shooting at 10fps. With up to 9 hours of record time on a 32GB SD card this makes for a very useful tool on just about any production but perhaps the most important difference from the previous version, from a production perspective, is the HDMI and external microphone ports.

Clearly, the GoPro 2 is a useful tool and certainly makes an ideal action camera on location, but you need to know its limitations.

It is a favourite with production managers because of its low hire cost but they are often under the misapprehension that it offers broadcast quality HD. For the first time we had a camera that could output and record in This minicam, which was essentially a Sony AVC-HD camcorder with the head separated from the recorder by a cable, allowed high quality HD images to be captured at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives on the market at the time.

Using an external recorder such as the Convergent Design NanoFlash overcomes this problem but you have to rely on the use of a non-lockable HDMI cable. Not to be outdone by Sony, Panasonic launched the Panasonic AG-HCK10G a year later and, like the Sony, the Panasonic was a split camera head and handheld recorder but that is just about the only similarity.

The camera also has an input for external audio, meaning that you could now record sound directly to the camera without worrying about sync issues of external audio.

meet the crew spy camera

Using the Panasonic cameras through the record racks means that true HD content can be provided within a reasonable budget. This versatile camera is very quick to rig, responds well to low light and, most importantly, is full HD and can match convincingly with footage from the main cameras on a shoot. A number of other benefits include: That said, I would put this camera at the top of the pile for most HD productions.

meet the crew spy camera

We have used it for external and internal vehicle mounted shots, as a static camera for wide shots on multi-camera shoots, as fixed cameras in studios and on numerous hidden camera shoots. The wide-angle adapter and 15 meter extension cable makes the camera even more versatile for any shot where space is at a premium or you want to get the camera head further away from the recorder.

A clear leader in the field of high-end minicam manufacturing is Toshiba. We have been using Toshiba minicams for top-end acquisition for over 15 years; with a wide choice of prime lenses this is our first choice for big screen and drama productions. Toshiba started in the medical arena, making small medical cameras long before they were commonly in use in TV and commercial film production. Not only is the Toshiba IK-HD1 the most compact HD camera on the market but with a choice of lenses 2mm, 4mm and 8mm it gives the sharpest, clearest, true colour imagery available.

It is also ideally suited to applications where extreme vibration is an issue due to its fixed prime lens; because of this it has been used as a bobsleigh-mounted camera at the Winter Olympics, along with other sporting events at the Commonwealth Games.

Its 65 gram weight and 1. Combine the Toshiba with a Polecam, with remote cable lengths of over 30 meters and the option of a waterproof housing, and you can achieve truly great HD shots, within a budget, that would never have been possible before. A big part of the minicam market is for multi-minicam location shooting and Prime has provided solutions for many memorable productions such as: From the first production meeting for Scariest Places init was clear that the regular multi-minicam set-up of numerous fixed cameras was not going to be enough for this huge multi-minicam production.

The production called for 24 minicams in six rooms in a large, supposedly haunted, castle in Scotland. I proposed a remote mini-camera system from Bradley Engineering that we had just started testing.

We are lucky to have these cameras and the customer support so close to home. Technology such as this 2 megapixel full HD CMOS chip camera module means this ultra-compact module is capable of producing full HD with lines of resolution. Bradley Engineering then takes the original Sony chipset out to be augmented and re-engineered to produce the highest quality noise-free, low jitter, pictures.

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The modules are also modified and improved for better usability, connectivity and control. The one-piece design has all the additional electronics, together with thermal management and fan cooling, built into the case. It also enables the camera to work in higher ambient temperatures. Both cameras have