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meet me in the bathroom shirt

In her new book, Meet Me in the Bathroom, author Lizzy Goodman .. from the fact that there were weird vintage T-shirts at my Target in New. Meet Me in the Bathroom and Tell Me All Your Secrets. Dave Hill, Valley Lodge, Nicholas They've also sold a lot of T-shirts. Dave has made out with a lot of. Named a Best Book of by NPR and GQJoining the ranks of the classics Please Kill Me, Our Band Could Be Your Life, and Can't Stop Won't Stop, an intri.. .

It also takes place during an interesting time — Napster, file sharing and how it influenced the record industry collapse — and also gives a lot of credit to the NYC music writing and blogging scene, which featured a variety of female voices that championed many of these bands in their early days. It also reads as a eulogy of a time when rock bands were still discovered the old fashioned way. Today, everyone has the power of reading about the opening band of a concert in the palm of their hand while the PA blared a Pandora station tuned to the demographic.

Karen O poured olive oil all over herself for the first official performance of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Is anyone willing to take those kinds of risks these days when they know everyone has a camera in their pocket? It seems as though the experience of going through these interviews could have served as therapeutic for them in a lot of ways, as they were confronted with some of their darker days.

A ton of credit is due to Goodman for unlocking these rock stars and getting them to reveal some deep and dark parts of their history, as well as relive some of their most glorious moments.

meet me in the bathroom shirt

What do you learn over the course of nearly pages? Some stuff you already knew.

meet me in the bathroom shirt

That James Murphy is sort of a prick, but a genius prick. That always seemed clear. But who knew that The Strokes and Julian in particular championed so many other acts trying to make their way?

They brought a green Kings of Leon on tour with them, much to their enjoyment but also probably a detriment to their bodies. Julian helped get Regina Spektor a deal and a slot on that same tour with the Kings. Many parts in the book will break your heart. In her terrific new book, Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City,author Lizzy Goodman has meticulously traced the story of that revival, from the dance parties that spawned a community of young rock fans, through the trauma of the Sept.

Goodman visited the Paste Studio recently to talk about how she compiled and sorted hundreds of interviews, how the internet killed these radio stars, and whether New York can ever be cool again. People think of the turn of the century as the period when Rudy Giuliani had scrubbed New York clean. But the neighborhoods where these kids were making music, like the East Village and Williamsburg, were as dingy and dangerous as ever.

Did that have much to do with the genesis of this group of bands? People think, exactly as you were saying, that politics and real estate are a huge part of any New York story, any urban story.

Meet Me in the Bathroom: Every Song From The Book In Chronological Order on Spotify

The politics were Giuliani and these sort of draconian, no-dancing cabaret laws, which are hilarious. He had been spending all this time famously shipping squeegee men out of the city and relocating people.

And then Bloomberg and money was coming shortly around the corner. There was this bubble. Nobody with any money is gonna come here, and there are gonna be no tourists? This is gonna be our town.

meet me in the bathroom shirt

New York is a place where, for generations, artists have come because it is this idea, as you mentioned before. Is it possible for it to lose that forever? One of the things—and this is may be part of the problem for people who actually live here—but the New York brand is more powerful than ever. New York has become Brooklyn. Another integral part of this story is the explosion of digital music, which basically killed the era of major labels throwing money at new bands.

What effect did that change have on the scene in New York?

This Was It: Inside The Whirlwind That Was The NYC Rock Revival

Nick Valensi and Julian Casablancas of the Strokes in No possible inkling that this would ever not be the way it was… Goodman: The reason for that is covered in the book. The music industry was incredibly rich at this time because of CD sales and all these baby-boomers buying records that they had had on vinyl and re-buying them on CD, and people having money.

Just oodles and oodles of cash. It was just sort of like, they were looking for the next thing, which is the nature of the recording business. There is something kind of beautiful about that in retrospect, and the bands talk about this. The New York bands never really transcended the indie realm.

As soon as the Strokes were on this ascension, there was simultaneously a sinking ship happening beneath them. Label reorganization, restructuring, the condensing of all these labels. There was just money behind that and there was money being made everywhere.

‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’ fully chronicles NY rock renaissance

It cut into everybody. Or was it also something about the bands themselves? At the end of the day, the Strokes were an underground band, and someone like Kings of Leon were not, someone like the Killers were not.

I think of it much more as an idea in advance of what kind of band you want to be. Julian and those guys, when they were forming their band, they wanted to be Guided by Voices. That was their dream.