Meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

Melissa Yates – a Jewel of a Hotel Director - Cruising With Honey

meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

Behind the glamour and excitement of every cruise is a hardworking crew not to mention meet amazing cabins were the least of my worries x”. P&O Australia Pacific Jewel Cruises: Read P&O Australia Pacific Jewel cruise is a popular place for passengers of all ages to meet, drink or listen to live music. was mostly excellent from stewards, waiters, front desk and other crew. Ms Hayes said whether the meat was fed on grain or grass, most A passenger photographing crew on board Pacific Dawn searching for.

What are Australian audiences like?

meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

Have you worked on other cruiselines? Would you ever consider other cruiselines? Love, love, love, the Australians - and on every cruise I'm looking for my future husband!

meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

I haven't worked on any other cruiseline and I wouldn't consider it. What do you enjoy most about being at sea?

meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

I love that you are free. But, I wish I could cook myself. How many cruises have you completed? How many do you have left? I have done quite a few. I have 9 months to go for this contract, then I'm off to South Africa for a month. After that I'll be on the Pacific Jewel.

What's you longest time at sea?

meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

Do you get sea sick? The longest is 9 months and I have never been sick Performing at sea must have its challenges.

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But we have challenges all the time. That can be challenging, but we win in the end of the day by getting a smile from them. All that's needed now is to meet the crew!

meet the crew pacific jewel cruise

Officers If you're looking for the person in charge - the Captain is it. He or she is first in command of the ship and your official host for the cruise. Because taking care of a cruise is such a big job the Captain is assisted by the ship's Officers and crew. To make everyone's job easier our Officers and crew are organised into departments.

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You can tell who's who by checking the colour of the epaulette they are wearing on their shoulder Deck Department The Deck Department is all about safety and security. Under the watchful eye of the Staff Captain, the Officers are responsible for manning the bridge - land ahoy! Our Officers have a lot of experience and are seasoned professionals.

The safety of our passengers is our number one priority so we make sure our Officers have well and truly earned their black and gold epaulettes. Her husband, who saw her fall over collapsed in shock after the tragic event.

Recognising Your Crew

The ship continued to circle the area for hours, searching the woman's body. But nothing had been found as they scoured the ocean about nautical miles off New Caledonia from around 4pm on Thursday. The ship remained in the area to search again on Friday before the search was called off from about 7.

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The captain announced to passengers over a public address system "It is with a very heavy heart that I need to let you know that we have been unable to locate our guest," he said. A graphic showing approximately where the woman fell from the Pacific Dawn. Channel 9 "We are still in the area of the incident, and the weather conditions with the swell three to four metres high, as you can see outside … the strong wind made our search extremely challenging.