Meet the beatles 8 track


meet the beatles 8 track

The Beatles Early Beatles 8-Track Tape Played | Music, Other Formats | eBay! Beatles - Meet the Beatles + Early Beales 8 track tape - GREENN BACK. $ The first Beatles 8-track tape issued was Rubber Soul at the end of , and the last was Reel Meet The Beatles, Capitol, White shell, green-back issue. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 8-Track Cartridge release of Meet The Beatles! / The Early Beatles on Discogs.

Companies had been looking for ways to put a reel tape the only tape format for the longest time into a nice neat package. The eight track and four track cartridges were one idea of how to accomplish this. The tape speed was 3. But the tracks on the tape were closer together, which did produce a reduction in sound quality but made the package more compact. The eight track also had the advantage of "continuous play. Capitol's first eight tracks had white shells. Bythey had figured out that the machines left marks on the tapes, so they made black- shelled eight tracks afterward.

When quadrophonic sound came along four channel recordingsthe eight track was the top format as far as quad was concerned. It was much easier to make a quad eight track than a quad record. Only Imagine and only in certain countries was available in quad on l. The Playtape, which started c. Cassettes were around, but they were considered unsuitable for music until and didn't catch on until well into the 70's.

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meet the beatles 8 track

The following have white shells with front and back "covers". The back cover is green. P London probably exists, but has not been verified.

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Do you have one? Pepper Reprise" is extended on this eight track. The 8-tracks themselves will have front and back covers made of labels adhered to the plastic, with the back cover being a song listing on a green background.

meet the beatles 8 track

Early copies have white shells. Green-back labels were used until and were used on the later black plastic shells.

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All shells issued in this period were white. The green back was phased out and replaced with a white back which was usually rimmed in red or pink.

meet the beatles 8 track

This issue is easily identified by the pink or blue color on the spine or front edge of the 8-track. The issue sports only a front label, instead of a front and a back label, with few exceptions.

meet the beatles 8 track

There are ways to more accurately date 8-tracks from this period. Recessed grips are most common throughthough they became scarce afterwards. AroundCapitol started putting their round logo on the back of the shell. Untilthis logo was followed by "T. The outer boxes housing the 8-tracks contained a warranty statement until After mid, Capitol 8-tracks were marked to indicate the factory of origin, using the same symbols as on the LP's. These symbols can be found on the back of the shell near where the Capitol logo usually is.

meet the beatles 8 track

Sometimes the factory symbol, but not Capitol's logo, can be found in this space.