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meet the brothers

Meet Bros, Lokhandwala, Mumbai. K likes. Meet Bros are Bollywood music composers that include Manmeet Singh & Harmeet Singh. The duo has won 8. The Christian Brothers are the guiding light for everything we do at Saint Mary's. Today there are 19 Brothers living and working on campus. Kent Anzano. Associate Member. Class of Hometown: Toms River, NJ. Major: Undeclared. Kent is a freshmen from Toms River, NJ. He plans to major in .

Brother Charles heard yarns of a different kind. Some 40 years later, Brother Charles is an expert on medieval manuscripts, history and the papacy.

Meet the Brothers

He says being a resident director for sophomores is one of his most satisfying duties. You might expect the latter in someone who grew up hunting and fishing in Wisconsin. Those things opened doors all over the world. Twice a month, he attends dream interpretation groups that encourage self-discovery and reflection.

He has a devilish sense of humor. There are so many opportunities to serve God as an educator. Only a decade out of college himself, he feels drawn to his new role as director of vocation ministry for the Lasallian District of San Francisco New Orleans. For years he wanted to be a railroad engineer. Through 50 years of being a Christian Brother, he says he never has a day of regret. Tall and slender, he played basketball and baseball as a boy in Fresno and dreamed about being a hoops star.

But at the age of 10, music began to strike a chord. A known stress reliever is sneaking into the Chapel to eavesdrop as he practices on the 3,pipe organ. He worked as a software developer at Servant Systems for two years in Ann Arbor and with the university outreach in London for two years. He now is a part of the International Formation Program in Ann Arbor and helps with finances for the brotherhood. He enjoys reading, playing soccer, and practicing classical guitar.

Meet the Brothers - The Servants of the Word

He is Lutheran and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science in After graduating, David spent a year in the Philippines doing university outreach with Christ's Youth in Action and two more with University Christian Outreach when he returned to Ann Arbor. After graduating, he became an affiliate and moved in with the brothers on Madison Street, where he is currently working as a Missionary with University Christian Outreach.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, running, and playing pick-up basketball. He has a degree in Management and Business Administration. He likes to play soccer, practice guitar, go on road trips and have a good time with friends and family. John Yocum John is a lifelong committed brother from Jackson, Michigan. Having spent 15 years in the UK and 7 years in the Philippines, he returned to the US inwhere he serves as the regional elder for the Servants of The Word. He works with communities across the region and serves on the executive committee of the international teaching team for the Sword of The Spirit.

There he studied Mass Media Communications with emphasis on Advertising. He is currently leading our Madison St household in Ann Arbor, working with young professionals, and studying theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.

meet the brothers

He enjoys outdoor sports: Miguel Vargas Miguel is a lifelong committed brother from Costa Rica. Miguel studied Classical Philology at the University of Costa Rica and has spent many years doing youth outreach.

He made his lifelong commitment inwhilst living in London. Part of his heart remains in the mountains, which he returns to as often as he can. He is an amateur photographer who dabbles in wildlife and macro photography. He enjoys cooking a large feast on occasion as well Peter served for a year in London working with the university outreach Koinonia and the youth outreach Youth: Peter loves to have conversations about life, watch and talk about sports, and draw.

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William Cannon Will is a fully committed brother. With what remains of his time he fills it with playing music, running, and backpacking. He grew up in Dundee, Michigan. Don works full time at Servant Systems, a software development company specializing in software for franchise systems.

His hobbies include culture specifically the effect of technology on cultureeconomics, politics, social justice issues and water skiing. Dick now serves full time for the brotherhood as property manager for the brotherhood center. He is currently working to establish a private cemetery for the brothers, hopefully not to be needed for a good number of years yet.

Dick grew up in Midland, Michigan, and enjoys running to keep in shape. Gary Sacharski Gary is a lifelong brother who lives in Chelsea, Michigan.

meet the brothers

He first began living with the brothers in after studying Forestry at the University of Michigan for 2 years. He worked as a carpenter and contractor untilwhen he joined a group of brothers in Costa Rica, and lived there five years.

He then returned to Michigan and began working for a civil engineering firm, and began studying toward a degree. He graduated in from Michigan State University with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He has worked as a Civil Engineer since then. Jamie Treadwell Jamie is a lifelong committed brother who lives in our household in Chelsea. He also brings his international experience in leadership into training and strategic development of Christian ministries.

Ken was born and raised in Nebraska. He completed his university studies in Minnesota and his graduate studies in the Philippines. In addition to his role in The Servants of the Word, Ken is also involved extensively in community building efforts in Asia as a missionary coordinator of The Sword of the Spirit.

Larry works full time at Servant Systems, a software development company specializing in software for franchise systems. His hobbies include birding, stargazing when it is not too coldastronomy, and genealogy research.

meet the brothers

He is the director of Communications and Development for the Servants of the Word. Martin holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and non-profit management. He is a research associate of the Nonprofit Research Group at the Vienna University of Business and Economics and consults with various faith-based non-profit organizations. He currently oversees business operations in Michigan and is responsible for our finances, internationally.

Stu was born and raised in Minnesota. When not in his office or away on business, he can oftentimes be found outside working, or even doing a bit of hunting. Steve Clark Steve is a lifelong committed brother who lives in Chelsea. He is the founder of the Servants of the Word. Although retired from being President of the Sword of the Spirit, he is still active as a council member and in advising newer communities. A CV is on his website. He leads the household at Island Lake Road.

meet the brothers

He is the North American regional controller of the brotherhood, and still dabbles in software development whenever he gets a chance. For fun, he teaches brothers how to handle their finances well and has developed software to help them do that.

meet the brothers

Currently, he does computer programming with Servant Systems. You'll find him on wilderness adventures in the summer while leading the middle-school ministry Kairos Fellowship. He's also Webmaster for a number of websites, including http: