Meet the brewers 2013 interleague

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meet the brewers 2013 interleague

7 posts published by Brewer Nation during January The Brewers Interleague schedule will feature two-game sets with the The two teams will meet Friday, March 29 at p.m. and Saturday, March 30 at p.m. MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday released the team's The interleague schedule features a pair of firsts for the Brewers. The two teams will meet Friday, March 29 at p.m. and Saturday, March. The Rangers and Cardinals have yet to meet in St. Louis, where they Brewers ( who switched to the NL in ), I winnowed the list to Past history: 8 interleague games in Atlanta (, , ; Braves lead ).

But that's one option they don't seem interested in exploring.

Brewers announce 2013 game times

An official of one club who spoke with them says the Giants are already sending signals they're in the market for "a legit corner-outfield bopper. How 'bout Alfonso Soriano? Locating sellers with "legit" bats to trade looks as though it will be a major challenge before this trading deadline. And if there are clubs out there that have come up with creative tricks to circumvent the new signings cap, they're hiding it well. I don't see one. Now you'll have to take them in the second or third round because that's the only way you'll have the [slot] money to sign them.

As Keith Law has been chroniclingthe Astros continue to send mixed signals about their plans for the No. But increasingly, those clubs believe they're leaning toward taking Stanford right-hander Mark Appel.

meet the brewers 2013 interleague

The next day you hear somebody else. But our read is that [GM Jeff Luhnow] is going to want somebody that's fairly close to the big leagues. Gausman has the better arm, but Appel is a little more polished at this point. You don't want to miss with that pick, and he's the safer bet.

At last look, Trout was outhitting Harper by nearly points in batting average and points in OPS. And that's no statistical illusion. It just seems like it happens easier. He doesn't have to exert the same effort or energy to make it happen.

Interleague play

I love the way Harper plays. He's like a power guy with a Pete Rose mindset. But Trout has the ability to slow the game down more than Harper does -- or at least he does right now. It wasn't a move specifically aimed at Albert Pujols.

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But Albert sure did keep coming up in the conversation. He's his hitting coach. With the exception of the two NL teams playing each other, all teams were involved in interleague play at the same time originally in June and Julyplaying only interleague opponents until the interleague schedule was complete for the year. The schedule was later changed to occur only in June; init was changed again to allow for more weekend interleague games, with each team playing one series during the third weekend in May and the rest in mid-to-late June occasionally stretching into early July.

Effect of Astros joining AL on scheduling[ edit ] Inthe Houston Astros joined the American League, giving each league 15 teams and thereby necessitating that interleague games be played throughout the season, including on Opening Day and during key division races all the way to the end of the season.

meet the brewers 2013 interleague

With an odd number of teams in each league, one team in each league would be the "odd man out" and have to play an interleague game to fill out the schedule, meaning as few as 1 in 15 games could be interleague 14 AL teams in 7 AL games, 14 NL teams in 7 NL games and 1 AL and 1 NL team in an interleague game.

Despite this, there have been proposals to increase interleague play to 30 games. Each team plays one three-game series against four teams from one division in the other league, and two two-game series one home, one away against the remaining team in that division. Sincethis has been on a rotating basis.

MLB's interleague schedule is a huge step in the right direction

The remaining four games are played against a team's "natural rival" in two back-to-back two-game series. Should a team's natural rival be a member of the division they are scheduled to play as part of the yearly rotation this first occurred for all teams inthe team will play home-and-home three game series against the natural rival, home-and-home two game series against two other opponents, and single three game series against the last two one home, one away. Forthe natural rivalry games were played from May 27— Teams played in one city on May 27 and 28, then traveled to the other city for games on May 29 and This dynamic was repeated from June 15—18,except that no pairs of natural rivals played each other during this time.

Forhowever, these natural rivalry games were spread out over the season, between early May and early August. They were spread out even further inranging from the second week of the season in April through late August. Because the requirement for nearly daily interleague play the only exception being if not all teams are playing spreads out interleague play throughout the year, not every team will be in interleague play on the same day.

Due to the new CBA lengthening the schedule by four days, was the first year during which no team was required to play back-to-back home-and-home two game series against any other team.

meet the brewers 2013 interleague

Most days, there will be either one or three interleague games as the average number of interleague games per day will be 1. With 15 teams in each league, the number of interleague games is almost always odd, with exceptions based on when teams from each of the AL and NL have the same off day.