Meet the brewery lake

Meet the Hubbleton Brewing Company - Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

meet the brewery lake

Meet Art of Adrienne at Harmony Brewery Lake Dr SE Meet artist Adrienne Gelardi, drink some awesome beer, eat some awesome. Meet Art of Adrienne at Harmony Brewery Lake Dr SE Meet artist Adrienne Gelardi, drink some awesome beer, eat some awesome. Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® is a barrel production craft brewery and taproom located in the beautiful Great Lakes port town of Duluth, Minnesota. The brewers .

And her passion for her work continues to flourish.

meet the brewery lake

Unlike some brewers who obsess over creating high-octane IPAs or rich, chocolatey stouts, Belfry enjoys creating a variety of styles — though she only recently came to appreciate lagers. Belfry is dressed accordingly in a light blue denim shirt on top of a faded Lake Wilcox Brewing T-shirt, dark jeans and tall rubber boots.

Her sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and her dark hair is pulled back in a ponytail from which a few wisps have escaped. But her answers are carefully considered and thoughtful, especially when we talk about working in a male-dominated industry, creating a product long associated with men and manliness. Where are the women?

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As ofthere were more than craft breweries provincewide, according to an Ontario Craft Brewers OCB fact sheet released in February. Combined, those breweries employ the equivalent of 2, full-time employees. Erica Campbell, co-founder of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, who has worked at different breweries during her eight years in the industry and has taught at Niagara College, figures the number of women hovers around 10 per cent.

Charlton, from Split Rail, offers yet another view.


When people first started making beer, several thousands of years ago, women played a major role in brewing, she noted. With the emergence of the large-scale, commercial brewing industry, beer eventually came to be associated with men and sports and advertising focused on young women in bikinis. And, consequently, women were driven away, she said.

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These attitudes are, in fact, relatively recent in the long history of beer making, which stretches back several thousand years. Early years of beer American archeologist Patrick McGovern has been steeped in the study of ancient alcoholic beverages for decades.

meet the brewery lake

His research involves analyzing tiny bits of residue scraped from centuries-old pottery to chemically confirm it was used for creating or consuming beer, wine and assorted other boozy drinks. The earliest fermented beverage, a sort of mixed beer and wine concoction, was made some 9, years ago in China with rice, honey, native grape, and hawthorn fruit, he said.

Meet Art of Adrienne at Harmony Brewery

So the short answer is no. Marquette Brewing Cooperative is a local, community-owned business, so your money will stay local. We are one of a handful of cooperative breweries throughout the nation, so we are truly creating something special for our Marquette community.

We are dedicated to brewing beer that meets our three criteria: Creativity, Quality, and Variety. But we are also dedicated to using local ingredients, paying a fair wage, and being a good neighbor every way we can. Your investment in Marquette Brewing Cooperative is a local, socially responsible investment that earns you a generous return.

meet the brewery lake

We would rather give the benefit of that interest to you, our members, than to a bank or other lending organization. This has to be done in person due to the necessity for signatures from the investor s and board members. The easiest way to invest is to attend our weekly office hour at the brewery at Lake Street each Tuesday from pm.

meet the brewery lake

Investment documents can be reviewed and printed here. We also have the documents available at the cooperative at our weekly office hour.

meet the brewery lake

We will also gladly make an appointment to meet with you at another time of your convenience. Unfortunately, Michigan State Law does not allow investors from out of state.