Meet the beatles back cover

The Beatles U.S. LPs Capitol Stereo Released #1

meet the beatles back cover

But the very, very cool bonus is that it comes in a cardboard sleeve -- not a jewel box -- that is an exact miniature of the album cover, front and back, for the. Meet the Beatles! is the second Beatles album released in the United States. It was the first US The cover featured Robert Freeman's iconic portrait of the Beatles used in the United Kingdom for With the Beatles, with a blue tint added to the. Information, prices and images of Introducing The Beatles are spread Legitimate Version One stereo column back covers are extremely rare.

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meet the beatles back cover

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We take commercially reasonable physical, electronic and administrative steps to maintain the security of the information collected. And they were right! Vee Jay had to eventually relinquish its rights to the early Beatles catalog by October 15th Before that time came though, they released as many singles, EPs and albums as they saw fit to cash in on the Beatle craze while they could.

Being a higher priced double album, this compilation only peaked at number on the Billboard charts, selling only 20, copies. It managed to fool some Beatle fans, as it peaked at number 63 on the US charts, sellingcopies. As this album only peaked at number 43 on the Billboard charts, Beatles fans were showing themselves not willing to buy the same group of songs they had already purchased many times over. Beatles early recording session in EMI studios, London Recording The Album Recording the entire album in just over 12 hours excluding the previous single releases seems like an enormous feat considering the weeks, months and even years recording an album can take today.

Since mid, they had been performing live non-stop on virtually a daily basis. In actuality, the day this album was recorded was on an off day from their first headlining national tour. The album had to be completed on this day because of two scheduled performances they had the next evening.

HOLY GRAIL Introducing the Beatles Stereo Version 1 AUTHENTIC Column Back- Beatles Vinyl Find Update

The many books written about their early performance experiences in can make Beatle fans only wonder admiringly at what they sounded like way back then. This album lacks the "dog cut" and "inner groove" at the end.

Otherwise, even its gatefold cover and insert roughly resemble the UK issue. In the Summer of '67, this album hit 1 without any singles being issued to promote it. They had tried twice to sell Beatles EP's; both tries were dismal failures. Rather than being burned again, they sent a representative to England to collect songs for this album, including a fresh mix of "Strawberry Fields Forever.

Collector’s Corner: How to value ‘Introducing The Beatles’

They didn't request stereo copies of the single songs except SFF and Hello Goodbyeand they didn't get any. This was the last Beatles album in the US that was available in both mono and stereo.

The mono copies are more difficult to find than the stereo records, by possibly a 5 to 1 margin. The album sure looks nice in 12" size The story according to Beatles Book 66 is that Capitol had treated the whole album to compression and limiting, but that George Harrison discovered this and attempted to undo their treatment. On "Cry Baby Cry," you can detect a "bad spot" at "by the children" where something went wrong in the process.

The album featured a stark white cover with raised letters: The UK issue opened from the top; the US issue took a more standard approach by opening from the side.

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There was also a tissue paper to keep the photos from being damaged. The UK issue featured black sleeves which were not included here. This record was the first Beatles album release on their new label, Apple, and the record labels indicated that the album was manufactured by Capitol but issued by Apple. Finally, the albums were numbered, with each factory numbering differently. There were reportedly 12 copies of 1 I know of twoand they numbered over 3, of them.

Collecting variations in numbering style can be an interesting sideline. Another variation, usually not noticed, deals with the "banding" of the album.

meet the beatles back cover

Pepper was released in England, the tracks were not separated bandedbut they ran all together. When this album was released, apparently there was considerable sweat over whether the album should be banded: Even copies pressed at the same factory differ in this way.

Another 1 without singles. Two old songs, four new songs, and some George Martin instrumentals fill this album, which sold well despite containing very little new material. The liner notes on the back cover are different from those on the British album, which was the last one to be issued in England in both mono and stereo.

In the majority of nations now, stereo records were playable on mono machines, rendering mono "obsolete. But no one informed the industry moguls in the US. As a result, the song was added to the eight track's listing and to SOME of the albums. You'll find the song added to some covers and some labels as well. It was eventually removed again from the cover.

Identify "Meet the Beatles" Capitol vinyl

Thus, the album again differed ever so slightly from the British release. SO or SW This album, a collection of oldies, was originally entitled Beatles Again, and the first pressings display that title on the labels.

meet the beatles back cover

All of the songs are in true stereo here, with some of them being mixed for stereo especially for this album. Within a couple of years, they phased out the use of their factory in Scranton, PA. In quite a few countries, the album was released as a boxed set, with a special booklet.

In the US, the album was issued with a gatefold cover Interestingly, all of the Beatles' original US releases differ in some way from those in England. This album went out of print in for three years. It contains all of the messages from their Christmas flexi-discs, including the message, which had not been released in the USA until this time.

These records, the Alpha Omega series Vol. The track listing insert was compiled by Capitol and is deceptive. Likewise for "From Me to You. It is noteworthy that Capitol had so far not obtained stereo mixes for any of the songs released as singles. Even "Hard Day's Night" appears in fake stereo on the album. Also, "Hello Goodbye" turned up in mono on the compilation, for reason unknown.

It was inevitable that boxed sets would be issued, but how these particular albums were chosen is not known. Since several albums were omitted, reason dictates that there was SOME strategy involved. There was a 17 record set, containing all the albums except Let it Be, but that boxed set was given as a promo item to Capitol sales representatives. It was not commercially available. John Lennon had offered to draw them a cover, but EMI stupidly rejected the idea. Capitol had planned to issue live albums in the 60's.

They had recorded two Hollywood Bowl concerts for that purpose. Despite talk, up throughthe album wasn't released until ' For many, it was worth the wait.

meet the beatles back cover

The only thing new here is a new mix of "Girl. Even this album went gold in the US. Inthis album was split into two "budget line" albums. The disco film called Sgt. In Canada, the album appeared on marbled vinyl. In other countries, the picture discs were slightly different. For America, this meant red, white, and blue.

This was the white one.