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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Meet Me In The Sky(Better Quality Snippet).wmv 9 лет назад. SNIPPETS TO BONE THUGS N HARMONY THE WORLDS ENEMY. Me Killa. Land Of The Heartless. No Shorts No Losses. 1st Of The Month. Buddah Lovaz. 9. Gone. Meet Me In The Sky. Universe. Here is an Interview on of the did on Layzie Bone Layzie Bone – To me, that's what I'm built on. .. Meet Me In the Sky 9.

Are you guys leaning to more harder stuff for this next album? Anyone who reads this, and they see Layzie Bone, they already know what time it is. Layzie Bone — We basically shocked everybody.

I think with any relationship you have to build your respect up. Right now the whole situation is love. I can talk to Tubby anytime I want to. In the original press shoots Swizz was there, and then he was a little less prevalent as time went on. Layzie Bone — We definitely expect to have more hands on from Swizz. Swizz is going to be way more involved. For some reason, political or what not, Swizz seemed like he got pushed to the side and none of Bone Thugs N Harmony were happy about that.

We were in the studios like brothers the whole time anyway. He had to really fend for his life and put hands on motherfuckers.

Meet Me in the Sky

He really went through it in a raw way, the way a rapper probably never did. He did his time and made it up to society and now he needs to be cut loose because he has a real bright future ahead of him. Bone all kept our noses clean through the grace of God. Have you considered waiting until June to get Flesh and Bizzy on a few more tracks? We got a lot of stuff to hold us over, so there really is no big rush to record this album.

The album is really done, we just going to add Bizzy and Flesh, and in the summer time, we will own it. We have enough music to hold us over for the next 6 months to make noise until Flesh gets home.

The object is to hold down and have that real reunion album. We plan to do it live on television. We going to pitch it as a reality show — Flesh coming home from the penitentiary, roll into his new house with his kids and we going to hit the studio like it always used to be. Is the Twista and Bone thugs n harmony album anywhere near done or is it difficult because of both of your schedules?

We might do a song or two, every two to three months. That is one project that will definitely happen. I feel like Twista really needs to be on this album. He is probably one of the few rappers that will be on this album because he representing that fast flow and Midwest. We definitely trying to have Twista involved with the new whole thing.

If not, if he is just a feature on the album we want him to go on tour with us. We might end up finishing that album on tour; who knows? One thing on your last album, and I did a few interviews with you along with Flesh, the common thing you mentioned when I interviewed you all was the lack of respect.

Do you feel like you are getting that respect now with the success of Strength and Loaylty? Man we get respect from our hardcore loyal fans. We got hardcore loyal fans that are in the business. We got hardcore loyal fans that are from the streets, you know what I mean? You talk about your loyal fan base, one thing I have noticed is that your fan involvement has seen to grown. I see Krayzie Bone on Btnhboard. Is that something you are consciously doing more of now? Yea man, I think we all just making a point to really just get back involved with the fans.

You get so big you forget about the little things. We definitely getting more conscious on getting more involved with our fans because really a fan is like a friend for life. I think that is what we realize now. We know how to cater to those that are loyal to us. As we wind down, what are the plans for the new year? Things that are coming real soon from Bone Thugs. I just got a shoe deal that I just signed. We got a lot of individual things coming together.

We have another tour coming out, we touring all of February and March. We got movies and deals. I got the strong possibility to get this lead role in this sitcom. If this is true, majority of sportsmen are enemies of the world, for being an athlete was their ticket to success which allowed them to leave the ghetto behind.

With success, these athletes have become admired and loved by many, not only in the states but worldwide. This is another meaningless and mumbo jumbo interlude that serves nothing to the album but album space. In other words, it actually sounds like a Bone song and not some pop-conforming song like some of the prior tracks.

The all-around smooth mixture e. The harmonic chorus, executed by Krayzie for the most part while Flesh briefly appears in the second leg with his crooning melodies, sounds amazing and symbolizes one of those classic choruses that Krayzie is known for delivering ever since his inception into the music business. Krayzie murders the chorus with his smooth tongue.

This song is such a great listen and sounds like it was recorded in the mid 90s, so much that it could easily fit in the tracklist of Art of War without any interruption of flow to that album. This song ends the album nicely, but it does not make up for the mediocrity of the album.

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There are many issues with this album, but only five will be touched on: Firstly, the two interludes on this album are a waste of time and pointless. They could have been placed in the introduction of the album instead of having a separate track, because they sound exactly like the intro. The interludes sound as if they were a part of the intro and were broken up separately to make the album longer. The interludes are nothing more than album-fillers.

Secondly, some of the choruses on this album are lacking. A chorus is supposed to be an element of the song that really stands out, because that is what most listeners remember when they think of a song they like. Thirdly, there is no other way of putting it; the production on this album is tremendously weak.

Most of the beats are downright awful and sound pop-ish. Fourthly, the song-transition sounds out of place. On this album, that is not the case. UNI-5 actually sounds like multiple albums put into one without any attention to the placement of each song. In other words, it sounds like it is set on shuffle and each song appears randomly.

It just does not flow. What happened to that fiery aggression that used to wow people? What happened to those blistering, fast-spitting lyrics that used to make people rewind a song to find out what was said? This album has a subdued and laid-back ambiance throughout. That is not the case.

Those days of suchlike lyrics are gone and can only be revisited by listening to the younger Bonebecause Bone is not in that position anymore. They are grown men in their mid 30s, thus reverting to those prior lyrics would be fake. These are the types of tracks that are nonexistent on UNI UNI-5 has some great moments but, in general, it does not capture that Bone essence, sound, and flavor.

Those same sentiments can not be said for this album, because it has no wow factor. Moreover, it has little to no replay value. Ten years of waiting for an album with all five members finally arrives, but it fails to bring the goods. Loyal fans, however, should definitely pick it up.