Meet the 10 worst co workers ever

meet the 10 worst co workers ever

We read a lot of questions here about weird or annoying coworkers. I take a look back at 10 of the worst coworkers that we've heard about here . going on with the boss and I wonder if anything else ever came to head .. Don't go anywhere online you don't want me to pull up in a meeting with you. A bad coworker isn't just annoying, they can actually be detrimental to your career. If your work is being discussed in a meeting, you can find ways to this is having to rewrite a proposal 10 times because a coworker wasn't. Who is the most disgusting person you have ever met? 7,, Views What is the worst advice a coworker gave you when starting a new job? . I eventually had a nervous breakdown and spent 10 days in a mental hospital. I was on.

She was a mess. And I'm fairly sure on drugs. She would come in late and ask me to lie to her mother -- who called every morning to make sure we were there on time -- about where she was. She would claim to be really tired and lie under her desk, which was literally up against mine, wrap herself in a blanket and take naps. She would bring her daughter to work with her and make me lie to her mom about it, or worse, make me entertain the kid while she and her mother had drag out fights on the phone.

Within the first 2 weeks I knew all about her abortions, hectic relationships, bowel issues, and details of her mother's sex life I never wanted to know. She also claimed I was "luckier" than she was and would hand me handfuls of change pennies, dimes and nickels when I left for lunch so I could buy her lottery tickets.

The absolute worst co-worker was the receptionist we had for a couple of years. If she was assigned a special task by one of the execs, she would make a big deal about she was "on it!

meet the 10 worst co workers ever

Her "cleaning lady" notified her that her daughter's hamster died, so she had to rush out and pick her daughter up from school to tell her and explain the Circle of Life. She would claim that her blood sugar dropped, and then we'd find her sleeping on the floor of one of our conference rooms. She was hung over. The excuses got more and more ridiculous.

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She conveniently had food poisoning over lunch after being reprimanded earlier that morning for yet another late arrival or for not completing regular duties by the deadline set. She would stop employees and guests when they walked by her desk and tell them in great detail about her therapy sessions, weekend parties, her daughter's escapades and cute quotes.

meet the 10 worst co workers ever

We all eventually learned how to avoid the front desk completely until she was finally let go. She was perfectly healthy as long as she didn't have to do anything other than answer the phones and show up 30 minutes late and take extended lunches. She was also notorious for blaming her lack of quality work on others and was often found sobbing in a manager's office about how terribly she was being treated by the other employees and that's why she couldn't work.

The Serial Killer Spotter Jeanne: I had a doozy of a co-worker. She had multiple issues but this was the worst. In a shared office, someone arranged the pushpins on a cork board to make a smiley face. She went to HR claiming that out west some serial killer had used smiley faces to show he was the killer, so now she knew the guy who played with the pushpins wanted to kill her.

It caused a lot of problems. The worst co-worker I ever had was when I was 18 and working at a fast-food restaurant. The co-worker, also 18, had gotten fired from her other part-time job for stealing. She then needed more money and decided that I should lose my job so she could have my hours.

Waiting until after a meeting to say, "I'm not going to support that," is like saying, "I'll agree to anything, but that doesn't mean I'll actually do it. I'll even work against it. They act as if they've already paid their dues. An employee did great things last year, last month, or even yesterday. Still, today is a new day.

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The only real measure of any employee's value is the tangible contribution he or she makes on a daily basis. They like to say, "Yeah, but that's not my job. Even if that means a manager has to help load a truck or a machinist needs to clean up a solvent spill; or the accounting staff needs to hit the shop floor to help complete a rush order; or a CEO needs to man a customer service line during a product crisis. You get the idea.

meet the 10 worst co workers ever

Great employees notice problems and jump in without being asked. Saying, "It's not my job," says, "I care only about me. They think experience is a tangible commodity. Experience is definitely important, but experience that doesn't translate into better skills, better performance, and greater achievement is worthless. Experience that just "is" is a waste. A colleague once said to younger supervisors, "My role is to be a resource. Saying, "I have more experience," is like saying, "I don't need to justify my decisions or actions.

Wisdom, logic, and judgment should always win--regardless of in whom those qualities are found. Before a meeting, some of us were talking about supervisors in another department when our new boss looked up and said, "Stop.

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Or perhaps they are so insouciant that somehow they have made not caring into a desirable skill. None of these will work for you.

George W Bush Coping Strategies: Tell yourself that luck comes in many different forms and that yours is being more competent than Jamie. Tell yourself that Jamie may be beset by anxiety that comes from knowing why he has been promoted.

Tell yourself that cream is not the only thing that floats to the top and that, if he is useless, he may be found out. Try not to think too much about George W Bush.

meet the 10 worst co workers ever

We all love to bitch about colleagues and finding someone who treats it as a second job can be a real laugh. Moreover, if you become too close to them, you too will be tarred with the bitchy brush — and this can be quite undermining.

Pam and Cheryl in Archer Coping Strategies: Again, you should be on good terms with them, but not too good. The Fast Tracker This is the colleague who, through a combination of skill, luck and ambition, is rising through the ranks far faster than you. Their focus can make them quite dismissive and, because they see themselves as future leaders, they will often talk down to peers. Avoid standing in their way if at all possible. Make sure they know what your talents and skills are — as they are more likely to value you if they know you can be useful.