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meet the beatles tribute band

I have to be your Number One Fan because I've never met a band that was easier or more delightful “That was one of the best Beatle tributes I have seen.” . Meet the Beetles is a loving tribute to John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Enjoy the music of the Beatles from their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show to their final. Create Beatlemania at your next event! Browse profiles and get quotes for Beatles Tribute Bands in Chicago, Illinois and book securely on GigSalad.

Phil Meets ‘Penny Lane’ in Beatles Tribute

The tour marks the second Beatles record the band have translated to the stage. I saw them the first time in early in my hometown. The experience must have been somewhat the same for Van Poppel himself, a Beatles fan since his early years. He got hold of the first Beatles singles that were released in the Netherlands. When the Dutchman stopped playing around 13 years ago, he got involved in the business of commercial music.

As vintage sounds had just made their way into the mainstream, the job saw Van Poppel creating sound-alikes of songs his employers could not afford the master tapes of.

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The work would turn out to be a perfect preamble to the project Van Poppel would soon get involved in. Last time we performed on AXS TV we got a lot of good press and good reviews; a lot of views on our social media. Can you talk about your connection with the Sgt. What are some of your favorite songs on this collection? I think there are a lot of challenges here. There are songs on Sgt. Pepper… I mean, where do I start?

I have to listen to the lyrics and the melody and get that down as well as perform the sitar and I actually like it. It means a lot to me now, actually. You have all been able to play at many incredible places and with amazing artists because of being in this tribute band. What are some favorite moments that come to mind? What about a favorite performance together? We were honored to be chosen to perform in Liverpool.

Every year, in August, they have a Beatles convention out there and we were chosen to be the featured act. I mean it was so great to see where the Beatles grew up, the Cavern Club and all these great places. That was pretty amazing. For me, we performed to a few celebrities.

meet the beatles tribute band

Eric Idle, he was one of the first celebrities in Vegas that I played to. We ended up working with him as well for The Rutles, which is a kind of a Beatles parody.

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I know the guys had performed with him before. For me that was one of the highlights of performing with the Fab Four. For me, I suppose personally, it was performing in Liverpool for the first time with the guys.

So that was like a homecoming gig for me and I really liked that. Has anything surprised you about being a Beatles tribute band?

What is the most challenging and best part about performing as them night after night? We have to perform everything live on stage, which includes trumpets and strings and different kinds of orchestral instruments, and it becomes a bit of a challenge to perform everything live as a four-piece. It was always fresh because even though I did the same thing, the audiences were always different every time I performed for them.

Along with paving the way for other big bands of subsequent years, their music is instantly recognizable, and loved by every generation- this is a truly exciting experience for anyone that attends.

The event is open to everyone and you can book your tickets online in advance here. But be sure to shake a leg and get booking soon as this is one show that is likely to sell out in no time. Ultimately, all you need is…a trip to Malta! Sabine My name is Sabine Jung. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, I traded the hustle and bustle of the city for the sun, sea and sand of the Maltese islands.

meet the beatles tribute band

Having visited Malta on holiday at the age of 17, I fell in love with the warmth of the Maltese and lost myself in the streets of Valletta. Since then I visited the islands on a regular basis until I decided to settle in Malta for good.