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meet the author bbc 2015 poldark

We spoke with Poldark creator and writer Debbie Horsfield about the Photo courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and Masterpiece. Rewire: What new characters will we be meeting this season? . June 18, / PBS. Poldark - Q&A with screenwriter Debbie Horsfield. Friday 06 March , BBC Writersroom. Tagged with: Andrew Graham (the author's son) has been unfailingly supportive - and very hands on. Meet the Poldark characters. will return! Here's the writer on what you can expect in series two. Thursday 23 April , We ask Aidan Turner: Are you Team Elizabeth or Team Demelza? Wednesday 11 Witless. Meet the actresses behind Leanne and Rhona.

Rev Osborne Whitworth Christian Brassington The antithesis of a holy man, Reverend Osborne Whitworth is the prefect hypocrite and a slave to deviant thoughts. Unable to find satisfaction at home, he seeks extra-marital relations, but his greed may prove his undoing… Lt Hugh Armitage Josh Whitehouse Unable to give up his love for Demelza, Hugh finds himself wanting more.

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However, his uncle Lord Falmouth has other plans for him that would see him leave Cornwall and he continues to suffer from his internment in France. Monk Adderley Max Bennett A known socialite and unscrupulous rake, Adderley has grown bored with life and hunts for greater thrills. The pursuit finds him locking horns with Ross Poldark however, and neither is willing to give ground.

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Rowella Solway Esme Coy Having seduced Osborne and blackmailed him for a better life, Rowella struggles with the lifestyle her husband now provides. With another election looming, will he have learnt from his mistakes?

meet the author bbc 2015 poldark

Emma Tregirls Ciara Charteris Her flirtatious nature has ensnared many men. With Sam now one of them, a man for whom she has feelings herself, Emma is forced to question the life she wants for herself.

Will she give up her freedom for the love of an honest man? Do you have a way of immersing yourself in the period?

Is Poldark faithful to its literary origins?

I did a lot of background reading: It also helped that my degree is in English Literature so I was very familiar with literature of the period, and also with the vocabulary, idioms, phrases, manners, etiquette, traditions, etc.

Why are these stories so engrossing and addictive? They are multi-stranded narratives with characters which are so beautifully drawn you feel they could actually walk into the room. The stories themselves are both epic in their sweep and exquisitely detailed in the creation of their world. They are set against a backdrop of great historic, social, economic turbulence - and they deal with compelling themes such as ambition, rivalry, betrayal, family and of course love.

When I first read them I was reminded of Margaret Mitchell's ' Gone With the Wind ' which is similarly a portrait of a society at a time of great change, with an epic love story at its heart and a series of unforgettable characters.

What additional research did you do? Anyone in particular help you with various elements? Andrew Graham the author's son has been unfailingly supportive - and very hands on.

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Every key decision has to be run by him and we have been in constant contact from the script stage onwards. He reads all the scripts and gives feedback. He has said that this adaptation is much closer to his father's novels than the previous adaptation.

I'd had several holidays in Cornwall and had always loved the wild elemental nature of its landscape and the extreme weather - the landscape and weather play a huge part in the novels and we've done our best to capture those extremes.

This summer was one of the sunniest for many years and we were very lucky with the weather, Cornwall looks gorgeous.

meet the author bbc 2015 poldark

But the first scenes we shot in Cornwall were in March during the storms so we got some spectacular footage of waves. What are the most important elements to get right? I obviously want to make sure that what readers love so much about the books - the vividness of the characterisation, the complexity of the storytelling - is translated to the screen.

meet the author bbc 2015 poldark

This obviously means getting the casting and the creation of the Poldark 'world' right. We think we've assembled an amazing cast who will do justice to Winston Graham's characters.