Meet the characters of little charmers

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meet the characters of little charmers

Little Charmers is a Canadian CGI children's television series produced by Nelvana Opening theme, "Little Charmers Theme Song". Ending theme, "Little Charmers Theme Song" Contents. 1 Characters. Main; Recurring. 2 Episodes; 3. Meet Hazel, a seven-year-old charmer in training with a big heart, the best intentions, a pet cat named Seven, and a few more tools Little Charmers Characters. Meet the stars of Nick Jr.'s latest preschool TV show in this adorable So brush off your broomsticks and get to know the Little Charmers, their friends, and their.

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Easily excitable and very gentle, Posie is optimistic and peaceful by default. She sees the beauty in everything and can be very sweet with a motherly flair and ability to trust her instincts. She can be easily distracted however, and is very chatty to the point of accidentally being blunt with others or a little rude. Posie does her best to keep everyone encouraged and uplifted.

Her musical instrument in Rainbow Sparkle is a keyboard. Charming voiced by Andrew Sabiston - Hazel's bespectacled wizard [5] father and the owner of a broom store. Louis — Hazel's mother and the most powerful[ citation needed ] Charmer. In her role as Enchantress, she uses her magic to deal with problems around Charmville.

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Seven is Hazel's cat. Flare is Lavender's dragon. Treble is Posie's owl. Hazel full name Hazel Charming born is a 7-year-old Charmer and the main protagonist of Little Charmers.

Her best friends are Posie and Lavender. Contents Bio Appearance Hazel has fair skin with pale pink lips and golden-green hazel eyes.

meet the characters of little charmers

Her long, hot pink hair is streaked with various shades of pink, ending just at her knees with her bangs cut at her forehead. She wears a purple striped cat ear cap with dull pink stripes, inner-ear, and a single fuchsia star on the left.

Her normal attire consists of a light green blouse depicting a purple cat face on it, beneath a purple skirt with fuchsia star print to match its suspender straps.

Two light green ruffled layers on the skirt stick out from the bottom, along with a pair of purple striped leggings to match her finger-less gloves. Her purple shoes have a single pink strap and a light purple piece of material shaped like a cat head on top of the foot. For a list of other outfits, visit: She is very friendly and sweet, and loves to help others; always genuinely trying her best to make things easier or better. Contents Bio Appearance Posie has fair skin and bright blue eyes and peach lips.

Her long, straightened blonde hair is streaked with dirty-blonde and platinum. Her bangs frame her face, held with a cyan braid to match the braided on the side of her hair, alternating with two streaks of blonde and held with a pink hibiscus flower. She normally wears a pink dress with cyan straps around the chest, attached to small leaf covering the top of her shoulders to match the leaf design tracing the bottom of the skirt.

A white petticoat sticks out from the bottom.

meet the characters of little charmers

She also wears pale pink and dark teal striped tights and a pair of pink flats held with a single leaf strap.