Meet me on top of the world

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meet me on top of the world

1, , Jimmy Wayne finished his mile Meet Me Halfway Walk in Phoenix, Ariz. Me Halfway Walk, his music career was soaring: He had notched six Top 20 singles and I thought, What in the world does that mean?. Telecom meet me points (or carrier hotels) are the most valuable per-square-foot Hunter (and creator) of sites for New Bee hives for the wholesale world! ]. Never ends it won't stop. No need to meet me. I will take you to the top. On top of the world. I'll be standing. Calling out for. You 'til the world is gone. On top of the.

She sang the show's theme song herself. It was written by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, and was one of only two TV theme songs in that decade to chart on Billboard's top The other was the theme from iCarly, sung by Miranda Cosgrove. When Cyrus was on tour, she'd dress up as Hannah to perform the song, but then years later, regretted some of the effects of her superstardom, in terms of both its effect on her as a teen growing up in front of an audience, and on other teenage girls watching it.

While she was singing "Best of Both Worlds" to packed concert halls and stadiums, she was full of anxiety and self-doubt. Since then, she's taken control of her own image and career.

She started out as a teen idol and then became a magnet for scandal and criticism, but appreciation for her journey and her talent has come from some unexpected places.

Woody Allen has cast her in the TV series he's doing for Amazon, and her godmother, Dolly Parton, is a staunch Miley supporter, remembering how she used to get criticism for her own sexy wardrobe choices. About Cyrus, she said ,"So I did go through that, but I don't give her advice.

Everyone has to walk this journey according to their own rules. That's what she's doing. And I lurve her. By season two of the show, the producers got smart and decided they'd be better off having the actual cast sing the song. Interestingly, the Brady kids did a lot more real singing on their show than the Partridges, who were actually playing a singing group.

All six Brady kids sang the theme together for the second season, but when the third one rolled around, they switched things up, and had the boys sing the first verse about the girls, the girls sang the second verse about the boys, and then they joined up together for the end.

meet me on top of the world

For a show about a blended family, this made perfect sense. Decades later, there are multiple generations who still remember every word. For a different take on this squeaky-clean song from a squeaky-clean show, check out Jamie Foxx's versionwhich he says he would sing to prospective dates.

The show was The Greatest American Hero, and its shaky premise was that a school teacher William Katt met some aliens who gave him superpowers when he wore a special and pretty dopey superhero suit. He lost the instruction manual, and comedy ensued as he learned exactly what special abilities it gave him.

It made him fly, but didn't teach him how to land smoothly. It was sung by Joe Scarbury, who only ever released one album his whole life, back in But the song lived on. Theme songs for shows are part of a tradition that's been disappearing over time, as networks worry more and more about keeping the audience's attention. But MacFarlane pushed for it.

It's a drum roll saying, 'Here comes a show. And it gets the audience psyched up. Murphy had had an oddball 1 hit in in the mid s with his disco adaptation of Beethoven's Fifth Symphonywhich found its way onto the times-platimum Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The two combined their efforts along with producer David Zuckerman to create a memorable, fun-to-sing-along-with opening song.

They recorded various versions in different seasons to accommodate changing cast members, and MacFarlane says he re-did his own vocal track to more clearly enunciate "laugh and cry," since so many people thought it was "f'n cry". You need a little bit of a P. The show was always filled with great music, but its theme is the oldest song in its history, premiering along with the first episode on November 10, There was some variation on the lyrics: It got jazzier, briefly, inwhen Gladys Knight and the Pips sang it on a pledge-drive event called The Sesame Street Special, with kids, cast members, and muppets dancing all around them.

Init got a brand new arrangement for its 46th season and its move to HBO. All the kids in that opening sequence? They're all in their 50s now, at least. We also banked on New York remaining a major networking entry point to other continents. Locate the meet me point closer to the subsea landing — My ultimate goal was to create a subsea meet point.

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But it takes a long time to reach that goal. Avoid the network risks of landing in a large city — In a mega-city like New York you have many points of potential failure: There are many tricky problems you face trying to get into Manhattan. Deliver cost savings and economies of scale — Fiber routes in the city essentially followed in the footsteps of copper and telegraph before that.

The largest meet me point in Manhattan is the former Western Union telegraph building of the s. But getting to that building adds costs. Develop a neighborhood networking revenue stream — First things first. Here we are very fortunate: Long Island has a large population. Conversely, as you get closer to Manhattan, your cost of doing business gets too high.

Get in the trenches with the metro guys — To drive neighborhood-level networking and prepare the meet me point for bigger customers to come, its crucial the metro fiber providers to support you. If the only facility in the neighborhood is owned by an RBOC, the incentives are just not there.

Meet Me At The Top

The metro guys know how to tame the ugliness of the last mile — the manholes, poles, conduits, access points, tying into the RBOC, you name it. So we sat down with the metro guys, looked at their maps and made our deals. Today, all eight of the local fiber providers are in the facility. At Connect, the Metro guys also built the fiber from the landing systems and all the way to Manhattan.

And today we sit on top of the mobile backhaul aggregation point for Crown Castle, the largest fiber and wireless tower company in the world. Reach out to Undersea and Cable Providers — Once we had three metro fiber providers supporting Connect, people began to see a vibrant interconnection facility in-progress.

And at that point, one win started to follow another.

meet me on top of the world

Pretty soon we attracted Cablevision who had a core router in Hicksville, one town over. Pretty soon we had multiple tenants here providing competitive access metro and competitive international.

Double down as a submarine cable hub — Our pivotal strength today is our submarine cable interconnection facility. Today we connect to multiple submarine cable paths from Connect to Europe and Latin America.

We are also the eastern-most interconnection point in the New York area, reducing latency for those coming from Europe. Deliver a fiber bypass around big cities — Another crucial thing we did was ensure we had multiple bypass fiber routes around New York City. The MAC cables go to St.

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