Meet the bandits cheeki breeki i

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meet the bandits cheeki breeki i

osu! forums» Beatmaps» Beatmap Graveyard» Meet the Bandits - I am the Cheeki Breeki. All together now, A NU CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE! You can pay off the bandit leader (who has the Armsel) and get mugged on the way out, intimidate . It could be speculated that he probably went off on another quest and met an untimely. osu! forums» Beatmaps» Beatmap Graveyard» Meet the Bandits - I am the Cheeki Breeki.

He walked to the door and pulled the handle opening the door. He wet straight in, closing the door behind him. He headed towards his old friend, Sidorovich. Sid is the one taking care of the stalker, he took good care of the mysterious stalker since the first day he arrived to the Zone.

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Sidorovich glanced at the stalker with a smile. Where have you been, Hunter? Hunter removed the gas mask, strapping it on to his belt. He looked up at Sid a moment later. Sid looked over at him for the last time before continuing the conversasion between him and a stalker. Hunter looked around and walked over to an empty seat, it was right next to the exit.

That's his favourite spot, because most of the stalkers are deeper in the dining area, right next to the show stage. He felt a slight buzz in his pocket. He looked down and searched for the source of the buzz, he grabbed it and pulled it up. It was his PDA, it has been updated with a new quest. Go ahead and help him" is what the description said. Hunter sighed and stood up again, putting his gas mask on again.

Nobody wants to see you poisoned by your own gas mask" said Sidorovich before making a trade with another stalker.

meet the bandits cheeki breeki i

Hunter pulls up his Ak and aims down the sights, firing a few rounds. The snorks fell to the ground and the rookie was freed. Hunter walked over to the rookie, looking down at him. You could've been killed! I just wanted to catch up to my group in Red Forest" the rookie said with a sad tone, he felt stupid.

The 2nd level of Clear Sky, where crossing into the new area by the only available route has you coming out behind a boulder, on the other side of which is a mounted machine gun in the possession of the military. Well, at least they don't know I'm here — wrong; they know you're there and tell you so.


Well, I'll be safe behind this rock — wrong again; after a few quick bursts, they send a number of better-armed and better-armoured soldiers after you. If you manage to dispatch them, you then have to figure out which way you can safely leg it.

meet the bandits cheeki breeki i

Once you realize that this is essentially a death-trap unless you've got at least a dozen spare medkits in your inventory even after knocking off the squad of heavily-armored soldiers, that MG still has a ridiculous field of fire, your best bet is to just turn around, go back to the Swamps, and enter the Cordon from the northern entrance.

Sure, you wind up next to a group of Loners that get pissy if you get too close, but it's the easier way in. Shadow of Chernobyl has the Red Forest where nearly everything is radioactive, making it much harder to take cover properly.

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The vast majority of the trouble in that level can be bypassed if you don't follow the road and cut through the forest instead, because ninety percent of the Monolith or zombie enemies on that level are waiting for you on the road, and with the way it curves it's nearly impossible to get a shot off without taking loads of return fire. Cutting through the forest makes the level far easier, especially if you've packed a sniper rifle. Plus, once you've gotten to the other side, you can cut back and take all the Monolith troops from behind, netting yourself loads of equipment.

In Call of Pripyat, babysitting a group of scientists as they take readings of anomalies. A teeth-gnashingly difficult mission that comes out of nowhere in an otherwise well-balanced game. It takes the eggheads the better part of 5 minutes to do their science and throughout that time you are attacked by hordes of monsters coming in from all directions.

meet the bandits cheeki breeki i

The scientists are armed but tend to die pretty easily. And you have to do it twice. It's a case of Unstable Equilibrium in that the stalkers escorting you the first time come back for the second if they're still alive by the end of it.

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The only thing that makes it even vaguely easier is if you know the locations ahead of time and go there to clean out the mutants that are already there, leaving you to deal with the relatively smaller amount that spawn in while they're taking the measurements.

What Happened to the Mouse? The unnamed stalker that rescues you in the intro of Shadow of Chernobyl is never mentioned again in either of the three games. It could be speculated that he probably went off on another quest and met an untimely demise off-screen or probably met a Fate Worse than Death.

From the TV Series: The show isn't well-liked by critics, with one reviewer using words like "misogynistic" and "vile.